25 Kettlebell Benefits for Fat Loss and Healthy Life

kettlebell benefits

If you are reading this article that means you are searching for some practical kettlebell benefits that can add value to your training.

We all have experienced those days when we are just short in time and looking for a quick workout solution to keep the motivation rolling, a kettlebell is seriously a great solution in that situation.

Over the past few years, kettlebell training has seen tremendous growth because of its ability to deliver extraordinary benefits. Those who think dumbbell does better work, Your muscle doesn’t care what you are holding in your hands, muscle fibers just respond to the added resistance. Every free weight works well until you know how to use them properly.

Some people exercise for hypertrophy and others for a healthy life, which category do you belong to? If your priority is to be on bodybuilding stage then kettlebells are not the best piece of equipment for you since it majorly focuses on compound movements but if your looking for quick fitness solution that can improve the quality of life then kettlebell can be the top option.

25 Benefits of Kettlebell Training

What are the single statement benefits of kettlebell? it’s one of the most versatile functional training equipment that can help you train full body with minimum complexity. whether your goal is to shred fat or built muscle, kettlebell swings can help you achieve your goals. Kettlebell training is not only for the fitness enthusiast, it’s changing the lives of individuals who are too busy to workout and suffering from lifestyle diseases (bad posture, obesity, heart problems, low immunity, etc). A 30-minutes of kettlebell training can help you burn thousands of calories to stay fit and active.

Let’s talk about the most prominent benefits of kettlebell training and how it will help you stay strong, functional, and agile.

Full Body Workout

No other equipment can train your whole body as a kettlebell does. A basic Kettlebell swing will help you strengthen your Quads, Hamstrings, Glutes, Back, Core, Shoulders, Arms, and other supporting muscles. That’s a lot of muscle at once, other than kettlebell swings only squats and deadlifts target so many muscles at once.  

There are more than 52 variations of exercises you can perform with the help of a kettlebell that makes it a complete workout solution. 

Quarantine Friendly

It’s March 2020 guys and the world is going through this deadly COVID-19 pandemic. 

It’s a time when I truly realized the effectiveness of a kettlebell workout while you are stuck at home. It’s been 9 days since the lockdown has taken place and most of the people are stuck in their homes with minimum equipment. I had a set of kettlebells (18 kg each), few different resistance bands, and a pullup bar. 

After a few days of struggle with the minimum equipment, I am doing pretty good now and appreciating myself for purchasing this set of kettlebells. 

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It’s For Everyone

Fitness should not be exclusive to people who can afford personal trainers. When it comes to free weight training, it’s safe to say that there are some workouts that require higher expertise. 

Kettlebell workouts are for everyone, no matter whether you are at a beginner level or expert. Although there are different levels of kettlebell workouts too but you can easily transition to more higher-level workouts by practicing basic levels.

Most of the kettlebell workouts are based on the body’s natural movements which makes them an effective fitness solution to everyone.  

Get Monstrous Grip 

Strong grip not only gives you sexy forearms but it has many benefits that most people aren’t even aware of. Some of the benefits of strong grips are: 

  • It allows you to display confidence with firm handshakes. 
  • Developing a stronger grip allows you to lift heavier at the gym. 
  • Improves your ability to bench press
  • It helps you stay combat-ready by supporting stronger punches. 
  • Injury resilience. 

Kettlebells handles are usually thicker than a dumbbell which allows better activation of forearm muscles. 

Most of the kettlebell movements require wrist stabilization which allows the lifter to develop monstrous grip strength and endurance. 

Little off-center hand placement on the kettlebell requires more forearm work to keep it stable and balanced while snatches, swings and other ballistic movements.  

Combining some kettlebell flows, juggles, push and pull movement will not only challenge the target muscle but will also leave your forearms with burning sensations. 


Lifters with weak posterior chains often have underdeveloped traps. 

One of the best ways to get that thickness in your traps is to master the kettlebell swings and other complexes. 

But how does kettlebell helps in the development of stronger traps? There is a number of reasons: 

  • Kettlebell swings directly strengthen the traps without putting too much stress on the back
  • Kettlebell swings improve your ability to Bent Over Barbell Rowing and Deadlifts, this gets possible because of strengthening of the whole posterior chain (hamstrings, the gluteus maximus, erector spinae muscle group, trapezius, and posterior deltoids). 
  • Kettlebells are awesome for farmers carries, its an exercise that works hard in the development of strong core, huge traps, and gripping strength. 

kettlebell benefits

No More Boring Cardio

Cardio sessions are boring for many, I understand that. Including kettlebells in your cardio workout can change the whole outlook towards cardio. 

Kettlebell workouts are versatile enough to be used as effective cardio and strength-building solution. 

What makes it a great cardio alternative? 

Consistent and rhythmic swings of kettlebell make it a wonderful high-intensity cardio that can help you burn tons of calories in a short period of time. 

Anyone who is still not sure about the effectiveness of kettlebell as a cardio alternative can choose a lightweight kettlebell and complete 200 reps of kettlebell swings. 

A study from ACE revealed that swinging a kettlebell around can burn up to 20 calories per minute. That’s the number of calories you burn per minute while running at a speed of 9-miles per hour. 

Lean Muscle Gains

It’s not only helping you burndown stubborn fat but also assists in the development of lean muscle mass. 

This is especially beneficial for people who are looking to get a lean look instead of gaining crazy bulk. 

While most of the weight training is concentrated on muscle hypertrophy and pump, the majority of the kettlebell exercises include high volume ballistic movements that work to develop strength and lean muscle mass.

Strengthen Posterior Chain

A strong posterior chain is a key to your functional capabilities, it helps you with running, jumping, pushing, and improved pasture.  

Kettlebell swings and other kettlebell complexes help you achieve a stronger and agile posterior chain. 

The development of stronger glutes and hamstrings allows you to build speed and strength that improves the overall capability of the body.  

Whether you are looking to improve your Deadlifts or High-jumps, training with kettlebell at least 3 times a week will certainly help.

Explosive Hip Power

Kettlebell swings are not about hinging your back, it requires powerful hip thrust (using glutes and hammies) to swing the weight up. 

Additionally, other kettlebell movements like cleans, snatches, goblet quats, racked squats, push press, etc works extensively on the development of lower body strength. 

Improves Posture & Balance 

A sedentary lifestyle has ruined our posture to a great extent. If you want to improve your posture and balance then kettlebell workouts will come really handy for you. 

Kettlebell swings strengthen the whole posterior chain which directly has a positive impact on posture and lifting capabilities. 

Kettlebell workouts involve a multiplanar movement that not only helps in targeting muscle from different angles but also improves balance and stability. 

Body Coordination

The instability of the kettlebell brings awareness and coordination within the body. 

It requires you to swing the bell between your legs, change the hand positions, and explosive lifts help in developing better mind and muscle connection.  

Your body is not made to move in a linear direction, it’s engineered to work in a coordinated manner, that’s how the kettlebell trains your body.  

For example, football or basketball players require exceptional coordination and agility to dodge their opponents which can never be developed by weight training only. Good control of coordination, agility, and balance gives you a better quality of life. 

Unwrap Those Abs

Serious about getting visible abs? Here are the steps to follow: 

Nutrition is a key here guys, you will never get abs if you are eating more calories than you burn. 

Training with kettlebell will help you reveal those abs faster by targetting the biggest muscle groups in your body i.e. glutes and back. It also helps in achieving a stronger core. 

Kettlebells not only benefits in burning a lot of calories but it also increases the metabolic rate for hours which makes your body a fat-burning machine. 

Improved Metabolic Rate

Kettlebell is indeed a great alternative to traditional cardio but it does a lot more to your body than burning calories. 

When you do cardio like jogging, brisk walking, jumping rope, etc, you burn calories until your workout lasts. Kettlebell training is a totally different scenario, apart from being great cardio it is also a great body strengthening activity that promotes lean muscle building.

How does gaining strength and building muscle lead to a higher metabolic rate? Every pound of muscle in your body requires 50 calories/day, while fat cells only require about 3 calories per day per pound of fat. That’s the reason more muscle leads to higher metabolic rates and better fat burning. 

Afterburn Effect

Kettlebell workouts come under the High-Intensity Interval Training that has been known for its afterburn effects. 

The afterburn effect, also known as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), it’s a condition when your body burns an increased amount of calories than it normally burns. 

While the HIIT workouts, your body runs out of oxygen stores that’s the reason you run out of breath and get jitters. Your body does some extra work to fill the depleting oxygen reserves that lead to calorie burning. 

You can experience the AfterBurn effect for 12-24 hours which leads to a boost in metabolic rate and accelerated fat burning. 

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Testosterone Levels

A 2016 paper from the Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition found that “an increase in physical activity greatly affected the increased serum testosterone levels”. 

Why do deadlifts and squats are said to improve the testosterone levels? Because they target the biggest muscle groups in the body. 

The majority of Kettlebell workouts target your quads, hamstrings, glutes, core, back which can lead to elevation of testosterone levels. 

Kettlebell also promotes fat loss which is another reason to boost T-levels. 

Another six-week study (3) indicates the improvements in free testosterone levels because of HIIT training. 

Perform Better In Bed

What are the primary muscle groups you will need to have greater stamina and performance in bed? It’s your core (body control), glutes (for the thrusts), quads (support lower body), back and shoulders (upper body stability). 

Kettlebell is the only equipment you require to strengthen all the required muscle groups. 

Kettlebell workout complex will work on each and every muscle group to improve your performance and vitality. Regular workout will also assist in improving libido and sex drives. 

Additionally, being in better shape will help you feel more confident about yourself. 

Improves Mobility And Flexibility

A sedentary lifestyle has truly made it hard not to experience joint stiffness and reduced range of motion.

Unlike other free weight workouts that work on the limited range of motion, kettlebell allows you greater mobility work. 

Reverse the damage you have done to your body and feel better again by these kettlebell mobility work. 

Functional Movement

Functional training has always been neglected in the fitness industry but now its gaining momentum to get the appreciation it truly deserves. 

Functional strength training focuses on compound movements can improve the quality of life. Functional fitness and training are designed to restore your body with improved Strength and mobility. 

Kettlebells are truly functional equipment that has a low impact on your body. 

Train In Different Planes (multi-planar movement)

Your body is not engineered to move in a linear direction with a specific angle, that’s the reason training with multi-planar movements gets really important to practice.

While most of the common free weight training consists of flexion and extension, multi-planar movements involve a wide variety of movements to train your body for more efficiency. 

Squats and deadlifts are awesome but when they are combined with unilateral swings, rotations, and 360 snatches, it helps you train from multidimensional angles. 

Multiplanar movements focus on the multi-point movements by engaging more stabilizing muscle which results in better stability and coordination. 

Simplify Your Training Routine

Its a minimalistic training pattern that requires single equipment with almost no space.

Kettlebell training is quite simple and doesn’t require a high level of expertise to understand its basics. 

Kettlebell is one of the simplest training equipment that will strengthen your body and cardiovascular system. 

Its a training pattern that won’t even require a high level of training knowledge and understanding of the body’s biomechanics. 

Staying regular at the gym might demand a lot of time, it consumes at least 90-120 minutes (including the time to get ready for the gym, commute time, cardio time, weight training time, shower time). 

On the other hand, owning a kettlebell at home can help you stay fit and lean by devoting 30 minutes on a daily basis. 


As we already talked about it, a kettlebell is one of the most versatile equipment that will help you train your full body in the multiplanar movement. 

Additionally, it can fit in small spaces and can be taken out for outdoor workouts. 

For the people who are too busy to train on a regular basis should definitely get a set of kettlebells for a home workout, it won’t only keep you fit but will improve the quality of life by improving functional capabilities. 

Joint Support

Just like other functional movements, kettlebell training is easy on joints and helps in keeping the joints stable and active. Oscillating movements of kettlebell swings prevents excess pressure on knee joints which aids people with poor knee strength.

Additionally, most of the people experience knee pain or low lower body strength because of the insufficient glute strength, training with a kettlebell can help in strengthening all the injury-prone problematic areas that might lead to injury in future.

Lower Risk of Injury

One of the most common causes of injuries is the inability of a person to change directions quickly while performing multi-planar movements. Regular practice with kettlebells decreases the chances of injuries that are more prevalent in other free weight exercises.

Kettlebells workouts involve repetitive movement that improves Muscle Memory to complete movements more efficiently without getting injured. 

Additionally, the majority of the kettlebell exercises revolve around proper flow and swings which protects the body from acute stress. 

Cornerstone To A Garage Gym

Looking to start a home gym? Believe me, it’s going to be one of the best decision of life. Setting up a home gym has its own set of benefits, it saves a commute time, it has a sense of freedom and it allows you to work out any time and harsh weather will never restrict you from staying fit. 

Whenever I am asked about the low budget garage gym ideas, I suggest only 4 pieces of equipment. 

  • Set of kettlebell (for functional fitness and lower body strength)
  • Pullup bar (upper body strength)
  • Jump rope (low-intensity cardio)
  • Dip bar (Push work)

Frankly speaking, that’s all you need to stay fit and healthy. 

Explosive Power 

Every single person at a commercial gym is not training to get buffed and muscular. Many people just want to stay lean and healthy. 

Kettlebell swings improve your explosiveness by working on the largest and most prominent muscle groups of your body. After a few weeks of training, you will be able to run better, jump higher and lift heavier

Training with kettlebell swings stimulates your Type 1 and Type 2 muscle fibers for growth and endurance. Even professional powerlifters train with the kettlebell for good reasons, it is said to improve them in squats and deadlifting. 

Muscle Endurance

Many people have been talking about cardiovascular endurance but no one seems to talk about the importance of muscular endurance.

Muscular endurance is your muscle fiber’s ability to generate power for an extended period of time. How does muscular endurance help? It helps in pushing your body for more repetitions to stimulate the growth and development of lean muscle fibers.

Thanks for reading. Questions welcomed in the comments as always. 

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