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Are you a fitness freak? Or you want to be fit and maintain your body? Then, there are some suggestions for making your mind and body more healthy! Reading a book on fitness can be too boring but what if someone reads it for you? Well, you will not mind listening to audiobooks. You can perform other activities while listening to it and not making it monotonous at all. So why not listen to the best fitness audiobooks instead of reading books? During your workout sessions or morning diet, you can put on your earphones and play an inspiring audiobook to encourage yourself towards your goal of achieving a healthy body. 

Now, you must be wondering which will be the best book to start with. It is natural to be overwhelmed due to the availability of so many audiobooks. Hey, don’t worry! You don’t have to waste your time searching for the best fitness audiobooks. We are Speakaudible covers a wide range of subjects related to best audiobooks, here is a specially curated list of top 8 fitness audiobooks that will help you to achieve your fitness resolution goal.

1- The Art of Resilience by Ross Edgley

Strategies for an Unbreakable Mind and Body

The Art of Resilience is one of the best fitness audiobooks by Ross Edgley. It is a great audiobook that will give you the best advice to maintain your physical and mental resilience. Ross Edgley has broken many world-records one of them is to swim around Great Britain; he is the first person to do so. And in this audiobook, he has well described his whole journey that you might love. A journey of a hero of 157 days in water.

This audiobook gives a message of “never give up.” It will help you to develop a great mindset of taking negative comments positively. I think you will surely get in tears at the end of this audiobook.

2- Two Turns From Zero by Stacey Griffith

Pushing to Higher Fitness Goals – Converting them to Life Strength

Stacey Griffith has helped thousands of peoples to get back into perfect shape. This audiobook is motivational as well as instructional. She believes that achieving fitness goals are no tough for anyone. You can measure her dedication towards a fit life in this audiobook.

In this audiobook, she has captured her story about how she gave up on drugs, alcohol, and late-night parties and moved on. And how she started a new life from a complete Zero. A life dedicated to her fitness which is her priority.

3- Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubes 

Fats, Carbs, and the Controversial Science of Diet and Health

Gary Taubes is a science journalist. For the past many years, we have been taught that low-fat diets (like easily digested starch, white flour, and sugar) can cause harm to our health. It can cause many health diseases like diabetes and obesity. But this audiobook is completely contrary to this fact. He believes low-fat diets somehow increase the lifespan of people and are good for health. Gary has beautifully shown the relationship between health, disease, weight loss, and nutrition.

If you are diet conscious then I am sure you will love this audiobook. You will get to know much science behind our diet. It is a well-researched book and many health specialists agree with him after the release of this book.

4- Eat to Love by Jenna Hollenstein

A Mindful Guide to Transforming your Relationship with Food, Body, and Life

This audiobook teaches you the essence of how to fall in love with your own body and life. It is not a book to teach what is a good or bad diet rather it will teach you to love your body. Body positivity is one of the essential aspects of staying healthy and Jenna Hollenstein’s book makes you understand this fact. 

Many people are ashamed of their own body which is not good at all. We have to face humiliation many times because of our body shape. This audiobook will change your attitude about how you see your body and your life. This will completely reset your relationship with your love (FOOD). Jenna believes that loving your own body in which you are living now is more important than having a body that everyone else recommends you to have.

If you have ever faced such situations where people are judging your own body and you want a change from all those bullshits, then this audiobook I recommend to you. At last, I would like to say, a healthy mind is more important than a body that others appreciate.

5- Living With A SEAL By Jesse Itzler 

31 Days Training With The Toughest Man In The World 

Being the LA Times and New York Times bestseller, this book depicts the experience of famous entrepreneur Jesse Itzler who lived in a hard fitness regime with a Navy SEAL. Jesse will get his hands in most of the things during his experience, and his attempts have often been described as risky and bold.

When Jessie realized that he is losing control over his lifestyle, he appointed a unique trainer to reside with him, and the trainer is no one but a Navy SEAL who is mostly known as the toughest man in the world. You will like the easy-going personality of Jesse in this book. A friendly relation between the Navy SEAL and Jesse is established during the period of training. At the end of his training, Jesse gets a healthy body and the taste of life. The book explains how going out of your comfort zone can be beneficial for you sometimes. You can find this humorous fitness book on Amazon and Audible. 

6- Ballerina Body By Misty Copeland 

Dancing And Eating Your Way To A Leaner, Stronger, And More Graceful You

In this fitness audiobook, Misty Copeland, a renowned role model, and Ballerina narrate the tips and tricks for giving a new shape to your body. It inspires you to get a healthy and lean physical structure and glowing skin. In her own words, Ballerina has described modern women’s needs regarding fitness and a beautiful body. Her statement clearly expresses that 21st-century women do not crave the bodies of a runaway model. Rather, they are more interested in achieving a well-toned and strong body with attractive posture.

The book suggests you every required step to get a healthy body, including workout schedules, meal plans, and motivating words. Besides all the precious pieces of advice, the book also contains an extract of Misty’s journal, which gives you a glimpse of her journey towards a meaningful life. 

7- Spartan Diet By Joe De Sena And John Durant 

30 Days. Transform Your Mind. Transform Your Body. Commit To Grit. 

Joe De Sena, also the writer of Spartan Up, gives you an entire workout schedule and workout plan for a month to help you achieve the apex of fitness. 

This book is arranged so that it will include all the aspects of a healthy body, including speed, strength, endurance, and flexibility. Through this audiobook, he tells people about all the important things required to become a winner on the racecourse. Some of the most notable contents of this book include-  

  •  Encouraging tales of the Spartans 
  •  One month diet and workout schedule to reshape your body or prepare for the Spartan Sprint 
  •  How to maintain fitness in consecutive races
  •  Full body workout sessions without weight lifting or gym instruments 

8- The Fitness Mindset By Brain Keane 

Eat for Energy, Train for Tension, Manage Your Mindset & Reap the Results 

Would it not be great if you could achieve an ideally shaped body? This book reveals all the effective tricks to get and maintain a healthy body. If you are not gaining effective outcome despite all the efforts and suffering from low energy levels, this audiobook will offer you mindful solutions. 

This book grows a healthy mindset so that you can keep your fitness level intact for a long time. While listening to this audiobook, you will learn about Brian’s proven strategies on which food items are the most suitable for your body, boost your energy level, burn fat cells, and develop toned muscles. The Fitness Mindset encourages you to practice healthy habits to never lose the courage to maintain good health. The audiobook teaches you to decrease anxiety, stress, and fear to gain the ideal physical and emotional stature. 


Though this list ends here, there are other fitness audiobooks as well that every fitness freak woman would love listening to. These audiobooks will motivate you, encourage you to do your best to achieve a fit body. The bestseller authors of these audiobooks will teach you the science behind adventures and fitness because being fit is not only about the body but also about the mind. They will change your perception of seeing the world, life, and its challenges. So, plug in an earphone and begin your journey to a fit and healthy schedule.

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