Learn To Have Body Language Of An Alpha Male!

alpha male body language

We have learned how alpha’s influence with the help of their strong body language, now, it’s your turn to replicate some of their moves to create a better impact in public.

60% of human communication is done through body language, 30% of communication is done through the tone selection and a mere 10% of the communication depends on what you actually said. You might have never realized but every world leader had mastered the art of body language to communicate in a better way.

In order to become a successful leader or an alpha male, you will be required to understand the art of body language and tricks to influence people and make then work in your favor.

The first impression is the last impression and that’s the area most of us fails miserably. Let’s discuss some of the body language tips to make your appearance better.

Assume power pose

What is a power pose? A power pose is nothing but a right posture you display when you meet someone. Most of the time people will judge you with the way you stand or they first see you. Your posture plays a decisive role in establishing your first impression, so start working on it from today itself.

Alpha males never leave there body with loose and lame posture, they make themselves like an alpha. Figure-out whether you posture right, chest pumped and neck straight? Start hitting the gym for better posture.

But don’t look too up-tight in order to display your power pose.

Some nodding can do wonders, nodding is a simple sign of engagement with a communicator; it displays a sense on your interest in communication and will create a positive impact. Nodding doesn’t just create a virtual collaboration but also advertise your appreciation for a talk. True alpha male is one who could listen to other, and simple nodding gives a sense of respect to speaker.

Remove barriers to enhance the collaboration

Collaborations between communicators could be a key factor to decide whether the conversation will be remembered for a long time and your quality of connection. It’s suggested to remove any kind of communication barrier while communicating with a team, doesn’t matter how badly you want to check your phone, time or anything apart from the topic. It’s a much-needed ethic to have a powerful impact on the listener.

Eye contact

It’s said “Eye never lie”, well that could be considered true when establishing good communication. Good eye contact created a sense of trust and confidence that eventually decides the effectiveness of the conversation. Alpha males are never afraid of displaying their views and never afraid to look deep into the eye of listeners to establish a connection.


With some genuine smile and nodding, you are conveying your understanding and respect to the speaker. Communication is always a two or many ways process and you will need to handle both ways to establish effective communication.  It shows that you are approachable, cooperative and trustworthy. That’s the main feature any alpha male would require.

Firm hand-shake

Touch is always considered to be the most primitive and compelling way to establish a bond with someone. Firm handshake helps you to create a positive impact. It’s advisable to use handshakes widely in workspaces to boost up a harmony between the team.

Mind your tone

It’s not about what you say; instead, it’s about how you convey it. Most of us understand the importance of the right tone and how irritating it could be when a person doesn’t have the right tone. The broad and resonant tone is often considered attractive while high, nasal and thin voice could be highly distracting.

Hand gestures

Usually we use hand gesture unconsciously, but alpha male displays what he want to convey. Hand is very powerful tool of non verbal communication and it helps in establishing connectivity with your words.

Uncross your arms and legs

Crossed arms and legs are often considered as closed space, this gives the feel of being offended with the current situation.

Mirroring there posture

Mirroring other person’s posture and facial expression is a sign of mutual agreement and understanding; it’s a nonverbal way of establishing an understanding.

Body alignment

Body alignment displays your interest in the topic while going through any conversation make sure your feet are pointing towards the speaker and
leaning body toward will display your focus and you are listening.

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