21 reasons- Hiring a personal trainer is worth your money.

Are personal trainers worth it


Whether you are a total beginner or an intermediate lifter, one question that comes to everyone’s mind is “whether I should hire a personal trainer?” or “are personal trainers really worth it?”

Yes, a good personal trainer is worth every penny, he will not only help in strength development but will also improve your workout form, he will help you dodge injuries and will help you understand the basic biomechanics and body’s macro requirements. A personal trainer is someone who can see what your mirror can’t, he will help you understand the bodybuilding basics and will set practical fitness goals, he not only fix you nutrition but will also provide the required motivation to achieve the set goals.

Someone might argue, that most of the information is available on Youtube and Google then what is the point of hiring a personal trainer? I agree with you, the Internet has information about every health condition but you still visit an expert doctor, because they fix the problem after personal diagnosis.

Although not every personal trainer out there in your local gym is worth spending your hard-earned money but a good trainer can definitly the best investment of your life.

Ahead in this article, we are going to talk about the 21 Benefits of a personal trainer. 

21 Reasons To Hire Personal Trainer

There are multiple reasons why people work with personal trainers, some are hiring them for body transformation and others are approaching personal trainers to get their diet fixed. Let’s have a look at top reasons that makes your investment worth every penny. 

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Personal Trainer Benefits For Beginners

1# Help you set a goal: 

Setting up right and achievable goals are important to stay motivated while following the process. 

Most of the beginners don’t even know the process of setting up realistic goals and then they fail miserably. 

Are you aware of the fact how much fat you should be burning in the next 4 weeks of training? Or do you know how much muscle will you be able to gain in the next 3 months of training? 

Setting up appropriate goals depends on your body composition, BMR (Basal metabolic rate), BMI (Body mass index), type of training you are doing and many other factors. 

If you are training cluelessly at the gym then you need a personal trainer that can help you set up Practical, Time-bound and Measurable Goals.  

2# Understand the basics

I know its hard to accept but most of the lifters ar gym are clueless about the exercises they are doing at the gym. 

Just because some famous YouTuber or fitness influencers gave you a workout schedule does not mean it is going to work for you. 

I encounter people being unable to achieve the desired goals because they lack the basic knowledge about how to target a specific muscle group. 

A personal trainer will help you understand the biomechanics of every muscle group and how to target them properly. 

3# Custom workout schedule

Believe it or not, you require a custom workout because everybody is different. 

Most of the people are following the same workout routine for months and ultimately stops seeing any changes in the body. 

Depending on your body’s composition and fitness goals, you require a custom workout plan that works best for you. 

4# Learn the correct form

Many people complain about “not being able to feel the muscle”, do deal with the same problem? 

Probably your workout form is not good which is making the process hard for you. A personal trainer will educate you about the proper muscle activation techniques and help you with perfect form to get the optimum muscle pump and activation. 

5# Understand the macros

Macronutrients are the three primary nutrients you eat most: protein, carbohydrates, and fats. 

After watching some videos on youtube, every beginner considers themself eligible to design a meal plan with the right ratio of macros. That’s the reason your body isn’t gonna change. 

A day comprises of 24-hours, and it doesn’t really matter how you workout for 60-minutes a day, 5 times a week. What you eat in the rest of 23-hours is going to make a difference. 

Everybody’s macro requirements are unique and designing a perfect diet plan requires a different level of expertise and education. 

**Note: not all the personal trainers possess a nutritional degree but they possess far better knowledge than you do. 

personal trainer worth it

6# Help you discover new training style: 

Lifting weights is not the only way to stay fit and healthy. 

I promote my clients to involve in different training regimes to keep the journey fun and interesting. 

Involving in different training styles like weight training, calisthenics, HIIT workouts, Plyometric training, isometric training, functional training, aerobic training and etc, will help you find out the best training method that suits you better. 

Additionally, a trainer will help you discover the correct ways to use TRX, Kettlebell, Battle rope and Slam balls.

7# Be an available resource:

Most of the trainers are cool with providing assistance even after you stop training. 

This makes them a readily available resource that is always ready to help. You can always sneak into their way to dissolving any query. 

8# Motivation: 

Are you someone who requires the continuous motivation to stick to your plan? Nobody can do it better than a personal trainer. 

Being a trainer myself in the past, we were habitual to this problem. 

Providing all kinds of assistance and staying in constant touch has always been a part of my routine. 

Your trainer won’t only help you stay motivated to push harder while you workout but he will also keep you stay motivated to eat the right food and staying regular at the gym. 

I usually accompany my clients on regular grocery shopping to make them conscious of the selection of the right food and to provide some added knowledge. (You can insist your trainer to accompany you while you do the shopping, he will be happy to help)

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Personal Trainer Benefits For Intermediate Lifters

Intermediates are hard to train, not because they know too much but because they think they know better than anyone else. Lol. 

There are reasons to train with a dedicated trainer if you are an intermediate level trainee or lifter. 

9# Challenge your limits: 

Making progress in the first few months is easy but then every intermediate lifter gets stuck to the point where they cant see progress anymore.

Do you find yourself in the same situation? A good trainer can surely help you overcome the halted progress. 

Sometimes changing the workout program and paying more emphasis on supporting muscle groups is enough to get that extra edge. For example, workout on your grip strength can help you lift heavier while bench press.

A personal trainer is an expert that knows your physical capabilities better than you do, that’s what helps them break those physical and mental obstacles that are holding you back. 

10# Dodge plateau:

Hitting a plateau is irritating, and most of the guys have no idea about it. 

Lack of strategic modifications in the training programs, nutrition plans and not recognizing to your biofeedback, might be the probable reason for hitting plateau. 

A good professional trainer has all the experience and knowledge to burst that plateau to stimulate new growth within skeletal muscle fibers. 

Trainers are experienced in all kinds of workouts like: Circuit training High-intensity interval training such as Tabata training. Using different methods of strength training like supersets, pyramid training and more.

11# Understand the basic principals of biomechanics

Being able to lift the weight and achieve a good pump doesn’t make you the best. Neglecting the biomechanics and range of motions will lead to injuries in the long term. 

Understanding the basics of biomechanics and muscle anatomy will help you target each and every muscle in the best possible way. 

A good trainer won’t only help you get better but he will also educate you about the basics of biomechanics and muscle range of motion.  

Put more effort to understand your body and its movement pattern won’t only help in building a balanced body but also help you dodge uncertain injuries. 

12# Accountability:  

Do you keep a journal of your workout? 

The majority of intermediate level lifters have no idea about art of tracking their workouts, foods and other activities.  

Learn the art of keeping a workout journal that can help you mark your progress. 

Personal Trainer Benefits For Pro Events

If you look back in the last two decades, every successful bodybuilder is associated with some “star coach” to guide them through their career in bodybuilding. 

What made the coaches more important is the advancement in nutrition science and other factors. 

13# Work on imbalance and symmetry

Bodybuilding shows are not won on the basis of size, they are won on the grounds of perfect symmetry. 

If you are a competitive bodybuilder then you should find the best trainer to work with, he will work on the weak areas that need more focus. 

A pro bodybuilder doesn’t need a lecture on “how to do bicep curl” but knowing little tweaks and variations to hit the muscle from a different angle will certainly make the difference in muscle fiber growth. 

14# To push you little harder

Your gym buddy can push you harder, no worries, but he can’t push you in a scientific way. 

Your trainer understands your body better than anyone else, and he knows the limits. A certified personal trainer has expertise in pushing you in the right way without risking the chances of injuries. 

15# Prevent injuries

Every sportsman deals with injuries but bodybuilders are more vulnerable to injuries. Just because you push your body to its limits on a daily basis, a pro bodybuilder is always on a verge of injury because of super heavyweights, compromise with technique, muscle overuse, etc.  

Elite trainers have a better idea of loading and de-loading techniques that will secure you from probable injury.

16# Help you with posing game

For competitive bodybuilders, posing is a significant part of the sport as training, diet, and sleep. Posing helps in muscle awareness, definition, and maturity. 

Your trainer can see what your mirror can’t, that’s how he works on achieving better muscle symmetry and balance.  

17# Expert advice

Almost all the pro-bodybuilding coaches have been a former bodybuilder at some point of time. Their own experiences and insights about certain techniques enable them to put themselves in their clients’ shoes and improve their performance.

training elderlies

Personal Trainer Benefits For The Elderly

Older people are at higher risks of unwanted injuries. Its always good to get the assistance of a highly qualified coach to help you with your workout. 

18# Broscience isn’t good

Your bones and joints are not as strong as they were in your 20’s or 30’s. Hiring a coach can help you get strong without being under risk of injury. 

19# Proper supplementation 

If you are already on medication, many supplements might conflict with it. Having a training coach is an added resource to consult about different nutritional needs. 

rehablitation and injury prevention

For Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation

The development of scar tissues after an injury makes rehabilitation more difficult. I have seen people who were experiencing pain even after years of injury because of those scar tissues. Proper workout programs with a restrictive range of motion can help you deal with the problem. 

20# Understanding the biomechanics

Most people get injured because they don’t understand the basic biomechanics and the right range of motion. 

If you have completed your sessions with your physiotherapist and looking your way back to the gym then its highly recommended to get the assistance of a certified trainer. 

A good trainer won’t only help you train better but he will also prevent excess stress on that injured part again. 

21# A workout that suits you best

Ask an expert, he will tell you dozens of exercises to train the muscle in a different way. Hiring a personal trainer won’t only help in preventing additional stress on injured muscle groups but will also assist in strengthening them.  

So talked enough about the benefits of a good personal trainer, now let’s find out how to find one. 

Thanks for reading. Questions welcomed in the comments as always. 

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