Your Guide to Le-vel Thrive: Reviews, Benefits, and Side Effects

Le-Vel Thrive. If you’ve found and clicked on this article, then chances are you’ve already heard about the health-and-wellness giant. For those of you who haven’t, here’s a quick update: Le-Vel is a health-supplement provider that operates using a direct-selling business model. Founded in 2012, Le-Vel’s unique approach to physical and cognitive health quickly earned it a large and devoted following. Within its first five years, Le-Vel had generated over $1 billion in sales, and then it doubled that number just two years later

But what exactly is Le-Vel all about? And what is the Le-Vel Thrive experience that has so many people talking? And perhaps most importantly, is it something you might want to check out yourself? In this guide, we give you a crash course in everything Thrive. 

What Is Thrive?

Let’s start with some clarifications on the terminology:

“Le-Vel” (or rather, Le-Vel Brands LLC) is the name of the company; “Thrive” (or more accurately, The Thrive Experience) is the name of Le-Vel’s foremost product. So what is “Le-Vel Thrive?” It’s kind of a catch-all term used to describe the company, the products, and the lifestyle that goes along with them. Those customers who are committed to the Thrive experience are usually known as “Thrivers,” and the independent contractors who sell Le-Vel products are called “Promoters” (and yes, there is a lot of overlap between those two groups).

In terms of the actual supplements, the Thrive Experience is made up of three parts:

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  • Premium Lifestyle Capsules
    Thrive lifestyle capsules are available in formulas specific to men (Thrive M) and women (Thrive W). The Thrive Experience daily routine begins first thing in the morning, where Thrivers are directed to take 1 – 2 Thrive capsules with a glass of water first thing in the morning. The capsules should be taken on an empty stomach.
  • Ultra Micronized Shake Mix
    The Thrive Shake Mix can be mixed with water, milk, non-dairy milk options, or even added to smoothies. Thrivers drink the shake about 20 – 40 minutes after taking the capsules. Depending on their personal health goals, Thrivers may replace breakfast with the Thrive shake or include it as part of a healthy meal. Thrive shake mix is ultra micronized, meaning that it’s easy to mix and has a higher absorption rate than most traditional health shakes.
  • Lifestyle DFT with Fusion 2.0 Technology
    Thrive DFT (which stands for Derma Fusion Technology) is an adhesive wearable that may be applied to the skin and worn throughout the day. As the Le-Vel site explains, “The DFT delivery system is designed to infuse the derma (skin) with Le-Vel’s unique, premium grade THRIVE Lifestyle formula — different from the Lifestyle Capsule and Lifestyle Shake formula.” The DFT should be applied to a clean, dry, and lean area of skin (such as a shoulder, forearm, or ankle), and changed out every 24 hours. Thrivers are cautioned not to apply the DFT to the same patch of skin multiple days in a row. 

Taken together, these three Thrive products are designed to provide improved nutritional benefits, filling in the gaps left open by most modern diets. The various formulas work in conjunction to deliver essential vitamins, minerals, probiotics, enzymes, amino acids, and more, all sourced from natural sources. Thrive Experience formulas also incorporate various natural plant extracts, including green tea and coffee bean, ginger, white willow bark, and others.

The Thrive Experience also incorporates personal fitness and health goals. 

What are the Benefits of Le-Vel Thrive?

Technical product names aside, the Thrive Experience is basically a multi-prong approach to nutritional supplementation. Between the capsules, shakes, and DFT, users are able to create a more-balanced nutritional lifestyle. Add to that Le-Vel’s focus on personal health and fitness accountability, and you have the potential for a number of Thrive benefits.

These include support for:

  • Cognitive performance
  • Weight management
  • Lean muscle development
  • Joint function
  • Digestive function
  • Immune function
  • Appetite management
  • Circulation
  • Mental acuity
  • General health and wellbeing

As previously stated, these benefits don’t come from mystery chemicals or synthetic additives. All Le-Vel products use only natural ingredients; Le-Vel benefits come from improving the overall nutritional profile of the user. Essentially, Thrive was created to give people the nutrients and support they would be getting if they were eating the ideal human diet.

Does Thrive Have any Side Effects?

Because Le-Vel uses only natural ingredients, side effects are virtually non-existent. Still, those with pre-existing conditions (such as allergies) will likely want to do a more-thorough inspection of the complete ingredient list or review with their primary healthcare provider, just to make sure.

Some elements of the Thrive Experience also include natural caffeine, which may have limited adverse effects on those with caffeine sensitivities. That said, natural caffeine is less potent and less-quickly absorbed than synthetic caffeine.On the other hand, natural caffeine has been linked to longer lasting boosts to both mood and cognitive performance.

Finally, some Thrivers with extremely sensitive skin could possibly experience mild irritation from using the Thrive DFT. Following Thrive directions to regularly change where the DFT is applied and only applying it to clean, dry skin, should limit this possibility.

What Do Le-Vel Thrive Reviews Say?

Although side effects seem very unlikely, and the list of potential benefits is certainly impressive, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the Thrive Experience is always a good one. To get an idea of how effective Thrive products are, we need to see what users have been saying about them.

Interestingly enough, although most health and wellness products feature a mix of favorable and unfavorable reviews (with many leaning heavily towards the negative side), it appears that the majority of Thrive reviews are actually positive ones. 

Although there is the occasional poor review, they seem to be almost completely overshadowed by the high volume of glowing testimonials across various social media sites. Additionally, Le-Vel maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, suggesting that they work hard to resolve any customer issues that may arise. And although not technically “reviews,” Le-Vel’s ~10 million current customers and promoters around the globe are likewise a testament in the brand’s favor. 

Is Le-Vel on the Level?

It can be difficult to say with exact certainty whether a new approach to health and wellness is the right one for you. As such, it’s always a good idea to do some research before making any sort of commitment. Checking up on benefits, side effects, reviews, and getting input from your doctor or other healthcare provider will give you a better idea of what to expect, and help you determine for yourself whether you should give it a try. In other words, we’re here to give you some relevant information, but we can’t tell you what to do with it. 

In our research, it looks like Le-Vel really is on the level, providing high-quality nutritional supplements and supporting their customer base. As for whether Thrive is the right solution for you, that’s a question only you can answer. 

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