Hyperwear Vs Adjustable Weight Vest- Differences.


The world has lived through the covid situation and months-long lockdown situations and closure of all the commercial gyms has made people opt for all different approaches towards personal fitness. 

Instead of relying on commercial gyms, more people are inclined towards home bodyweight workouts. 

The weighted vest has been a great tool to increase the workout intensity without investing thousands of dollars in creating a garage gym. These weighted vests can be used to improve muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance. 

A wide range of weighted vests are available in the market, but choosing the right vest for your needs can be a tricky task. 

Here in this article, we are going to compare the utility of adjustable weighted vest and Hyperwear weighted vest. 

Hyperwear vs Adjustable Weight Vest:

1- Fit And Comfort

Weight distribution is an important factor when it comes to choosing a weighted vest

Hyperwear patented technology hugs the torso and removes stress from shoulders and is great for training and weight loss. 

If you are into training that requires you to wear that vest for a longer period then you should choose Hyperwear. But if you are looking for a weighted vest to add resistance to your pullups, pushups, and dips then an adjustable weight vest should work fine. 

Adjustable weight vests are built to hold heavy weight which makes them a bit uncomfortable to wear. 

2- Load Capacity

Hyperwear comes with a set weight and you will not be allowed to alter the weight of the vest according to your preferences.

On the other hand, an adjustable weight vest will allow you to add up to 50lbs to your body weight. 

3- Type Of Training

Every person has unique workout preferences, some are more inclined towards strength developments, others like functional workouts, and some are just happy with their long brisk walks. 

Your selection of weighted vest should depend on the type of training you prefer, let’s discuss common workout styles and the best suitable weighted vest. 

Bodybuilding: Anyone who is into strength training should probably choose the adjustable weighted vest because of the ability to choose between a wide range of weights. 

Functional training: Functional training attempts to adapt or develop exercises that allow individuals to perform the activities of daily life more easily and without injuries. This type of training involves jumping, bending, crawling, etc. A Hyperwear vest is a better choice because of the better weight distribution and optimal center of gravity. 

Endurance training: most of the adjustable weight vests are not suitable for running activities because of the lousy weight hanging around the body. 

Hyperwear vests allow better fitting which not only keeps the vest close to the body but also makes it more comfortable to wear.  

Calisthenics: Calisthenics involves continuous weight progression which makes the adjustable weight vest a better choice. 

Long walks: Wearing a heavy vest on long walks can prove to be hard on your spine, I would suggest a body-fit Hyperwear vest to accompany your long walks. Wearing Hyperwear while walking will help in burning extra calories while strengthening your core.  

Power Yoga: Hyperwear should be a top choice for someone looking to add resistance to their power yoga routine.  

4- Quality

When it comes to quality, Hyperwear is definitely my top choice. 

Hyperwear’s perfect fit, stretchable fabric, lower stress on shoulders and spine make it a better choice. 

Most of the adjustable vests are built with canvas or nylon mesh material which is capable of handling more weight but does not deliver fine comfort and quality. 

5- Cost & Durability

Quality comes with a price. Hyperwear will surely cost you more because of the finest quality material used and its patented slim-fit design. Hyperwear is also built to last longer than an ordinary product. Hyperwear will cost you between $200 to $300.

Adjustable weight does offer a cheaper alternative but durability is always an issue. You can get an affordable adjustable weighted vest at just $50-$100 but its durability will depend on your usage and handling. 

My first adjustable weighted vest broke within a month of use. 

6- Versatility and portability

Portability is a big issue when it comes to heavy adjustable weighted vests. Most of these vests are hard to wash as well. 

Hyperwear vests are easy to carry and can be easily carried away on vacations.  

Take away

From my perspective, every product is good in its own way, you just need to find the right product that suits your fitness goals and workout requirements.

Hey guys thanks for reading, let us know your thoughts on the article. Questions are welcomed in the comments as always.

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