6 Reasons- Bodybuilders Chew Gum While Training.


I have been asked this multiple times, why do some bodybuilders chew gum while training? 

Sugar-free chewing gum has been a part of my gym essentials too. It’s really surprising how a chewing gum can play a crucial role in improving performance at the gym.

Chewing gum was first recommended to me by my high-school coach, since then it has become a part of my gym essentials.  

Chewing gum while weight training may offer many benefits, it helps in reducing stress, boosts focus, prevents teeth grinding, prevents dry mouth and nausea.  

Ahead in this article, we are going to discuss every common reason behind the bodybuilder’s love for chewing gum. 

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7 Reasons- Bodybuilders Chew Gum While Training.

Serious lifters at the gym are very particular about their gym essentials. From Lifting straps to Pre-workout, you will find every little thing in their bag that can probably help them improve their performance at the gym; chewing gum is one of them.  

Every bodybuilder may have a unique reason to chew gum while training, lets have a look at the most common reasons for chewing gum while weight training.  

1. Reduces stress

Chewing gum has been proven to improve brain function, boost alertness and memory (1, 2). 

Some experts believe, chewing gum enhances brain functioning by improving the blood flow towards the brain. 

Chewing gum also restricts the production of stress hormones (cortisol). 

2. Boosts Cognitive Functioning

You may ask, why someone require to improve cognitive functioning at the gym? 

When it comes to strength training, not all days are equal. Some days are hard when you just can’t find the right motivation to deliver your best. 

When you chew gum while every training session, you are unconsciously training your brain to set up the mood for intense physical activity.  

Serious bodybuilders try to establish mind & body connection which requires a high degree of concentration and focus. They supplement with pre-workouts to improve focus and chew gum to get into the right mood. 

Chewing gum while training improves alertness and reduces sleepiness. 

3. Prevents Grinding Of Teeth

Clenching while lifting heavy weights is pretty common among lifters, it’s just a body’s natural response. 

But do you know that too much clenching may lead to the grinding of teeth? Yes, this may cause damage to teeth and jaw. 

Teeth are not made to aggressively rub against each other and excessive clenching lead to permanent damage. 

Chewing gum while weight training may provide extra padding between the teeth which protects them from damages. 

Some Olympic lifters and Crossfit athletes also use a mouth guard to prevent teeth from grinding. 

Chewing gum while lifting heavy works acts as an extra layer of shock absorbents that prevents teeth from grinding. 

Additionally, chewing gum also strengthens the jaw muscle and allows the development of a chiseled jawline. 

4. Decreases Acid Reflux

Bodybuilders often experience heartburn and acid reflux while training, due to a number of reasons. 

  • Because of the heavy pre-workout meal
  • Because of strong pre-workout 

Your core and abdominal muscle are primary stabilizer muscle in most of the lifts, whether its squats, deadlifts, bench press or overhead press, all these compound movements requires the involvement of core strength. 

Lifting heavy weights puts an enormous amount of pressure on the stomach which triggers reflux. 

Chewing gum reduces acid reflux by promoting salivation. Saliva soothes the esophagus and drains acid back down to the stomach. 

5. Reduce Hunger While Cutting Phase

Bodybuilders go through bulking and cutting phase on regular basis. They follow a very strict diet and consume a limited amount of water too. 

Chewing gum comes in handy in preventing excess hunger craving, it also stops dry mouth.  

6. Prevents Nausea

High-intensity workouts, exercising in the heat, CNS fatigue, wrong timing of pre and post-workout meals may cause nausea. 

A 2017 study finds the effects of chewing gum for the treatment of postoperative nausea and vomiting. The study was conducted on 94 female patients, 48 patients were given chewing gum and 46 patients were given anti-nausea drugs. Chewing gum was found to be an effective solution to prevent nausea. 


Chewing gums are an affordable and easy solution to improve mental focus and alertness. Additionally, it also helps in preventing tooth grinding, hunger craving, dry mouth, and nausea.

Make sure to buy only sugar-free gums, and it’s not good to chew them all day.

Hey guys thanks for reading, let us know your thoughts on the article. Questions are welcomed in the comments as always.

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