Perks and Drawbacks of being an Alpha Male!

perks of being alpha male

Every coin has its flip side, sometimes people look at the perks of being an alpha but they never bother about the hardship that every alpha male goes through.

Being an alpha has lots of perks within it but it has its own drawbacks too. Everyone will be willing to stand-up as an alpha but they might not be able to make those sacrifices, so let’s discuss about its drawbacks before we discuss its perks.



1 Loneliness

“Biggest drawback of being an alpha is nobody cares even if you are hurt.

If you are the one who needs and expects pampering, then you should definitely stay away from the race of being an alpha male. Most of the leaders tend to feel loneliness even if they are surrounded by many people. The biggest agony of their life is they can’t share what they really want, this will be understood through a movie “Megamind” where superhero of a city wants to quit his job and seeking to have personal time as well.

2 Disappointments

Being people’s hero is not that easy as it sounds; you will be disappointed, thrashed on the ground again and again. But the capability to rise every time after you fall will make you real alpha male. It’s said “Anger is the biggest enemy”, a person who is incapable of taming his anger will not be able to recover with the disappointments that would come along the road of greatness.

3 Hard decisions

Taking decision for self isn’t that tough, but what makes decision-making hard is: when live of other people, who have faith in you depends on your decision. The hardest part of being alpha male is to choose between turning pages and closing the book.

4 Long hours and sleepless nights

Being a leader means you will be with your people in their rough times, doesn’t matter how long it take, you will be there for them and with them. Alpha male believes in unity and his love for his is never ending.

5 Criticism

Great Michael Jordan had missed more that 9000 shots, cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar got out when his team needed him, many other instances happened.

Legends were often criticized when they didn’t perform upto the mark, and doesn’t matter whatever you do good or bad, people will always have something negative to say. Learn to get over from criticism.

If you want to avoid criticism then follow three golden rules: Do Nothing, Say Nothing and Be Nothing! And don’t think of being an Alpha Male even in your dream.

6 Fear

Everyone is afraid of something, but it needs an alpha’s character to stand against odd even if it fears you.

There can be two solutions to face fear-

  • Forget everything and run
  • Face everything and grow

Which solution to choose when you are having tough time depends on your attitude towards life, even alpha male meet their darkest fear but they repeatedly choose to face it.

7 Responsibility

Greater POWER comes with the price tag of Bigger RESPONSIBILITIES.

People love to see alpha’s style of doing things but what they usually neglect is the responsibility they carries on their shoulders. Responsibility to take right decision, responsibility to fight for people, responsibility to live for others, responsibility to listen others, etc. List of responsibilities would be endless to mention, but these guys really deserves an appreciation.


You should really not expect to have some exclusive private time for yourself.




Of course, after going through so many drawbacks about being an alpha male there must be some priceless benefits of being an alpha male too.

Now let’s get through the perks these leaders enjoy in exchange with all the drawbacks we discussed before. It’s a truth that any society can’t really survive with an absence of a capable Alpha male, there has to be someone who is willing to help, consult, protect and support people 24*7. So these guys deserve some dividend in return, let me explain you the perks they usually get while leading their pack.



These are the people who adore and get inspired from alpha. They have admiration and crushes over their beloved leader. We all dream of having fans following but not much of us are able to sustain a lifestyle of a leader or superstar. These are a group of people who have deep faith in abilities of their leader or alpha and would follow you anywhere you go.


True alpha’s are recognized everywhere. These guys have paid a price to be recognized everywhere they go, they have gone through critical hard work, criticism, decision making, action, conflicts, and hustling.

Alpha man usually carries a personality which is hard to be forgotten and that helps them to be recognized easily.

Being part of big vision

There have been revolutions in every part of the world, but we remember the names of handful of people (like- Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, Winston Churchill, Adolf Hitler, Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela, etc), why? Because they were the alpha male who lead millions of people in order to achieve the desired goals and for their people better future.

World never remember the person who played supporting role (Beta male) and that’s the reason alpha male gain to be a part of the big vision.


Confidence might not be a perk but considered as a characteristic of an alpha, but confidence indeed scores a lot of perks. It helps you manage your fear of failure, boosts performance, higher satisfaction, maintains positive mental attitude.

Confidence is not just a quality but is also an award, someone could acquire, it promotes you as a separate entity with boosted confidence and ability to draw everybody’s attention.

Dominance in social circle

That’s so obvious; people accept the dominance of their leader, not because he is a dictator or powerful but because of his leadership capability and their belief in his vision.

No one control you

This is something everyone dreams off, how beautiful a life could be without a boss. Unfortunately, most of the people have accustomed a presence of boss in their life that they would not be able to figure out anything without instruction.

This doesn’t mean alpha males aren’t present in corporate, they could be seen as an employee on which even their boss is dependent, there love creating vacuum of their need.

Special Treatment

It’s a no-brainer to assume that someone who has such authority and followers would be treated specially. An Alpha male is people’s representative and it could be hazardous for anyone to treat them as ordinary.

More money

Very very obvious edge over others, leading a group means special salary package,



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