How to train for pinch grip and its 5 strength benefits

benefits of pinch grip training and how to train it


Pinch grip training is something we all have seen but only a few attempted to train it.

A common question that comes into mind, do you really require to train your pinch grip? There are 18 muscles in the forearm and another 17 muscle in the palm of your hand which makes the grip training more complicated than we usually think.

If you are someone who wants to reach his/her peak performance then its really important to pay more emphasis to the grip & forearm strength, since its the primary stabilizer in the majority of functional movements. 

In the beginning, pinch grip training might appear extremely difficult because it challenges the body in a totally new way and will make your forearms reach fatigue quite easily. Within a few weeks of training, you will start to enjoy lifting a heavier load. 

Types of Grip Strength

Before we talk about the pinch grip and its benefits, it’s important to understand the basic types of grip strengths. In a broader perspective, there are three types of grips: 

  1. Supporting grip
  2. Crushing grip
  3. Pinch grip

What is a Supporting grip? This is the basic grip which we all use to deal with daily chaos, supporting grip works as a primary stabilizer to complete a task. 

Whether you are pulling something off the ground or pushing away, this is the primary grip that works. The problem with the supporting grip is, it works as a stabilizer that supports your movements (like a deadlift, pullups, etc) and this grip is not enough to improve the grip strength to reach its peak performance.  

What is a crushing grip?  Crushing grip primarily works with the 4 fingers to do the crushing work. Fat gripz and Hand grippers primary work on the development of crushing grip. 

Hand grippers have been a favorite toy of guys who are trying to improve forearm size and grip strength, but hand grippers are not enough for the all-round development of grip and forearms. 

What is a pinch grip? It’s a grip that has an active involvement of thumb and fingers to achieve the strongest grip. 

Wrestlers pay a high emphasis on the pinch grip strength to improve the ability to grapple and throw opponents.  Ahead in this article, we are going to talk about the best tools to train pinch grip. 

Who trains for the pinch grip? 

Stronger pinch grip has proven to play an important role in improving the performance of world-class athletes which includes powerlifters, rock climbers, arm wrestlers, and professional wrestlers. The fact is, you don’t require to be a pro-athlete to train pinch grip strength, pinch grip has got the real-world applications and it drastically improves the quality of life by developing bulletproof wrists and forearms. lets have a look at the benefits of pinch grip training.

Benefits of pinch grip training

You might not feel the necessity to work on your pinch grip if you are not a powerlifter, wrestler, or rock climber, but wait, it still plays a big role. 

There are some benefits of pinch grip training that are capable of improving the quality of life of every individual. 

1- Staying Combat ready

Pinch grip will drastically improve your grappling ability, and a stronger grip will also help you throw stronger punches. 

Additionally, pinch grip will also assist in improving the finger dexterity, wrist strength, and development of monstrous forearms that are capable of exerting greater pressure while facing opponents. 

2- Monstrous forearms

Who doesn’t like to develop big and strong forearms? The bigger they are, the better they are. 

There are 18 muscles in the forearm and another 17 muscle in the palm; most of the muscles are activated while training pinch grip. The more muscle you activate, the more size you gain. 

Additionally, most of the people are training their supporting grip and crushing grip while neglecting the pinch grip; training pinch grip will demonstrate a quick development of forearm size and strength. 

3- Lift heavier weights

You are as strong as your grip! This has happened with each one of us, when you tried lifting something but couldn’t lift because we cant grip it properly. 

Pinch grip training will drastically improve your ability to lift heavier objects at real-world applications. 

4- Prevent injuries

Wrist and elbow injuries are common because your wrist and forearms are not as strong as bigger muscle groups like chest or back. 

Hand injuries are also common because your hand barely gets the scheduled recovery routine. Whether you are training your back, chest, shoulders, or arms, you are continuously taxing your grip without any rest.  

Pinch grip training will strengthen the grip and forearm muscle to be strong enough to endure heavy training without injuries. 

5-Improved functional grip strength

Your hands are the most important part of the body and strong grip strength has real-world applications. 

Whether it’s about climbing a rope or lifting a heavy object off the ground, your grip strength plays a major role in improving overall lifting ability.

How To Strengthen Pinch Grip

We have talked enough about the benefits of pinch grip training, now its time to discuss how to actually improve it. 

Pinch blocks

Pinch blocks are the staple choice to achieve maximum grip strength. These blocks are available in different sizes and widths to help you choose the difficulty level.

You can do the pullups or use these blocks to do the barbell deadlifts. From my point of view, these are cheap and versatile grip training equipment that can help you achieve monstrous grip strength in cost-effective pricing.

Cannonball Grips

If training with pinch blocks is hard for you then you can try cannonball grips, its spherical shape will allow you have better grip than a pinch block. 

You can use these cannonball grips for the pullups or deadlifts. Farmer’s walk is also a great idea. 


These bars are usually used by professionals who want to reach the peak grip strength. Branch & Beam barbells allows the exponential development of grip strength by allowing greater progressive overload.

Pinch grip farmer’s carry

Its for those who don’t have any resources still want to work on the pinch grip. 

Take a 15-20 kg weight plates and grip it from the thickest part. You can check the video below for visual representation. 

Checkout pinch grip deadlift too:

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