What is the difference between Mct oil And Coconut oil, Best Pick For Keto

what is the difference between coconut oit and mct oil


Everybody wants to lose weight but wait, who wants to work hard on that? With Keto-diet losing weight has become hassle-free. The evolution of ketogenic and paleo diets has turned coconut oil and MCT oil into a new trend.

However, there are only a few people that understand the difference between these energy-boosting supplements. Several studies show that up to 45-60% (depending on brand and extraction process) of coconut oil is made up of MCT’s.

Difference between Coconut oil and MCT oil: Coconut oil is a natural extract that contains both long and medium-chain fatty acids, wherein MCT oil is a derivative of the essential coconut oil or palm kernel. MCT oil is an artificial supplement that contains filtered isolates of medium-chain fatty acids. 

Both oils provide several benefits, pleasing aroma and taste. Consumption of either coconut oil or MCT oil supplements help in the ketogenic diet and reduce weight. What is it that makes either one of the supplement stand out from the other? Don’t be too quick to jump on a conclusion. Read along to understand the benefits, differences, and more about these supplements for the keto diet. Time to update your dietary plan with the ultimate supplement!

What Is MCT Oil And It’s Benefits

MCT Oil Supplements

Compared to LCT’s (Long-chain triglycerides), the body rapidly absorbs medium-chain fatty acids as they contain more carbons in their chain. And MCT oil supplements are extracted from the fats found in dairy products and certain oils. This dietary supplement for the keto-diet is recommended by many articles that are flying around on the internet as they come with absolutely no side effects. 

Each medium-chain triglycerides contains 6-12 carbons that enter the liver directly from the gut and stimulates ketosis. Ketones thus produced are used by the brain as a source of sugar or glucose instead, which further provides energy. Consuming the oil naturally through dietary resources also has positive effects, although less in comparison with supplements.

Benefits Of MCT Oil Supplements

MCT oil supplements are potentially healthy and carry several health benefits. Growing body research show that MCT supplement consumption improves the ability to thing or fight Alzheimer’s. Consuming oil supplements is far better than taking them through natural dietary sources as MCT supplements contain the filtered MCT isolates.

  • MCT oil supplements provide an instant source of energy to the body while ketogenic diet.
  • It improves metabolism and stimulates the production of ketones. Ketones are mainly known to reduce hunger, which results in the consumption of fewer calories.  
  • MCT oil is also known as Instant energy supplement that promotes the functionality of the brain and improves focus and alertness
  • If you are an athlete, MCT can help reduce post-workout soreness, enhance muscle strength, and reduce fat.
  • Studies show that MCT supplements may help in maintaining the blood sugar level in diabetic patients
  • Getting old means fighting various medical conditions. MCT oil supplements are also ideal for aged adults. The oil increases energy level and metabolism rate. Some clinical researches show that MCT oils can treat neurodegenerative diseases by providing ketones and glucose.

Different Type Of MTC Oil Supplements

Food sources such as coconut oil, dairy products, and palm kernel oil contain MCT’s but consuming MTC supplements is more effective. Supplements include a wide variety of MCT’s.

Different types of medium-chain fatty acids compose MCT oil:

  • Hexanoic acid of Caproic acid (C6)
  • Octanoic acid or caprylic acid  (C8)
  • Decanoic acid or capric acid (C10)
  • Dodecanoic acid or lauric acid (C12)

Different composition leads to altered metabolism of fatty acids. Most MCT oil supplements are purely a composition of C8 and C10; some oils include C12.

Are you interested in finding the most effective MCT oils for ketosis? Variety of MCT oil supplements are available which you can buy online. Here are the top 5 highly recommended MCT oil supplements that can raise ketone productivity in your body during ketosis.

MCT OIL From Onnit

MCT oil from Onnit is a great choice; it comes with regular, emulsified, and various other wholesome MCT oils that are ideal for consumption via soups or salads. Onnit is the most trust-worthy and a multi-million dollars company that manufactures supplements of MCT oil, protein powders, coffee, tea, and various other nutrition supplements.  

Onnit MCT oil supplements for ketosis include lauric acid and anti-bacterial properties that help stimulate the healthy gut. It is a dairy-free product and does not contain any amount of gluten. Good news? It is vegan.

Brain Octane Oil By Bulletproof

This oil is a pure form of C8 MCT oil. It triggers the rise in ketone productive and stimulates the phase of production. You have undoubtedly heard about bulletproof coffee shops and food items, haven’t you? The product line of the company is a wide-range, especially on the west coast, USA. 

Bulletproof octane oil supplements for ketosis contains a comparatively high amount of MCT’s. The product contains 100% coconut oil. 

MCT Oil From Sports Research 

MCT oil from sports research is a supplement for the keto diet. The product aims at general health and performance of athletes. The product is non-GMO, GMP and Keto-certified, and vegan. The supplement is rich in lauric acid and has very less calorie content.

MCT Oil From Left Coast Performance

MCT oil from Left coast performance, a supplement for ketosis is purely a composition of organic coconut oil. The supplement contains caprylic and capric acid. It is a vegan supplement manufactured in the USA. It has relatively higher MCT’s and low calories.

MCT Oil From Viva Naturals

MCT oil from Viva naturals is one of the best supplements for keto-diet since 2011. The quality of the supplement is top-notch and comes with a guaranteed money-back offer for one year. The product is also paleo – free and gluten-free. 

Coconut Oil And Its Benefits

Coconut Oil Supplements 

Coconut Oil is one of the most effective supplements for keto-diet that is popular for its effects, rich-flavor, and mild aroma. Coconut oil is 100% fat content source; around 80-90% of the fat is saturated fats. The oil contains several fatty acids but is mainly a lauric acid composition. Coconut oil is naturally cholesterol-free and contains no fiber. The supplements contain only traces of vitamins and minerals. Plant sterols in the supplements act like blood cholesterol and block the cholesterol intake in the body. According to a survey, 72% of the Americans consider coconut oil to be healthy and is also approved by 37% of the medical experts. 

Benefits Of Coconut Oil Supplements

Coconut oil used for ketosis is dominantly composed of MCT and not lauric acid. Coconut oil that comes dominantly consisting of lauric acid is not ideal for keto-diet. According to epidemiological studies, people who consume coconut as their native diets have much lesser rates of cardiovascular diseases.

Coconut oil is best when used in a limited amount. Maintaining a healthy body and physique is mainly dependent on dietary sources used to fuel the body. Coconut oil is one such supplement that comes with several benefits. 

  • Weight loss
  • Naturally suppresses appetite
  • Comes with antifungal and medicinal properties that help kill microbes, fungi, virus, and bacteria.
  • Promotes nutrition absorption

What Is The Difference Between MCT Oil and Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is extracted from coconuts and contains both long-chain and medium-chain triglycerides. MTC oil is refined from coconut oil that is entirely made of medium-chain triglycerides.

MCT oil contains a high percentage of C10 and C8 MCT’s. And coconut oil contains C12 MCT’s, which makes MTC oil more productivity, nutrition, and energy-oriented supplement. Although coconut oil is famous for various health and beauty benefits since ancient era, MTC oil is the most preferred supplement for the keto diet.

Are you looking for a quick way to boost fat loss and accelerated cognitive functions?  Put in simple words, MCT oil supplements is the best way to go about it.

MCT’s present in MCT oil or cream is more effective than coconut oil. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that coconut oil is useless. The healthy fats in virgin coconut oil are one of the best sources for cooking and baking.

How To Use MCT Oil For Weight Loss

Having concluded that MCT oil is the best supplement for ketosis, now how to use the supplement to get the most effective results? 

  • Blend the oil in hot coffee turn your regular and boring coffee into a keto-diet source.
  • Use MCT powder or cream supplement in dressing your salads.
  • Add the supplement in keto soup or bone broth.
  • Beautify your sushi dish with MCT oil.
  • Add the protein powder to your smoothies and drink.

How Much MCT oil for Weight Loss?

The standard serving of MCT oil is about 15-20ml. If you are a beginner, start by consuming 10ml per day for at least 2-3 days and further increase to the standard dosage.

It’s okay to take up to 3 servings in a day.

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