Urdhva Hastasana (Upward salute) For Spine Alignment and Better Pasture

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  • Meaning: Urdhva= Upward, Hastasana = Salute
  • Yoga Style: Vinayasa Yoga
  • Duration: 1 minute
  • Repetition: none
  • Preparatory Poses: Tadasana
  • Follow-up Pose: Uttanasana


Urdhva Hastasana (Upward Salute) is a standing yoga posture which helps in stretching the whole body and bringing consciousness and better blood flow into the body.

This is one of the very yoga poses that consciously or unconsciously helps to relive the muscle stiffness after long sitting desk work or the first thing after we wake up in morning.

This standing yoga style also gained more significance as it is a primary part of Sun Salutation yoga practice. This pose helps in reliving the stress level and making body fell rejuvenated.

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Beautiful woman practicing Yoga by the lake – Sun salutation series.

Science Behind Urdhva Hastasana

Urdhva hastasana is a follow-up pose of Tadasana, and the stance of performing Urdhva hastasana is much similar to Tadasana as well. That is the reason the science of this asana has many resemblance with the Tadasana but upward salute pose has some enhanced benefits.

Upward salute pose has many benefits to offer, it doesn’t just heal you physically but also spiritually. This pose helps in stretching the whole body, massaging internal organs for their better functioning and it also helps in securing a connection with mother earth and allowing free flow of energy.

A salute of any kind has great significance since the ancient Indian tradition, it’s said that salute position (joining both palm of hands together to greet someone) has deep restorative benefits and helps in relieving stress and anxiety.

Upward salute assists in experiencing a better stretch in spine, shoulders and neck. This helps in relieving any stress and stiffness from muscle tissue after a long and hectic day at work.

Guide to master Upward Salute

Beginners guide

  • Stay conscious of breathing and stay calm.
  • This is a great pose to awaken your spirituality, try making a conscious connection with the earth and stay responsive to the positive flow of energy throughout your body.
  • After stretching for 30 seconds in upward salute pose you can also do standing forward bend pose.


  • Avoid this pose if you are having injuring in your neck or shoulders.
  • Make sure your stomach is empty or you had any meal 4-6 hour before practicing this pose.
  • Pregnant women should consult their doctor before practicing this pose.


Height Growth

Yes, height growth is one of the proven benefits of Urdhva hastasana (upward salute), it helps in stretching each and every vertebra of the spine and relief from any muscle stiffness.

Most of the people look short heighted because they do not stand in right posture, and the majority of the people are suffering from hunchback because of their long sitting hours at the office.

This pose helps in elongation of the spine which allows you to look taller.

Full Body Stretch

Full body stretching is something that each one of us should practice regularly. Whether you have long sitting job or you are driving long hours or just after you wake-up.

Full body stretch doesn’t just relax your muscle pain and stiffness but it also improves the lubrication of your joints. Better lubricated joints mean healthier joints, and healthy joints mean low chances of any injury, Roger-that?

Improved Digestion

While you are stretching the whole posterior of the body, one additional benefit this Urdhva hastasana (upward salute) is providing compressing effect on your digestive tract.

This pose helps in better bowl movement which improves the body’s capability to defecate. This pose also helps in providing gentle massage to other vital organs like kidney, liver and pancreas; which indeed helps in there better functioning.

Better Blood Flow

When your body is relieved from any stress and stiffness, and your vital organs are also working well, what does it mean? Improved blood flow throughout the body and increased energy levels. Improved blood flow has many further benefits like:

  • Healthy and glowing skin
  • More energy
  • Better muscle growth
  • Less chance of heart attack
  • Improved vitality

Relive Back Pain & Sciatica

With the increase in lifestyle diseases and long sitting hours; back pain and sciatica are getting common in the majority of the population. It is estimated that almost 8 % of the Americans will experience sciatica in their lifetime. But what is the reason of this sciatica?

The major reason behind back pain and sciatica in people below 40 is low mobility, bad quality food and unhealthy lifestyle. When your muscle and ligaments experience stiffness due to lack of mobility they become more prone to an injury.

Practicing this pose 3 times a day can reduce the chances of muscle stiffness and injury. you can do it after you wake up, in your lunchtime and after getting back to home.

Stress And Anxiety

As we specified, Urdhva hastasana (upward salute) has many spiritual benefits as well. Its commonly performed in Indian culture as a sun salutation. It helps in the free flow of energy throughout the body and has a tremendous soothing effect.

If you are feeling stressed and anxious then try this pose with your eye closed for 30 seconds, you will feel the relief.

Better Posture

We have been talking about better posture since the beginning of this article. Urdhva hastasana (upward salute) helps in opening shoulder joints, neck, and spine. Which lead to attaining natural posture.

If you are someone who works of laptop or computer whole day then chances of stiff shoulders and chest muscle are very high. While working on the computer we constantly put our both hands in same forward position, this stiffness is the root cause of hunchback.

So stay fit and safe, practice Urdhva hastasana (upward salute) daily.


  • While trying to experience the optimum stretch you can also bend your spine in left and right direction.
  • This will help in better agility and 360 degree spine movement.

Another Video demonstrating different variation of Urdhva hastasana

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