Deadlift Variations : 7 Types of deadlifts & How to Perform Them.

Deadlift Variations, one of the most haunting word for any newbie in a gym. Most of the people consider deadlifting only for professionals and weight lifters, that’s the reason most people never try deadlifting.

Deadlifting is a proven exercise for intense muscle gain, more power, and stability. Deadlift is the best compound exercise, which works on your whole body.

Deadlift is one of the few exercises which has a direct impact on almost every muscle group of the body, just through adjusting different variations you can see great changes in your whole body.

It is important to perform Deadlift in proper form, else it can hurt you badly.

We will be going to discover 7 best Type of Deadlift Variations that you must try too-

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1# Sumo Deadlift

Sumo deadlift is a type of deadlift which will make your lifting easier and stable. This name evolved due to the wider stance of feet like a sumo wrestler. Sumo Deadlift helps in putting more emphasis on hip muscle and release extra tension on the lower back. Additionally, it also helps to lift more weight than conventional deadlifting through shortening the range of motion.

If you are getting back ache during your traditional Deadlift, then sumo Deadlift can be a better choice for you, due to wider leg stance it will help you get closer to ground level, and helping you maintain correct posture.

How to do it-

  • Keep your feet wide open, with your hands inside your feet.
  • Keep your shin closer to barbell
  • Lower your hips. look forward with your chest up.
  • Keep your spine straight as possible, avoid rounding your spine while whole movement.
  • begin the movement by driving through heels and extend your hips and knees.

2# Hex bar or Trap bar Deadlift

Most trending type of deadlift, this variation has got a lot of appreciation after lifters felt more confident and got better results. A difference between trap bar Deadlift and conventional Deadlift lies in the barbell we use.

In Trap Deadlift we stand inside the bar, it’s very beneficial for those who experience problems with conventional Deadlift. It makes Deadlift much more easier.

Check the detailed guide to trap bar Deadlift through the video below.

3# Romanian Deadlift

Most famous type of deadlift if your goal is to put more emphasis on your hamstrings! Put Romanian Deadlift on work.

Romanian Deadlift is also known as stiff legged Deadlift too. This Deadlift puts less work on your back and lets your hamstrings do the major push.

While performing this you need to keep your knee straight without bending it. Remember to keep your back in the right posture. Not bending your knee while this Deadlift will put extra pressure on your hamstring.

Detailed guide on how to perform Romanian Deadlift

4# Deficit Deadlift

Another brutal form of conventional Deadlift.

Deficit Deadlift is used to increase the range of motion by making yourself stand higher than the ground level. Those extra inches are always proven to be more brutal than then looks.


deficit deadlift with chain

5# Band and chain Deadlift

Putting extra tension through band and chain on your conventional Deadlift.

This Deadlift will definitely create higher tension on your body, additionally, it will also help with the stability issues. You will feel more comfortable and stable doing conventional Deadlift after performing this awesome extra resistance Deadlift.

6# Max rep Deadlift

I have tried all type of deadlift but nothing could be better than higher number of reps. This is the Best way to increase your Deadlift.

Its easier to do 3-4 reps, but doing those 10-12 reps in a row is going to show your real strength. It can be termed as a most brutal form of deadlifting where you push your body to its highest limits while you have to be mentally strong to put your body through this test.

Believe me, if you want to put some serious mass on your back then you should not overlook this style of Deadlift. This will increase your endurance and overall performance of body.

7# Conventional Deadlift

Most of us are aware of conventional deadlifting style. This form is called conventional for a reason, it has a great impact on the whole body and is suitable for everyone.

Whether you are newbie teenager or professional or 50 year old, this type of Deadlift is going to suit all.

Right way to Perform Deadlift


Common mistakes in Deadlifting

 Ego lifting

The most common and lethal mistake most youngsters do is ego lifting. When you try to show off and impress others you are surely gonna compromise with correct form to lift heavier. While deadlifting, you need to be aware of correct posture, your limits and pushing your limits gradually. Guys, you can seriously injure yourself while doing ego deadlifting.

Arched back

Placing correct back posture is the primary requirement of Deadlift. Deadlift can put immense pressure on your spine if you are not concentrating on your posture. Keep your back straight and tight while deadlifting.

Watch your Breath

This is something most people don’t care but its as important as any other aspect of exercise.

When you are deadlifting you always have to set your breath. That means you are not allowed to breath while you are lifting. Take a breath before you go down and then you release the breath while you are at top or while coming back to down position.

Improper movement

All you need to take care about is the form you follow while deadlifting. If you want to continue lifting for long time then its absolute necessary to watch your form.

In order to lift heavier, Deadlifters tries to compromise with the proper movement in order to lift heavier. That’s the mistake most amateur lifters do. Watch the video about the correct form of deadlifting very properly and try to take care of every aspect of deadlifting.

Happy deadlifting. :)

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