Things That Last Forever And Make A Perfect Christmas Gift

Many products we use in everyday life have a short lifespan and quickly end up in the trash. Just as quickly, we replace them again and again. But they still exist: the things that last pretty much forever. Like the joy of playing bizzo casino login. Your friends and family will be happy to see if you took so much thought into their presents and then it is even better if you do not be wasteful. Keep in mind that the thought is what counts. 

It does not always have to be so-called planned obsolescence: the deliberate wear and tear of products that causes them to break too soon or without reason, and which is a lucrative business model for manufacturers. One thing is certain, however: we buy many things new all the time – because they keep breaking down. That means a lot of waste; new production consumes resources and pollutes the environment and climate.

But even today, there are brands and products that do things differently. They attach importance to quality and durability and help to break out of the throwaway society a bit. Often these products are a little more expensive, but it’s worth investing money – after all, you only have to buy the product once. With this you can avoid a lot of waste.


1. coffee filters made of stainless steel, ceramic or porcelain

Things that last forever: Hanfilter

The easiest way to make a quick and tasty coffee is still with a hand filter: all you need is hot water, coffee powder, and a paper filter. Often these hand filters are made of environmentally harmful plastic and break relatively easily. The better alternative is hand filters made of porcelain, ceramic and stainless steel. And then there are even some that you do not even need a paper filter for: fine stainless steel mesh filters your coffee without producing any waste.

2. unbreakable: stainless steel bread boxes

It comes without plastic, plasticizers, and aluminum, is therefore harmless to health and at the same time so stable that it has the potential to accompany you for a lifetime: A stainless steel bread box. But products made of stainless steel have even more advantages: they are food-safe, easy to clean, and hygienic. A stainless steel lunch box is virtually indestructible and, therefore never needs to be replaced.

3. razor plane: for the zero-waste shave

Straight razor

Both disposable and system razors create a lot of waste because you have to dispose of parts of them,or the whole razor, after a few shaves. Razor razors, on the other hand, you often keep for a lifetime. In addition, they cause practically no waste: The razor blades last, on average, about 15 shaves long before you have to replace them. After that, you can simply turn the blade over – so you automatically have new sharp edges to shave. After 30 shaves, you can put the blades in the recycling.

For all those who find it difficult to switch to a straight razor, there are now also other sustainable alternatives with Shavent and Leaf Shave. These are very similar in handling to a system razor from Venus, Gillett, and Co.

4. lasts a lifetime: stainless steel drinking bottle

The same applies to stainless steel drinking bottles like the Klean Kanteen as it does to bread boxes: unlike plastic drinking bottles, they do not require plasticizers and are extremely durable. In case of strong impacts or falls, only scratches or a small dent remain – nothing worse can happen.

You can find drinking bottles made of stainless steel in our best list: The best BPA-free drinking bottles.

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