7 Reasons: Why Do Bodybuilders Workout In Hoodie.


Many teenage lifters try to imitate what big lifters are doing at the gym; They try to train like elite lifters, they try to dress like them as well. 

But many people still can’t get an answer to a simple question, “Why do bodybuilders workout in hoodies?”.  

When I started training I used to train in my quick-dry tee and shorts, but as soon as I started to gain some muscle mass I started to work out in Stringers and Sleeveless tees. 

I must say that training in stringers was special, looking at the muscle pump and veins not only boosts the motivation level but also attracts a lot of female attention. 

Then one day, an old bodybuilding veteran asked me to wear the hoodie while training, he asked me to train with a hoodie for the next 4-weeks of training. Frankly speaking, I never trained in Stringers after those 4-weeks of a gym workout in a hoodie. 

Today we are going to discuss each and every benefit of wearing a hoodie while working out instead of tees or stringers. 

7 Reasons Why Bodybuilders Workout In Hoodie

Every individual bodybuilder has a different opinion, most of the bodybuilders wear hoodies because of the following reasons: 

  • Lower chances of injuries
  • Stop from mirin themselves (Focus)
  • Comfort
  • Avoiding needless attention
  • Lowering the water retention and detoxify
  • Progress tracking
  • Burn more calories with thermogenesis 
  • Hoodies are better sweat-absorbent
  • They prep to show off on stage, not at gym.
    The gym is to get the work done, 

Now let’s get into detail. 

1- Lower chances of injuries

Warmup has always been an integral part of any kind of physical training, athletes try to keep their bodies warm before the showdown. 

Why do we warm up before a physical exercise or sport? It helps in improving the blood flow and keeps the joints ready for high-performance lifting. 

Cold muscles are stiff and tend to strain or tear much more easily if you go straight into the action. 

For the same reason, bodybuilders often wear hoodies while training to stay warm. Hooding assists in trapping the heat inside and warm-up the muscle fibers quickly. 

Training with the cold muscles increases the chance of straining a muscle or tearing a ligament or tendon. Most sportsmen warm up in a hoodie in the colder weather. Moreover, most gyms have pretty decent air-conditioning on.

Another reason experienced bodybuilders wear hoodies throughout the training session is because of air conditioners at the gym. Most of the gyms maintain cold temperatures to avoid sweat-drenched lifters and foul smells.  

Those powerful air-conditioners may cool down body temperature at a fast pace. Training in a hoodie seems like a perfect solution to stay warm. 

2- Wearing a Hoodie Allows Better FOCUS

It’s common to mirin’ yourself at the gym, especially among young lifters. 

Most pro bodybuilders do not like to waste their time and energy by examining themselves in mirrors after every single set. 

Serious bodybuilders prepare for the stage, the gym is not a place to show off. 

3- Hoodies are Comfortable. Period.

There is no doubt about that. Training in a hoodie makes the training session far more comfortable. 

The first time I decided to train with a hoodie was when it was peak winter and everything at the gym felt cold. 

Initially, it was difficult to train with a hoodie but then I adapted to the more comfortable and technically superior style of dressing. 

4- Hoodies Help in Avoiding Needless Attention

Bodybuilders attract a lot of attention, because of their size. 

They usually attract a lot of unnecessary attention which is not only disturbing but annoying too. 

A hoodie also provides a psychological barrier between a lifter and all the environmental noise. 

Some of the bodybuilders prefer to wear hoodies because they don’t want to intimidate fellow lifters, which sounds legitimate enough. 

5- Training in Hoodies Reduce Water Retention

It’s needless to say that you sweat more while training in a hoodie. 

Sweating more not only assists in losing the excess water weight but also detoxifies the body through sweat. 

6- Hoodie Absorbs Far More Sweat

Gone are the days when it was common to see the sweat-drenched bodybuilders training at the gym. 

These days gyms are more sophisticated and hygienic too. 

Wearing a hoodie not only leads to excessive sweating but also absorbs the sweat far more efficiently. 

7- Progress Gets More Visible

Monitoring the progress after every set is not going to have any positive influence. 

Many bodybuilders like to analyze their bodies on a weekly basis, they try to stay covered for a week and then examine the progress on a weekly basis. 

I have personally known professional bodybuilders who uninstalled all the home mirrors and used to stay covered during the weight training sessions. 

This is a serious “let’s get things done” mentality that is quite rare these days. 

8- Hoodies Induce Thermogenesis

You don’t usually see a bodybuilder doing long cardio sessions on a frequent basis, although they do the cardio in the CUTTING PHASE. 

Hoodies induce thermogenesis by trapping all the heat. 

Wearing a hoodie while training increases the process of thermogenesis which increases the body’s caloric expenditure without devoting extra time. 

9- Psychological Warfare Before Competition

Psychological warfare is big when it comes to winning competitions. 

Bodybuilders these days try to cover themselves while training to add an element of surprise in the competition. 

Scenario 2: bodybuilders keep themselves covered while to last 2 weeks roll around to keep the opponent guessing. 

Should You Wear a Hoodie While Weight Training?

There are some legitimate reasons to wear a hoodie while weight training, it will keep you away from constant distraction while improving the mind-muscle connection. 

A hoodie will improve the thermogenesis which will accelerate the fat burning while helping you dodge the probable injury. 

If you live in a hot weather conditions then you should prefer a “Quick-Dry” hoodie.

Hey guys thanks for reading, let us know your thoughts on the article. Questions are welcomed in the comments as always.

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