TRX worth the money? 8 Pros and Cons



TRX has definitely changed the approach to personal fitness. 
TRX stands for Total Resistance eXercise, it was first created in 1997 by a navy seal on war deployment. 
The idea behind the creation of TRX was to make a travel-friendly workout tool that is easy to carry but has the ability to train full body. The first TRX system was built with the help of jiu-jitsu belts and parachute webbing. 
Now let’s come to the main topic, let’s find out if it is really worth to invest in TRX suspension trainers? 

Is TRX worth the money? 

Frankly speaking, TRX suspension training has got more advantages than the number of drawbacks. So lets cover the pros and cons one by one. 

Pros of TRX suspension trainer 

1- Versatility

If I am left alone on an island and allowed to choose a single workout tool then it would definitely be a TRX. Versatility is the major advantage of TRX suspension trainers, it allows you to train any muscle part while being anywhere. 
TRX is a versatile workout tool that will help you develop strength, gain muscle, maintain mobility, burn calories, and get a strong core all the same time. 

2- Age factor

TRX suspension training not only helps in strength development but its movements are low-impact nature. 
TRX is suitable for all ages, whether you are a 60-years old retired person or a 12 years old kid, it can help you develop basic strength without putting extreme stress on joints. 
I suggest my students to have a suspension trainer installed at home, it not only gives them quick access to 30-min workout but also promote other family members who don’t prefer gym workouts. 

3- Durability

TRX is built with the highest quality material and will surely last longer than you can expect (maybe forever). Its soo strong that you can tow a truck with it.  
Its always good to have versatile workout equipment that is durable enough to be used at the time of crisis. TRX is a great workout partner if you are stuck at home due to adverse weather conditions or total lockdown (due to pandemics). 

4- Portability

Portability is a big factor for me when it comes to choosing a workout tool for the home. To the nature of my job, I travel on a frequent basis which made my heavy investment in home gym equipment a total waste of money. 
I usually like to keep a set TRX suspension trainer and few resistance bands to preserve the strength and muscle mass while traveling.  

5- Calorie burning

The majority of the TRX movements are compound movements that engage a lot more muscle than your traditional gym workouts. 
How do compound movements help? These movements engage more muscle groups for the movements which boost the metabolic rate and improves total body coordination.
A 30-mins of TRX workouts can help you burn far more calories than traditional steady-state cardio. 

6- Core strengthening

Whether you talk about TRX PLANK, TRX INVERTED ROW, TRX SINGLE-ARM ROW, TRX CHEST PRESS, TRX ALTERNATING LUNGES, TRX HAMSTRING CURLS, etc, majority of the TRX drill pays strong emphasis on core engagements to keep your body stable while workout. 
A strong core is more than just 6-pack abs, it is a primary stabilizer muscle that works to keep your body strong and agile. A strong core not only helps you look better but also assists in lifting heavyweight, prevents injuries, and supports healthy posture. 

7- Mobility and flexibility

TRX not only helps in strength development but also supports the wide range of mobility work. 

8- Exercise guide

Many beginner-level lifters at the commercial gyms are clueless about the muscle they are training, they are often following wrong form and techniques due to the lack of basic guidance. 
TRX package also comes with a detailed exercise guide or you can join multiple training groups to help you train at the comfort of your home. 

9- Anchors

Many people have been asking me, why don’t I prefer “gymnastic rings” over “TRX”, here is the reason- Gymnast rings require two anchor points which is quite difficult to find the perfect spot for installation while traveling. 
TRX is easy to install almost anywhere because of its single anchor point. Additionally, a single anchor point makes the TRX is a lot more stable to workout for the people with low or moderate strength levels. 

TRX limitations

Source: UnSPLASH

TRX has its own set of drawbacks that you surely need to understand. 

1- Cost

Investing in TRX might seem a costly affair and it doesn’t look like a worthy investment of $150. 
But setting up a home gym is a lot costlier than a TRX. 

2- Push movements 

TRX is wonderful for the pull movements but not the best option for push movements for chest strength and hypertrophy. 
I usually rely on a few sets of push-ups and dips to train the chest, TRX does not seem to be enough to me. 

3- Not as good as dumbbells

If you are young, have a good budget, and aren’t looking for a portable training solution then TRX might not be the best choice for you. 
Dumbbells are always better for intense strength and hypertrophy but they are costly to buy and can not be carried while traveling unless you have a private jet. 


TRX worth the money? Yes, TRX suspension trainers are worth your money! These are the highly versatile piece of equipment that can be used by all the age groups, TRX workouts are easy on joints and help in total body strengthening and a stronger core. TRX is easy to carry which makes it a perfect solution to exercise at home, outdoors, or while on vacations. There are no major drawbacks of TRX and can be easily overcome. 


How Does TRX Change Your Body?

Just like any other exercise, TRX will help you strengthen you body and joints but in a lot safer way. 
Majority of the TRX exercises are comprised of compound movement that helps in improving strength, body coordination, and mobility. TRX training benefits the core stability and strengthening, which makes it a perfect tool to achieve that beach body. 

Why Is Trx So Expensive

When you pay for the TRX, you are paying for the superior quality material, extensive research work, designing, testing and branding. The company has invested thousands of hours to develop a perfect workout tool for you. 
You can also choose to invest in Gymnast rings or Angle90 grips as a great alternative to TRX.  

Can You Get Ripped With TRX?

Getting ripped or not is a matter of nutrition. If you have been staying consistent with the nutrition and TRX training then you can surely develop a ripped physique. 
Initially, TRX was developed by a navy seal, if they can stay fit with this one tool then whats stopping you from doing the same? TRX training focuses on the core stabilization and strength which will surely accelerate the process of gaining a ripped aesthetic physique. 

Is TRX Effective For Building Muscle?

Of course yes, TRX can be an effective tool to build muscle. But are you trying to be the next Phil Heath or Jay Cutler? Then you should be paying emphasis on lifting heavyweights. 

Is TRX Better Than Weights?

That depends on your goals; if you are looking for a workout tool that can help you prevent injuries, a tool that can improve functional capabilities and a tool that can help you develop stronger core then TRX can be considered a better alternative to free-weights. But if your goal is to gain maximum hypertrophy and strengthen then you should probably stick with free weights. 

Is It OK To Do TRX Everyday?

Trx suspension training is a low impact in nature which makes it a reasonable tool to be used on a daily basis. 
You can divide the training routing into the Upper body and lower body splits to allow your body optimum recovery time.

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