Most Common Alpha Male Body Language Traits

Alpha Male Body Language Traits

One of the most important things about being an alpha male is the way you carry yourself. The alpha male body language counts a lot. A personality you carry to the way you stand and till the way you sit or the way you look at things, everything counts.

Alpha male body language is what will describe you. An alpha male has to keep even the smallest of things in perspective and most importantly remember it and be real to it as well. You might get the advice to fake it, but at some point of time, you will have to understand it and make it your perspective to make it look like it is your true side. Over here, we have a lot of suggestions about the kind of alpha male body language out there which you can adapt:

The way you stand:

In whatever you do, you obviously have to be very different and you need to make sure that you give the “alpha male body language” signal out there. You need to know that as soon as people look at you they should know that he is an alpha male. That is exactly where your alpha male body language walks in. hence, to learn, more about alpha male body language you need to start with the basics. Start with the way you stand. Look at yourself in the mirror and judge for yourself, does it look like you have the masculine element? Does it look like you have any of the alpha male elements present in you? If not, change your posture. Stand with more confidence. Hands in your pocket and carry the attitude.

Sit like one:

Yes, it is important for you to be comfortable. But to bring out the alpha male vibes and spirit from you, you need to make sure that you are not sitting like a woman as well. That won’t be counted as an alpha male body language. An alpha male will take up as much as the space that he needs. He won’t hesitate either. Lean back a little, expose off a little of your torso. Make sure you bring out the ‘you are not afraid of anything’ attitude. Sit like you own it and like it is your own.

Look like you own it:

Make sure you are not underestimating the power of how to look at things or people. When interacting with people, make sure you look directly into people’s eyes. Keep your head high and from their eyes to their mouth, look directly at it. Do not look at people as if you are afraid. Look at them with confidence, sometimes the way you look as well can be really amusing and might make people attract to you.

Treat your lady right:

Well having the bad boy attitude does not mean that you treat your lady wrong. An alpha male will treat his lady right and will make sure that people know that she is the special one. Well, after all, alpha male are not easy and the lady he chooses, they are the special one. They are ones who get all the benefits and all the attention. He won’t care about what others think of him and so he will go around expressing himself in the way he wants but yet remain a secret mystery. He is a bit naughty and really playful. You give her satisfaction in all the ways.


The best tip to know about the alpha male body language is by looking at the characters like James Bond in his movies, Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible, Jaggery Pack from Mackenna’ Gold, and many such other people who inspire you to be an alpha male body language and can let you know a lot of other things about an alpha male.

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