Intensity: The Most Misunderstood Concept in Building Muscle

To gain strong and big muscles, the only thing we need to do is to go for a heavyweight while doing exercise. Literally, it is one of the biggest misconceptions that comes to the mind of people. In fact, there are many professionals in bodybuilding or in the fitness industry who have the same opinion, this myth has been perpetuated for decades.

There is no doubt that heavier weight is a major factor to build heavier and strong muscles but not the only factor. There are many other factors like genetics that play a vital role in muscle growth. In fact, there are many downsides to lifting heavier weight. Lifting heavier weight could lead to muscle, joint, and tendon pain and injuries, and eventual burnout.

When you use the intensity method, you do work out with a lighter weight, so there’s less wear and tear on your body. It also provides a break from your normal training path and can help you break the plateau, and it gives you the ability to develop communication with your brain muscles.

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Why The Myth Persist

There many reasons behind the existence of this myth or why this myth does not die. The first and most obvious reason is that when people first start exercising regularly, their body usually develops new muscles very quickly. Without much information about how hypertrophy works, it makes sense to think that you should lose weight unless you injure yourself or at some point.

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The second most important reason is when early lifters see the bodybuilders on the internet or in the gym who do exercise with a heavyweight. In the gym, there are many bodybuilders who are doing workouts for more than 10 years and now they are able to do exercise with a heavyweight. But, the youngsters who newly join the gym, don’t understand the struggle that these professional bodybuilders did in 10 years.

It’s Intensity, Not Poundage, That Builds Muscle

There is a question that arrives that what builds muscles. The answer is intensity. Here is a thing that you need to keep in mind, intensity is intensely personal. Remember only you know how hard you are working out and how the intensity you are experiencing inside your body. No other person in the gym can realize the situation of yours while doing exercise in the gym. No one can check your brain that what is going inside it or what pain or stress you are facing during a workout.

People ask a lot of questions related to exercise, for example, people ask that is reducing your reps and gathering on the weights from exercise to exercise is the way to increase the intensity. Here, we can say definitely. But after a while, you are hitting the wall in your ability to stretch your muscles and work without tearing your joints. It’s best to use a few tricks to roll up your sleeves.

Some other intensification techniques are not as appealing, but they work and, honestly, they will seriously challenge you if you work hard! Here are my favorites:

Shorten The Duration To Rest Between Your Sets

This is one of the most useful methods to increase the intensity in your body. I know there is a question coming to your mind about the duration of rest that you need to take between your sets. For this purpose, you need to observe yourself. Every individual has a different level of strength. So you need to check that what is the capacity of your body and according to this how much you can decrease the time of rest between the sets.

You probably notice in the gym that many dudes blasting max weights then sit for just 3 or 4 minutes to take a rest break between their sets. If you lower the weight with the increase in intensity that means you are still lifting hard.

Change Up Your Rep Tempo

Get a change in the speed of reps you practice in your sets. Let’s understand by some examples:

Machine Bench Presses

Pick a weight with which you can usually make 12 reps. Do 3 reps on your average speed, then, when you lift weights for your fourth rep, count 5 seconds as you press the weights and tense the muscles, then count to 5 when you lose weight. Do Represent 3 more at your usual tempo, then slow down for the eighth representative. Do three more normal tempos again, then slow down for the twelfth rep. Rest assured, you will feel some intense tension in the muscles.

Barbell Curls

Usually, increase the weight (concentrated movement of this exercise) much more slowly than that, then work on counting for 5 seconds. After squeezing the muscle on the upper part of the movement, place it down through the eccentric phase on your normal tip. As the set progresses, increasing fatigue should not tempt you to be sloppy on the eccentric part. As you lose weight, keep it under control, otherwise, you will not feel the muscles working and you may injure yourself. During the next set, complete the centric movement at a regular tempo as you will slow down the eccentric for 4-5 seconds. Make alternatives like this when you work through sets.

Run The Rack With Drop sets

Nothing burns muscles more than losing weight as you progress from your seat. I remember my gym teacher looking to drop me off at high school. As many reps as we could do on the Universal Machine at a time when we couldn’t do any more reps with good form, they would pull the pinout of the stack to lighten the weight and keep telling us to keep going.

You can use this technique with machines, cables, barbells, or dumbbells. If you have never used dumbbells, when you switch to lighter and lighter joints with lactic acid, you will join the treatment!

The next time you get angry with your workout or hit a bar, try any of these techniques. The next day you will feel pain, but you should also get some epic benefits.

Hey guys thanks for reading, let us know your thoughts on the article. Questions are welcomed in the comments as always.

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