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The sedentary lifestyle has become a dominant reason behind the declining health of people worldwide. But humans have become self-aware regarding the importance of regaining physical well-being. Fitness will become a global trend eventually, and the health industry will continue growing. Experts estimate that the global fitness industry claims a market portion is exceeding $87 billion. There are thousands of fitness clubs scattered worldwide where personal trainers guide people on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. So, many students consider pursuing a career in health and fitness.

Seven Highest-Paying Fitness Careers

Health – both mental and physical – is imperative for a human’s survival. Physical activity makes a body function properly. That’s why medical experts recommend daily workouts to maintain your well-being. It is enough exercising for thirty minutes a day to keep your body active and your mind fresh. Exercise has been observed to benefit your mental capacity as well. It stimulates the release of endorphins that make you feel delighted and comfortable. So, fitness is directly related to your proper health.

With over 200,000 clubs worldwide, the fitness industry claims 174 million members. In 2019, around 40% of Americans had gym memberships, but most weren’t regular customers. In the USA, this industry employs more than 700,000 people. Suppose you want to become one of them. In that case, you can opt for a masters in public health online degree from any reputable institution. There are many career options to choose from for students. Here are the seven most lucrative opportunities for college graduates:

Athletic Trainer

These trainers specialize in working with athletes. They prevent sportspersons from getting injured, help the wounded ones recover, and manage their dietary schedules. They also provide emergency treatments while collaborating with trained physicians. An AT makes $40,000 annually on average in the United States. In some states, though – such as Hawaii – athlete managers can earn over $60,000 every year! But an AT’s main responsibility involves planning athletes’ workout routines. Trainers also provide the necessary exercise equipment for the players. So, you can earn a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field to serve a sports team in a professional or semi-professional capacity. As a reminder, open epic credentialed trainer jobs can be viewed on the Jooble website.

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Yoga Teacher

Yoga has become popular all over the world for its health – both mental and physical – benefits. We can see how even celebrities pursue this discipline and become yoga instructors. Also, this practice improves balance, enhances flexibility, benefits the heart, enlightens your mood, and helps manage your stress. So, yoga teachers educate students on different meditation techniques to control their minds and connect with their surroundings spiritually. These professionals make over $50,000 in the United States on average. It would help if you were accredited by the Yoga Alliance to practice as a teacher while gaining expertise in a few asanas. Then you can collaborate with high-paying yoga studios too.

Health Educator

The emergence of the coronavirus pandemic revealed how much we lacked in health education as a species. Many misconceptions regarding COVID-19 grabbed the world’s attention, resulting in mass hysteria and negligence toward healthcare guidelines. A health educator meets individuals and communities to discuss the importance of hygiene. He/she instructs them on dieting, nutrition, social distancing, and various other protocols to retain a healthier lifestyle. Professionals in this industry make over $60,000 a year on average. Their responsibilities include preaching about public health, encouraging healthy behaviors, and preventing diseases via public education.

Fitness Model

Suppose you desire the world of glamor and fashion. In that case, you can always become a model in the fitness industry even without formal education. These models make around $50,000 every year, but major earners can make nearly $80,000 in this profession. Some sought-after individuals accept $400 for an hour’s worth of work. You will have your pictures taken in the coolest wardrobe collection possible to be published in some famous international magazines. No wonder fitness modeling constitutes a competitive field since not every talent agency will be interested in your figure. So, you’ll need to get journal-worthy abs for sure!

Personal Trainer

It is – undoubtedly – one of the fastest-growing professions in the fitness industry; as indicated by the title, fitness instructors lead people in exercise activities. They find employment opportunities in gyms, yoga studios, health clubs, fitness centers, and other institutions. These professionals earn on average more than $40,000 every year. The BLS expects this career to grow by 15% this decade with a pace much faster than average. No wonder some trainers become famous such as Jeanette Jenkins, and start their fitness companies to train Hollywood celebrities. After lockdowns were implemented worldwide, the industry of online fitness trainers also gained popularity among health enthusiasts.


People who’ve been in major accidents need therapy to recover their muscle strength. They require an expert’s assistance to prevent illness and overcome disability. This expert enables the patients to recuperate via different maneuvers, including exercise, education, and massage therapy. This career helps you earn $80-90 thousand at least annually. In the United States, you might’ve heard of these experts as “physical therapists.” These PTs deliver therapy services while collaborating with a team of PT assistants. They provide treatments specific to the needs of each patient and plan the patients’ discharge by reassessing their progress. This profession has grown in popularity in recent years.


Exercise isn’t the only component of a healthy lifestyle. Healthy nutritional habits also contribute to a person’s mental and physical well-being. Consuming the essential nutritions enables people to control their weight. So, nutritionists establish a dietary schedule for clients worried about weight gain. They also work with professional athletes and help them maintain their fitness before the vital game. A nutritionist may find employment opportunities in medical/educational institutes, nursing homes, or the sports industry. They make over $60,000 annually on average – as per BLS – with an 8% growth expected in this career. Dietitians also fall within the same category as nutritionists.


Obesity has always been the natural nemesis of American health! A CDC study revealed in 2016 that 38% of adults suffered from obesity. Similarly, around 17% of children were having problems with more weight. The cherry on the top, this news was hardly shocking or surprising for the medical experts. Though it created public awareness about corpulence and Americans started prioritizing their well-being over unhealthy eating habits. This public perception has benefited the nation’s fitness industry. People associated with health centers find more opportunities to assist unhealthy people in getting their lives back on track. So, careers in this industry have become more lucrative for prospective students.

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