5 Reasons That Make Push-up Boards Worth Investing

Benefits of pushup boards

Push-ups are one of the best exercises one can do to improve upper body strength and size. For ages, push-ups have been a part of strength training and they are still one of the most effective methods to improve strength. 

Push-up is a compound movement that primarily strengthens the chest, tricep, and shoulders but it also strengthens the stabilizer muscle groups like biceps, back, core, and whole erector spinae. 

Are push-up boards worth investment? A Push-up board is a versatile piece of equipment that can be beneficial for people with different strength levels. Push-up board offers multiple grip variations, protects the wrists and stronger upper body, all at affordable prices. 

What Is A Push-up Board?

push-up board

A push-up board is a stable platform with holes and a set of comfortable handles. 

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What makes these boards really special is the availability of the different combination of holes that allows you to practice different push-ups variations with ease. 

Additionally, its simplicity makes it a versatile training partner for people with different strength levels. Just unpack, do warm-up and start the training.

Benefits Of Push-up Board

A Push-up board is a simple but efficient workout tool to help you target a variety of muscle groups.

Push-ups have many benefits, it’s full-body compound movement that increases functional strength, enhances cardiovascular health, promotes growth, boosts testosterone levels, strengthens shoulders, improves posture, and increases bone density. 

In this article, we are not going to discuss the benefits of push-ups since that will make the articles unnecessarily lengthy. Let’s understand the benefits of push-up boards in addition to regular push-ups. 

1- Wrist Health

Regular push-ups have a proven set of benefits but the only drawback is it puts the wrist in a compromising position. 

Many people complain about pain in the wrist that is because of insufficient wrist mobility and grip strength

Push-up bars are specially designed to relieve pressure from the wrist by letting your hands in a natural position: hands, forearms, and wrists, all in a straight line.   

2- Wide Range Of Push-up Variations 

Another big advantage of a push-up board over a regular push-up is its ability to offer a wide range of push-up variations. While one can also do the different variations on the ground but it also puts your wrists and other joints in a vulnerable position. 

A push-up board will allow you to perform narrow grip push-ups, wide grip push-ups, diamond push-ups, reverse grip push-ups, pike push-ups, L-sit, and many other variations. 

Basically, a push-up board allows a much stable and safer surface to train on. 

3- A Better Workout

Fixed position handles allow a better workout for the beginner and intermediate level trainees, you don’t need to bother about the perfect hand placement. 

Additionally, it also elevates the body angle to increase the range of motion by allowing more space. Improves range of motion results in better muscle gains and flexibility. 

A 2014 study published by the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, investigates the differences between lifting weights different ranges of motion. Researchers found that a longer range of motion is far beneficial for strength gains and for muscle size. Researchers also suggested the people who neglect the proper range of motion to lift heavier weights are leaving lots of gains on the table.

4- Double As Parallettes

You don’t have to use the push-up board for the push-ups only, these boards also make advanced gymnastic exercises accessible for practice. 

You can practice Handstands, planche push-ups, and L-sit on the push-up boards which are quite difficult to perform on flat surfaces. 

Exercises like handstands and planche push-ups are almost impossible to practice for people who suffer wrist pain while push-ups only. If you do handstands or planche push-ups from the floor, you are putting your entire weight on bent wrists. Do them on a push-up board, and you place your wrists in a neutral position and increase ROM.

5- Cost-Effective:

Cost is a crucial factor that definitly determines if the product is worth buying. 

There is a wide range of push-up boards available on market, you can buy one for yourself at a price range of $30-$50. 

I would personally suggest investing in good quality. 

A set of push-up boards and a pullup bar is all you need to stay fit and strong at home without investing in fancy gym memberships.

What if you can’t afford a push-up board?

Use dumbbells to mimic the push-up board, Hexagon dumbbells are going to be the most stable choice. 


You should stick to regular style push-up if you have a pre-existing shoulder injury. 

Push-up boards may cause increased abduction within the shoulder blades which can be detrimental for someone with a pre-existing shoulder injury.  

Take away

It’s a simple board with many benefits. It will allow you to push up more conveniently while allowing a greater range of motion.

Additionally, Push-up boards intensify the benefits of conventional push-ups but are also a great way to train your muscles with minimum impact on the wrist joints. 

Hey guys thanks for reading, let us know your thoughts on the article. Questions are welcomed in the comments as always.

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