Try Parvatasana For Increased Hight and Fat Loss.


Parvatasana is one of those yoga poses which is not just practiced by yogis, but it’s also commonly performed by professional athletes from all over the globe.

Its simplicity and its tons of benefits have made this practice common in most of the part of the world.

It is also known as “Mountain pose” in many parts of the world. Parvatasana is also a part of Surya Namaskar or sun salutation yogic practice. It is a part of 4th and 9th pose of Surya Namaskar.

Parvatasana derived its name from the Sanskrit word ‘parvat’ which means a mountain, so in Parvatasana the practitioner makes a formation like a mountain. We will be discussing 9 benefits of Parvatasana later in this article.

How to perform it

Let’s understand how to perform Parvatasana in very simple steps-

  • Get into the pushup position
  • Keep your feet closer.
  • While keeping your core tight, push your torso backward and move your hips up until you form an inverted V position.
  • Exhale during this process
  • While your two arms are on the floor and supporting your body weight, lower your head to be between two hands.
  • The spine should make a straight line from the tailbone to top of the head.
  • Knees should be kept straight, but its okay to bend them little for beginners.
  • Don’t let your heels stay in the air; make sure it touches the ground to achieve a great stretch.

Look at the video for better understanding.

Perfect time to perform Parvatasana

There is no perfect time to perform Parvatasana; here are the benefits to performed at different time:

Early morning: Performing this yogic exercise early morning straight after you wake up can be a great full body stretching. It will help your body to prepare for stressful day and will improve the blood flow. It will also help releasing the stress from the stiffed spine.

While workout: You can include this yogic exercise as a pre-workout warm-up or post workout stretching. Including Parvatasana in pre-workout warm-up will save you from any back or legs injuries. And post workout Parvatasana can be proven as a great full body stretching to release the muscle tension.

Evening: Since it improves the blood flow towards brain you can perform this yogic exercise to feel more energetic and revitalized after your office hours. It’s also advised for students who need to dtay focused while they study late night.

Points to Remember

  • Keep your legs and back straight to get a maximum stretch.
  • It should not be performed if you have any wrist, hip or ankle injury.

Parvatasana Benefits

Let’s discuss the benefits of Parvatasana


#1 Height Growth

Parvatasana is a great yoga practice for those who are aspiring to increase their height with few inches, it should be noted that only growing kids are eligible for this benefit.

This yoga pose helps in stretching spine which ultimately leads to elongated and healthier spine.

#2 Healthier Spine

Parvatasana is very beneficial for spine health, it helps in stretching the whole spine and lubricating it as well. It makes the spine more flexible and powerful enough to absorb any jolts.

#3 Toned Body

Parvatasana can be a great yoga pose for those seeking toned body, it helps in toning legs, glutes, back, shoulders and arms. It also leads to weight loss.

While practicing Parvatasana, your arms and shoulders muscles get maximum toning, while legs got toned through constantly being stretched.

#4 Full Body Stretch

Parvatasana or Mountain pose is a great yoga for full body stretch; it stretches your body from head to toe. It’s advised to perform Parvatasana few times just after you wake up in morning to supply healthy originated blood all over body. It’s also advised to perform after every workout session since it helps in relaxing the stiff spine and reducing muscle soreness.

#5 Better Blood Circulation

Gravity applies to everything, so does it is applicable to blood flow as well.

It helps in better blood flow towards the brain when you get into the inverted V position while Parvatasana. This helps in feeling more energetic.

#6 Reduce Stress & Fatigue

This yoga asana is also suggested as a great stress buster by many doctors, it helps in reducing stress through the better supply of oxygen through blood towards the brain.

If your life is stressed because of office work or long hour studies then you should definitely try Parvatasana as a stress buster break.

#7 Ideal For Athletes

It’s a great yogic exercise for all kind of athletes, whether you play football or wrestles Parvatasana is a great stretching exercise for whole back, it helps in stretching shoulders, back, spine, hamstring, and calves.

This single exercise can help in preventing many injuries.

#8 Healthy Hair & Skin

Increase in blood flow towards brain helps in better growth of hairs and make your skin glowing.

#9 Strengthens Arms, Shoulders, & Legs.

The Parvatasana position puts immense pressure on your shoulders and arms while you hole your body in inverted V position. Parvatasana also leads to stronger legs muscle by creating the amount of stretch.

It can easily be called as a single solution to many problems.


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