Two-In-One: How To Combine Work And Study?

Many university and college students want to work. Everyone has different reasons: some want to make money, some want to get professional experience. In any case, one thing is important to everyone: they want to succeed in both university and the workplace. Some of the students contact the dissertation writing services in order to complete all the writing assignments within the deadline while meeting all the academic requirements. The existence of such services makes the idea of working while studying more realistic. We collected a few more tips on how to start working and not to “score” on the university.

Is it possible to combine work and study?

Before you start to sort out job openings, ask yourself the question: Is it worth studying and working at the same time? This rhythm of life takes up a lot of energy and time and is not suitable for everyone. You will pay less attention to yourself, and going out with friends will have to be postponed until the weekend. And then there is a probability that you will be busy even on these days. Often working students miss classes (and teachers do not like this), which can cause problems with the passing of the session, especially if you are a freshman. If that doesn’t stop you, then start exploring the job market.

What kind of work is easier to combine with your studies?

Often students are offered quite predictable jobs: “janitor,” “waiter,” “promoter. It only seems that such jobs are easy to combine with studies. In fact, this is not the case. Most “waiter students” leave either the university or their jobs. 

It is better to look for a place in the field of study that you get at the university (if, of course, in the future, you plan to work in the profession). Of course, companies that are ready to take students for internships will not pay as much as we would like to work, but you should look ahead – you will have the opportunity to acquire valuable practical skills, gain experience, and it is possible that after some time you can get a promotion. And if you prove yourself well, who knows, perhaps after university you will be offered a full-time position.

Tips: where and how to look for

Don’t look for work in the “for students” section

Almost all job search sites have a “Jobs for Students” section. It includes part-time jobs that do not require qualifications and for which the employer will pay a small amount of money – transcribing records, handing out flyers, and so on. If you’re happy with this option – great. If you are looking for something more serious, then it is better to study the general catalog of jobs. The employer may agree to take a person with no experience to train him himself.

Find out about job openings at your university

In addition to internships, there are work options at the university itself. For example, you can check tests, help organize seminars, work on the admissions committee during the summer, or get a part-time job in a university laboratory (if there is one). You can find out about such jobs either at the dean’s office or at the department.

Get a summer job

In the summer, students have no classes, this would be the best time for part-time work. But keep in mind one thing – when you get into a new team, you need some time to adapt. So you should not count on productive work right away. If you have other plans for the summer, look for work in the fall. Just wait until your schedule is set, otherwise, it will be very difficult to combine study and work.

Try to find a remote job

Freelancing is an opportunity for those who need a job, but do not have the possibility of personal presence. Such employment with a flexible schedule will allow you to work in a comfortable environment. The Internet is full of such jobs. Mostly, copywriters, managers, and programmers are needed for remote work. Many young students underestimate their skills, so they do not send their resumes. Remember, most companies now do test jobs. Perhaps you are the person who can do this test better than anyone else. 

Another good alternative is to start your own business to make sure your work hours are more flexible. But keep in mind that it also requires a lot of time. Sometimes, even more than a job.

Tips: how to combine study and work

Don’t complain

You chose to “live two lives,” so no one will feel sorry for you – it’s your choice. No one will tell you that you are pitiful, that you work hard, and that you are tired more than anyone else. Remember, the more you suffer and stress out, the harder it is for you to “digest”. Complaints do not allow you to tune in to a positive. Try to focus on the positives – at least you have the money to go to the movies with friends.


Sooner or later you will have to choose between school and work. And you must clearly understand what is more important to you. You can finish your studies at university and then look for a job without worrying that you don’t have a degree. And you can easily leave a job, but it’s hard to find something new later during college.

Plan your time

Typically, the problems of working students begin during the session. Over the semester you accumulate debts, you have to get admission to exams, and prepare for them. To make this period easier, you have to learn to plan.

Arrange the work week, each day by hours. So you will understand when you can rest when you can devote time to homework, and when you can work quietly. This way it will be easier, and maybe there will even be time for walks with friends or soap operas because a person also needs to rest.

You could also spend some time to check subreddit and find reliable college homework help services that would be your rescue on one of those hard days. It’s the best time to learn to delegate a part of your duties.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Often students are afraid to say that they are not good at something. You don’t have to be afraid of your colleagues, because they know that you are a beginner and they will help you. And many like to help. The main thing here is not to drag it out and make it clear in time that you are having difficulties.

Don’t think about work during classes and classes when working

Don’t torture yourself with work questions while studying and vice versa. Allow yourself to rest and focus on one thing at a time. It’s inefficient when you’re scattering your attention over several tasks at once. 

It’s up to you to combine work and study. If you see the need for it, go ahead. But before you do so, think hard about whether you can handle such a schedule and give up your free time.

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