Make a faster way to fitness

fastest way to get fitness

Working faster on the way to fitness doesn’t means you will be hanging in the gym whole day or you will be going to the gym twice a day(as some of my collogue did that too). Working longer at gym will not make your body progress faster but it will be having many adverse effects on your body.

You need to understand first body building is not about weight lifting, its an technique of lifting the weight in right way , its an art of sculpting your own body. So here are some of the tips that will work best for you in order to sculpt the best fitness body.

Change the workout circuit

Constant changes in the workout circuit are one of the most important tips in order to see the changes in your body. Most of the folk’s just follow the same workout routine for months and then they complain that there body isn’t changing. Major factor behind this is body gets used to of the circuit you are doing for a long time so if you want to make your body progressive then start changing the workout circuits believe me it will be heavily useful for you

Keep track on the intensity

In the fitness world intensity is considered as the pounds you lifted you will need to push your limits of lifting in order to get the best changes in the body. If you are unable to push the limits then its time to consult your professional trainers you might be lacking in diet or proper stretching

Volume of repetitions

Its considered one of the most important aspect to grow your body. The more volume of repetition you will be put in the exercise the more heat you body will produce and your will get the ripped body

Having supersets

Many people in gym don’t have knowledge about the supersets . supersets are the specialized circuits that are performed to get the body’s maximum performance. If you have never tried any supersets then we will consult you to go and try for it. Your muscle will start burning with these sets of exercises .

Good amount of protein and other supplements

Gone those days when people used to consider the protein powders and shakes as steroids.  Protein is one of the most essential amino acid that is required to build muscle on the body. If you are still now taking any kind of protein food then its time to refer your nutritionist and ask them about the best source of protein you could take.

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