Writing Disclaimer

Although most of the articles on this website are either written by me or have been 100% proofread by myself, I do accept guest posts on my website and there are various authors. Therefore, I cannot 100% control the quality of all the writing.

If you find an article that has misspelled words or poor grammar, it is likely that it is a guest post which I have not yet had the time to proofread. My goal is to make sure every article on my website is 100% perfect, however, I am working along on this project.

Most of the guest post articles on my website are labeled with their appropriate author, although some of the author’s names have been lost through the years due to theme and plugin changes.

If you find an article that has completely ridiculously spelling, grammar, and general writing, please do not be afraid to let me know! I would be happy to set some special time aside for fixing that article and letting you know when I officially approve it.

Thank you for following my website, and I appreciate your support!

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