Top Under Desk Exercise Equipment That Burn Tons of Calories

under desk exercise equipment


Majority of the working population is struggling to stay in shape because of the number one reason, “8-hours sitting job”.

The workplace is where we spend 8-10 hours every day 5 days a week, and most of the people hardly get any moment, resulting in fat accumulation, back-pain, low blood flow. 

Devoting 60-minutes for a daily workout is just 2.5% of the total day, and your fitness level is defined by the activities you do in your remaining 23 hours. 

What if you can keep your body active for those 8 hours while doing your office work? Sounds like a great idea, isn’t it?  

The good news is, most of the office manager is encouraging their employees for under desk exercises while doing work, most of the people are found to develop better focus, stay fit and active whole day long. 

A variety of desk exercise machines are available that can help you burn hundreds of calories at the office. Let’s have a look at best under desk exercise equipment. 

Top Under Desk Exercise Equipment

Some of the most effective under desk exercise equipment are:

  • Adjustable standing desk
  • Under desk treadmill
  • Under desk bike
  • Giam ball chair
  • Ankle weights
  • Resistance band
  • Balance board
  • Yoga mat

1# Adjustable standing desk

Although it’s not a piece of under-desk equipment, it’s a whole bloody desk that is going to make you burn hundreds of calories. 

The body burns more calories while standing in contrast to calories burned while sitting, we all know that. What’s interesting is the number of calories you burn while you are standing. 

Standing burns more calories than sitting (186 calories vs. 139 calories per hour). You can burn up to 400 additional calories in 8 hours shift. Needless to say, your body will burn more calories if you are actively working while standing. 

You can burn more calories at the office instead of investing hours at the gym.  

You might not feel comfortable in the beginning but you will get used to of it. Start with standing for only 2-hours. 


2# Under desk treadmills

Looking for a better option than a standing desk? Opt for under desk treadmill. 

An average 170-pound person will burn 324 calories every hour while walking at moderately slow speed. Source:

In the initial days, you can start with 2-3 hours of the slow walk while work and once you get comfortable with walking while working then you can gradually increase the amount of walking. 

An average person will be easily able to burn 1000 calories per day with the help of an under desk treadmill. 

Confession: I have compiled this article while walking on my under desk treadmill LifeSpan TR1200-DT3


3# Under desk bike

Just like under desk treadmills, under desk bikes are an incredible solution for those who are not comfortable with simultaneous working and walking. 

Underdesk bikes can help you burn hundreds of calories and the time you feel tired you can simply stop paddling. 

Many variants are available for the office under-desk bikes, some companies are offering portable under desk peddler that do not require you to buy an adjustable desk or chair. Some companies have introduced a full gym alike spinning machines with a tabletop for a better experience. 


4# Small weights: 

You can do a lot of different workout in your 5-minute break. Keep small weights maybe 2kg or 5kg. 

Create your own custom resistance by using these lightweight dumbbells for 30-50 reps. 

5# Giam ball chair

Now, this is something different under desk exercise equipment, you don’t really require to paddle or walk while exercising. 

Giam ball chair is an innovative chair that required you to maintain the body balance which keeps your core engaged and improved body posture.

It’s especially beneficial for those who have long working hours and started to experience back pain and spine misalignment. 

It promotes correct posture and you will be sitting upright and attentive, which will make you feel more alert and productive. 

6# Ankle Weights: 

You can do a lot of things with those ankle weights. 

Many people opt for using light weighted ankle weights for walking purpose, you can do the leg raises and leg extension while sitting at your chair. 

7# Resistance bands: 

When it comes to personal fitness, resistance bands are my favorite. They are easy to carry and hardly takes any space and comes in different sizes and shapes. 

You can use the resistance band to target different muscles while being on your desk. It will keep your metabolism up while keeping you active and focused. 

8# Yoga Mat

For those who got a personal cabin or cubical. 

A yoga mat is a great way to stretch your full body whenever you require. Most of the people are suffering from back and joint problems because of muscle stiffness. Doing a few yoga stretches and poses will keep your body healthy and fit.  


9# Balance board: 

If you are using a standing desk then you should immediately add this incredible piece of equipment in your arsenal. 

Standing on a balance board will help you achieve improved body stability and better core strength, it will also strengthen your knees and ankles while burning more calories. 


Our purpose of writing this article is to let you guys aware of under desk exercise equipment that you can buy today from Amazon. You can choose your best product according to your budget and requirement. My personal favorite is always going to be an under desk treadmill and under desk bikes, they will help you burn tons of calories every day. 

Stay fit and keep moving guys.

Thanks for reading. Questions welcomed in the comments as always. 
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