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Beta Male’s willingness to compromise should not always be considered as a sigh of weakness, It may depict his wisdom.

We have read enough about beta female with their traits and the behavior. But there still remains the question unanswered about what are the traits of a beta male? How to identify a beta male?If it is confusing a lot, don’t worry. Alpha male, beta male, and omega male, all of them have all different definitions. If you have identified yourself as a beta male or if you want to know which category do you lie in, well you are at the right place.

If you are aware of the fact that you are a beta male then we have a bad news and a good news. Bad news is: you are a beta male and Good news is: you know you are a beta male and you can work on self to be a better person.

Today we are going to talk about what is a beta male and what exactly are their traits. How to identify one and if you wish to change yourself, how will you? the simple answer is by knowing yourself in the right way. You will have to know your rights and your wrongs; which is exactly what this article is going to talk about. We are going to educate you to understand proper beta traits, by which you will identify yourself as well as change or leave traits behind as a beta male. Traits of a beta male are not that difficult to understand as well as to notice once you know the concept. So here we go:


What do the other’s want me to do:

Beta males can never be the leader. They are always waiting for others to instruct them to do something or everything. They do as they are told and never anything extra or anything innovative. The reason why they do that is because they do not want to upset someone. They are afraid that they will get into trouble. Beta male are the kind of people who follow the rules and never think of doing anything outside of that. It is difficult to expect anything more or anything extra out of them.

Am I perfect yet:

Beta males think that they are never perfect enough. Now that is not something what we are talking about in a good way. They are always seeking for perfection. Beta males think that they need to be perfect. The mentality that runs behind this thought is that maybe people will like or respect them more if they happen to be perfect. They will try to do everything possible to impress others. Have all the answers, look good, help everyone, have the most perfect hair, try to be the guy everyone wants to be and etc. In fact, they make life choices according to what others will tell them. Beta male work on what others say.

Aggressive but in a passive way:

Beta males will never tell you how do they feel directly. They will try to avoid. They hate confrontations and conflicts. However, they show how unhappy they are through indirect resistance. They will probably avoid you, ignore you, roll their eyes, fail on purpose, pout, not give their 100%, give a little attitude, sarcasm will be on top or you might get a little hint of it, and such things. However, they will make sure that they convey the message that they are not happy with you. This is a very prominent trait of a beta male.

Avoiding conflicts as well as confrontation:

As we spoke about it above, beta male avoiding having conflicts and they as well avoid confrontation. They always have a desire to be liked and wanted and hence avoid getting into such situations. One of the traits of a beta male is that they will never want to get into a conflict. If you want to solve or resolve things, it is a different thing. But avoiding conflicting and trying to be a good guy and not get any negative impression on them is a definite trait of a beta male. If there is a conflict and they are dragged into it, they will rather keep their mouth shut and stay on someone’s good side rather than upsetting them. They don’t like to get into such situation is because they think people might start thinking poorly of them.

‘yes I am nice’:

This attitude of throwing ‘fake nice’ showers on everybody is as well a very well-known trait of a beta male. Like mentioned in the previous point, they will try to be on everybody’s good side. When they feel that things are not going well and that things are getting out of hand, to show that they are “tough” and “strong” they turn people off. They think that being fake nice to someone can make everybody like them, however that is not really true.

I’m without any flaw and mistake:

If you cannot accept the person you are, you can never accept others nor be a good and rational human to others. Beta male tend to refuse to admit their flaws, mistakes or errors. In short, any form of negative thing that they have in them, they would try to get away with it. In fact, they will never take the blame. Beta male will blame someone else for the situation rather than taking the blame on themselves. Along with that, beta male wish that they would never be caught. They try to be perfect and will go to any extent to prove it by showing how they are perfect from every small different angle.

I have a solution for everything:

Beta male have a solution for every problem. Or at least, they tend to be the kind of person who will have a solution for everything. The words ‘I am not sure’, ‘I don’t think so/I don’t know’, ‘that is not possible’ is not for them. They are more of the kind of people who say, oh yes, sure, definitely. Or probably will just try to come up with reasons for everything. They want to make everything alright by listening to the problem as well as giving their opinion. It can also be said that beta male kind of want to be in a limelight and want everyone to like them so they are always ready to give a solution even if not asked for or required.


For beta male, one of the traits to identify is they will always expect you to pay back. We are not just talking about this in terms of money but even as a favor. Beta men tend to keep a score of how much they have done for others. If they have helped someone out or helped someone with a favor, they will definitely and surely expect a payback. They will never do things or favors just a favor from heart or to just to do them. They will always resent people for whom they think they will take them for granted. They probably might never show it out, but they always secretly resent individuals or group or more of people simply because they feel wrong of them and think they will take advantage of them.

I’m more comfortable around women than men:

Well in today’s world it is highly possible for beta male to do something like this because they feel alpha men have a lot of masculine qualities in them and the way alpha men act overall is completely wrong. The traits of a beta male also show that they feel beta male are the ideal men. This is the nature which tend to be more related towards women than men. They are very afraid or scared to be like other men and hence stay far away from them. Girls are their best of friends.

Not sure how dating works:

Beta male are not the ones who are easy with dates. They are in fact the ones who will probably most of the problems. Of the traits of beta male observed is when they are so very frustrated to get into a relationship. They don’t understand the rules of dating. They will either overdo everything or do nothing. Beta male tends to overdo things with the intentions of being liked by others and probably everyone. Beta male even tend to overdo things by complimenting the best friend of their woman and then that’s how the problems start. They are usually the ones who end up dating that ‘women only want jerks’.


This is one of their very last traits of beta male. They are perhaps the neediest of all. Now all men or rather a human being are needy at some point of time. But beta men are needy most of the time. They tend to get less attention from everyone and hence they are always looking out for more attention, can call it desperate for attention. Sometimes they will actually end up having a girlfriend only because they want attention. They get so attached and needy in that time process that beta male start become controlling and dominating. This behavior tends to be very unattractive and hence end up having failed relationships.


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