Top 5: Keto Friendly Whey Protein Powder

Best keto friendly protein powder

The ketogenic diet has proven itself to be one of the most effective diet patterns that encourage the body to use fat as a primary source of fuel

Achieving perfect ketosis requires the right ratio of fats, protein, and carbohydrates in our daily diet. 

To force your body into the state of ketosis, you need to consume 60% of your daily calories from fat, 30% from protein and only 10% from carbs

Most of the people don’t realize the fact that their beloved whey protein contains a good amount of carbs and that carbs can stop the body from entering into the state of ketosis. You need to be very conscious about choosing the right low carb whey protein supplement while following a ketogenic diet. 

One factor that needs to be considered, “Ketogenic diet is a high-fat diet” so you will be required to add some healthy fats in your protein drinks. We recommend using  MCT oil or Coconut oil as an add-on to your morning whey protein coffee. 

Although, the keto diet does not require a huge amount of protein consumption and most of your body’s protein needs will be fulfilled by whole food. Still, for most of us, whey protein powder has become an integral part of our daily life and we don’t want to skip that.

Ahead is a list of best keto friendly protein powder that won’t sabotage the process of ketosis.  

Best Keto Friendly Whey Protein Powder

All the listed whey protein supplements are very low in carbohydrates which make it a perfect companion for keto or low-carb diet.

Isopure Zero Carb Protein Powder

Isopure Zero Carb in my personal favorite to power up my keto diet. It contains 100% pure whey protein isolates and ZERO carbohydrates which makes it a perfect choice. 

Every scoop contains 25 grams of pure whey isolates that can help in kickstarting the day. 

Isopure Zero Carbs combines well with the water, smoothie, morning coffee or anything else. 

Ultimate Nutrition ISO Sensation 93 100% Whey Protein Isolate

ISO Sensation 93 contains 100% IsoChill Whey Protein Isolate. IsoChill is a functional whey protein isolate, processed by a novel ultra-low temperature micro-filtration process.

Each serving of ISO sensation contains 30g of pure protein, D-Complex digestive enzymes for superior absorption and a single gram of carbohydrates which makes it a perfect for Keto-friendly protein powder. 

OPTIMUM NUTRITION Platinum Hydrowhey Protein Powder.

ON is one of the world’s largest producers of sports nutrition products and remains focused on delivering the best.

When it comes to choosing the best quality protein powder, you can’t ignore the quality of ON (Optimum Nutrition). I personally started my fitness journey with a tub of ON whey protein and since then I never looked back. 

Fuel up your keto with ON’s most advanced and purified version of whey protein. Each serving contains 30G of ultra-pure protein that will support your muscle-building goals. 

ON Platinum Hydrowhey is not just offering the purest form of protein but its also very low in carbohydrates

Dymatize ISO 100 Whey Protein Powder

While talking about the most premium whey protein, Dymatize ISO 100 contains all the required nutrition for lean muscle development. 

Each serving is enriched with 25 grams of high-quality protein from 100% whey protein isolate. ISO 100 whey is easy-mixing, fast-absorbing, easy-digesting protein supplement for the body.

With the presence of just 2-grams of carbs, Dymatize ISO 100 makes a perfect companion for your keto diet. 

Is Whey Protein Good For Ketogenic Diet?

Many people are scaptical about the consumption of whey protein powder while being on the keto. We have got explaination to all queries. 

A ketogenic diet has been known to shred fat by encouraging your body to burn fat as a primary fuel. Ketosis happens when you restrict the consumption of carbs to just 10% and focus on the consumption of saturated fats. 

Keto diet requires you to consume your protein in moderation but that doesn’t mean you should ignore your protein intake. 

Protein has always been a significant part of fat loss diet and it plays an important role in preventing muscle breakdown while on ketosis. 

So, its recommended to take your low carb protein shakes while following a keto diet, here is how to do it. 

How To Include Protein While On Ketosis? 

Instead of consuming whey protein with water, combine it with healthy fats to make it a perfect keto smoothie

You can have a combination of Almond milk, Avacardo, serving of MCT oil and a scoop of whey protein isolate as a perfect way to kickstart a day. 

A 2016 study conducted on a group of 25 healthy volunteers who were on a ketogenic diet. One group was supplemented with whey protein while being on a calorie-restricted diet and other was just on the Ketogenic diet. Study shows a weight loss in both the groups but volunteers who were given whey supplementations were found to have maintained lean muscle mass.

Whey protein is also found to improve the metabolic rate by the development of lean muscle mass. This muscle mass results in more caloric consumption by the body. 

Ending note: 

Regardless of your body goals, optimum protein is important for the proper development of the body. Whether you want to grow big or lose fat, protein is going to help you in both ways. Protein shakes provide several benefits to your body that are unachievable through other means. 

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