Top 4 Heavy Bag Workout for Strength

For boxers. Everything revolves around powerful punching. Almost everyone can punch someone but the way you punch, speed, precision, and your purpose depicts everything. Most people do not realize that within boxing learning the type of punches and their technique is not enough. You need to have enough power that can help you move your opponent.

 Fighters with weak punches end up enticing the opponent but leave themselves defenseless. To train a boxer there is a whole technique and procedure that goes behind. You can start by focusing on the technique, combination, and the way you want to execute yourself.

 After that, the next step is to practice your strength so you can punch your opponent with enough force that you can easily knock him down. In most cases, boxers just focus on the punching technique but never generate enough strength.

Experts explain that you need to focus on the strength of your core. This will help you generate enough power that you can later project and rely on your opponent. People who are not able to generate energy only have weak punches. 

To be able to throw some powerful jabs, your focus should be on generating energy and then using your shoulder to pick up that energy and transmit it through your fist. In case you do not throw a good punch, you might even end up hurting yourself.

With the help of this article, we will talk about three different exercises that boxers use for practicing their punches. We will also highlight the use of heavy bag workouts and various heavy bag workouts that you can try for improving your body strength.

Three Different Ways to Practice Your Punches

There are three different ways you can practice punching techniques. One of the most important is shadowboxing. Shadowboxing gives liberty to try and work on your weakness. It gives you the freedom to see where you lack so that you polish that.

 Another important thing is that you do not feel stressed because there is no one in front of you and you have to fight yourself. You can learn to maintain your stance, the movement of your hand, and the way you move your feet. Everything will come under shadowboxing.

For working on speed, speed boxing is very important. Speed boxing is a bag workout but you will have a small bag that is parallel to your face. You need to punch the bag and let it come back. The bag is small and it needs support so it can hold itself. 

The best thing about the speed bag is that it will help you improve your speed and let you know where you stand in terms of strength. Most people get tired of speed boxing because it requires you to hold the posture and you need to keep your hand a little higher than your comfortable position.

The last and most important workout is all about improving strength. For this, you will need a heavy bag. A heavy bag workout is very important because it helps you understand how much power you will need to push your opponent. Most people keep focusing on speed and technique but when they come across a real-life opponent they usually end up not punching them hard enough. Your weight plays a very important role but to be more precise and powerful, you need to work on your upper body strength. 

That is where a heavy bag workout will come in. We have seen people getting surprised when they punch someone and end up hurting their hand, this is because they expect that the opponent might be soft. Mainly this confusion arises because people work on simple bags filled with cotton or pillows. On the contrary, a heavy bag is filled with sand that makes it heavy and you need a lot of power to push back.

How to Work On a Heavy Bag?

Group Fight

For a group fight, you need to have a heavy bag and use a rope to suspend it from the roof. Now stand in a circle around the bag and punch it full force towards the person at your right. Now keep going till it reaches back to you. Try to stand with your feet apart and keep at least enough stance that the bag can easily swing between two fighters. The higher the swing, the easier it will be for you to assess your strength.

Extreme Punch

Extreme punch is a style that requires you to push the heavy bag with full force on the other side. You have to punch the bag in a way that it swings across the ring. This will help you know how much power you require to push your opponent off balance. In most cases, instructors use this as a base test so they can see if the fighter has improved over time.

Speed Punch

Speed punching is just like speed boxing where you have to set a start time and end time. Within that time you need to muster up your full courage and choose one punching style only. Now within that time frame, keep punching the bag till your time is over.

Browse Punch 

Just like browsing social media feeds up and down, this punching style requires you to set your heavy bag right in front of you and start by throwing two punches just parallel to your head in front of your jab and then throw two punches down. Now keep repeating this for at least 2 minutes.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, boxing is much more than just learning how to punch. Your stance, body language, the way you hold your weight, and balance are also very important. With the help of a heavy bag workout, you can experience the use of full force and balance your body easily. 

Where most people think a heavy bag workout helps you assess what it feels like to punch a human, some experts say that it also helps you know how much power you need to push your opponent. It all comes down to technique and strength. 

With good strength and the right technique, you can make your punch powerful and this will help you handle your body weight as well as move your opponent. With most boxing workouts, the focus is on the technique but without power, the technique is not effective. You need to maintain your fitness as well as work on your strength so you can perform better.

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