What Is Tabata Workout? How It Works And Its Benefits.

Tabata workout and its benifits

Tabata workout can surely be called ‘workout from hell’, believe me, it’s going to test your every limit, whether it’s mental or physical. If you are looking for a workout to develop strength, stamina, flexibility and lose weight within a short period of time, then Tabata training the right choice for you.

This workout is specifically for those who cannot invest much time at the gym and would like to perform a full workout with limited equipment. Tabata is a HIIT training program which allows you to ripe the benefit of weight loss and muscle development, at the same time.

This Tabata workout’s name is derived from the name of Japanese scientist naming Dr. Izumi Tabata, a Japanese physician, and researcher. He conducted a study on interval-based training model. His objective was to see if athletes would perform better in 20/10 model. In this model, athletes are required to perform an exercise for 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds. 8 sets of exercises for 4 minute would be considered to be the completion of 1 circuit.

Tabata has gained popularity in recent times but it has evolved years before. HIIT training can into existence to improve the body’s aerobic and anaerobic ability. Like for improved running, try sprinting for 20 seconds followed by 10-second rest. Repeat the process for a total of 4 minutes.

One of the major benefits of this HIIT training is its afterburn effect (it’s a phenomenon that body experience due to depletion of body oxygen level). That means your body will be burning calories even after you are done with your workout. More about the afterburn effect.

If you are a newbie in the fitness world then Tabata workout might not be for you. This kind of training will be challenging the limits of your mind and body.

How HIIT Training works.

High-intensity interval training is a technique in which you perform an intense burst of exercise followed by the short recovery period. This kind of training keep the heart rate up and push your body to burn more fat than any conventional exercise.

High-intensity interval training can we performed in a combination of two or more exercises, according to your endurance and goal.

Few benefits of HIIT Tabata workout are:

Better metabolism, due to the afterburn effect of these training techniques, your body will be compelled to burn fat for 16-24 hours post workout. That means you will be shredding fat all day long.

Convenient to do, you can perform these exercises at home, at the park or anywhere else. You don’t need any specific movements to perform these workouts. Simple body movement like push-ups, pull-ups, jumping jack, body weight squat, Burpees, split jumps etc. can work wonders for the development of overall body.

Quick, as we already explained that you won’t be able to sustain Tabata workout for a long period. All you need to do is spare a few minutes from your busy schedule to get yourself fit and healthy.

Tabata workout program

  • Do 20-second intense burst workout
  • 10-second rest
  • Repeat for 8 sets

Some of the Tabata workout you must try

Full body Tabata workout

  • Pushups
  • Squats
  • Jumping rope
  • Medicine ball slams
  • Burpees

How to do it: perform push-ups for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, and repeat for 8 sets. Squat for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, repeat for 8 sets. Perform jumping ropes for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, and repeat for 8 sets. Medicine ball slams for 20 second, rest for 10 seconds, repeat for 8 sets. Burpees for 20 second, rest for 10 seconds and repeat for 8 sets.

For more reference, check out the 10 minute Tabata workout video

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