Tips for Communicating With a Woman in Her Forties

Many men fantasize about being in a relationship with an older woman. As a man in his twenties or thirties, it can be overwhelming and intimidating when trying to seduce an older woman. Whether you seek a hookup or are hoping for something long-term, conversations are important. How you relate to her during chats and meetups goes a long way in determining if it will last.

Mature Women – Where to find them

If you haven’t joined a dating app do so immediately. You might be missing out on your next soulmate who might be next door. Mature women left the bar scene ages ago. There is nothing worse than running into lame men hoping to bang a milf and run off into the wind. These women know what they need and aren’t afraid to say it. They do, however, share a lot about their desires using dating apps.

Here’s how to communicate with women in their forties and avoid disappointments.

1. Honesty

When you meet a lady in her forties and are interested in a fling, always mention what you are looking for. Women in their forties have been with a few men and understand what they seek primarily. If you are not into anything serious, don’t waste her time. While chatting with Ukrainian mature women in chatrooms, avoid asking immature questions. Focus on what brought you to the site. If you need a hookup then state that. If you seek a long-term mature companion, mention that unequivocally.

2. Lewdness

Even if she seems open to a hookup or quickie, don’t be lewd while chatting. Keep things clean until the first meetup and always remain professional. The idea is to have her ready whenever not just once. If you keep things professional she will appreciate it. She will also look forward to another round of satisfying playfulness as long as you don’t seem desperate or a bit shady. Being lewd online will also get you thrown out of dating sites, and other women will become inaccessible. They all communicate with each other too.

3. Interests

Find out what her interests are and focus on those. Avoid at all costs the idea of asking about her past. Chances are she’s been through the wringer, is no longer married, or never has been. Knowing her past won’t help you get laid. She is likely seeking companionship without the past ever coming back. If she wants you to know where she has been and what she’s experienced, she will let you know. Women in their forties have little time for small talk. It is all about getting stuff done and speaking your mind.

4. Timeliness

A woman in her forties might have kids, perhaps is still married and hoping for a divorce soon. Communicating this has to be on her time and terms. It means not calling her during odd hours of the time, wanting to flirt. It also means her kids, if any, come first. Therefore, as you communicate keep in mind, she has priorities. Sitting on a pedestal and hoping she sends messages hourly is a no-no.

When she communicates, respond sooner rather than later. It could be the only time she has between work, kids (if any), a hubby (if any), and other social affairs. Being slow to answer also means you won’t have time for those random and impromptu hookups.

Bottom Line

A woman aged forty and above is a dream come true for many young men, but she can also be a nightmare. If you cannot handle the heat stay out of the kitchen as older women need maturity. If she seeks a plaything she will let you know. But never assume she’s in it for a minute. She might want to spoil it for years to come. 

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