Myths About Being An Alpha Male…

Myths about alpha males

If your actions inspires others to dream more, do more, become more, learn more and work harder, you are an Alpha Male.

Everything that we believe a lot in, has a certain number of myths behind it when it comes to alpha male, there are a certain number of alpha male myths behind them too. There are a lot of theories and a lot of assumptions. Not only that but there are various flaws if you read the various articles and various cons too. Well for now we have various alpha male myths for you:

Most Dominant:

being a successful alpha male doesn’t need you to be the loudest and most dominant male in group. Most of the leaders are created due to immense amount of respect and followers they earned due to their work for the community.


They say that to be an alpha male you need to have a certain height. You need to be tall, taller than your girl. This helps you play large and keeps your personality level high. You socially are then given more importance and you enjoy the leadership roles as well. To a very large extent, it is not true. The way you might end up getting laid or having a strong personality does not depend on your height. At least not completely on your height. You can be an alpha male with short or average height. It does not affect your personality as much as your behavior and attitude towards things does.


They say that having a good medium heavy voice is exactly what suits men. You should have deep voice and it is charming. Well yes, it is charming there is no lying to that. But the words and your tone matter more than the pitch of your voice. If you have a high pitch voice which is very natural or if you have a low pitch voice naturally, it will not define your character of being an alpha male. alpha male mythshas a strong say about the voice and there are often lot of debates over it.

Born not made:

Yes! Some might be enough lucky to acquire the alpha male traits by birth but remember”Hard word always beat talent when talent doesn’t work hard”. So these alpha male traits can surely be obtained through constant practices and hard work.


Now, this is the biggest mystery of all. Face is something that people say that they are attracted the most too. But when it comes to alpha male myths, face is something that they say does not really deserve that much of importance because it is all the more about your personality and the way you use your factors and values. It is definitely a factor which gets the male dominance level high, but does the face really matter when it comes to being an alpha male? Maybe it is a supportive thing if nothing at all.

Friend circle:

Your friends do not always define you. But according to a lot of theories suggest that being an alpha male means having a good level of people around, having people with good standards around because 90% of the times you will judged according to that. People will talk to you only if you belong to a good group or good people which have decent behavior and make you seem attractive as well. However, there are a lot of people who believe that its nothing but an alpha male myth. You do not really have to be pick out the people to be with. If you have a strong personality and if you know that no one can influence you, then it should not really matter because you are an alpha male and your friends wont define you.

They are the eldest:

Age might be a turning factor to lead a group, but legendary alpha’s emerged due to their past experience, leadership quality and their sheer dedication towards the institution.

A myth as a whole:

Some experts say’s that alpha male, the whole concept, is a myth itself. There is no such thing as an alpha male. However, you can have people who have such strong personalities and the passion driven ambitions, but there is no person in particular who is an alpha male and is a different class amongst the others. Well, it is upon from people to people to understand. But it can we widely classified as a category of people who are true people’s leader.

They are always a Male! :

As we all know we: as a human being, lives in a society and being an alpha is just a concept. It would be totally wrong to say that alpha could only be a male, as being an alpha displays a quality of exceptional leadership. We are living in a 21st century and we have seen enormous amount of females with attributes of being an “Alpha”.

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