How to Setup a Boxing Gym in a Minimal Budget

Joining boxing societies gives you a great feeling of self-empowerment while strengthening your body and tightening your muscles. However, sometimes, not all-boxing studios are accessible, or sometimes they don’t lie in the range of your affordability criteria. Due to the different obstacles, people sometimes abort their plan to go to a boxing studio. Here’s a complete guide to set up your own boxing home gym within a minimum budget.

Staying healthy both in the mind and in the body is necessary. And, for bodily purposes, you need a healthy diet and follow a proper workout schedule. This may sound like a difficult task because of the gym memberships, transportation, matching your schedule to the gym’s schedule. However, it can be easier if you bring a gym studio home. So, you don’t have to put extra effort into your workout training. This way you can manage your boxing routine and work routine with ease. You can work out at night or daytime, whatever seems to fit with your routine.  

Plan a space where you will create a home gym boxing studio! 

The very first question while creating a home gym is “where do I create a boxing-gym in my house?” the answer is not so difficult. Due to the flexibility, it allows you to create your own workout space wherever it seems fit. Normally, people prefer to make their own studio in the garage, because it usually has more space to create a gym other than the entire house.

You can also create a boxing studio in your lawn or outer space. Because boxing studios do not occupy much space. It can easily be built anywhere you want inside the house.

Essentials you need for your home gym boxing studio 

Like other workout training, boxing studios mostly need ropes, pull-up bars, and punching bags. A boxing studio is much more cost-efficient because you don’t need to invest in expensive and heavy machinery.  

  • Heavy bags 
  • Gloves 
  • Bandages 
  • Workout mirror 
  • Exercise yoga mats
  • Skipping rope  
  • Maize bag  

Gloves and bandages for a secure punch!

While boxing, you need to have enough hand protection. So, in case of any hand injury or bad incident you have your first aid. It is mostly preferred to wrap your hands with boxing gloves, or tape to resist any severe injury to your hand or knuckles.  

While punching a bag, the knuckles are usually injured and get purple. However, with gloves, you are safe enough to punch bags, because the hit won’t be much effective. So always prefer high quality and strong gloves which give maximum protection. 

A punching bag- a must-have item

A punching bag is a must-have for your boxing studio. However, you will find many punching bags, of various sizes and shapes. You need to make sure that the punching bag you are going to buy is durable and perfect for your boxing studio. It may sound like a challenging task but it is not very difficult if you know where to look. Always go for the one which is affordable and serves good quality. 

Punching bags come in two categories, leather bags, and heavy-duty vinyl sheets. Both are excellent for your home gym but leather bags are expensive, though they provide the best experience. However, heavy-duty vinyl sheet bags are cheaper and fulfill the jobs perfectly. So, if you are on a budget, heavy-duty vinyl bags are okay to put in your home studio. 

  • The Ideal length for a punching bag

For ideal punching bags, the length is almost 40-60 inches long. You can perform high kicks and punches on such bags. 

Hanging bags vs. freestanding bags 

Hanging bags acquire proper installation for the suspension. So, they are a little costly, because you need a professional to install them in the ceiling properly for your home gym. And you cannot perform low kicks on them as they are hanged. Only, high kicks and punches can be performed on them. 

While freestanding bags are much in trend and you don’t need any further assistance to install them. Just buy a good heavy bag from the market and you are good to go. You can place them anywhere and perform low kicks and high kicks. They are a bit inexpensive than the hanging bags. 

Jump ropes for an excellent cardio 

For your boxing studio, you need to jump over the ropes because they will be best for your cardio. And they also tone your muscles and align your entire body!  

Workout/ Gym mirror to focus on your moves

You need to make sure that your working studio has a workout mirror, as with it you can track your moves and improve your postures and angles with it. This workout mirror will also make your studio way brighter. A workout mirror is crucial for your home gym because there you are your own instructor. You have to keep an eye on your moves and postures, by yourself.

The workout mirror will produce an illusion of a large home gym. So, make sure to invest in the right workout mirror if you are planning on making a home gym. Here we have some best options among workout mirrors or gym mirrors to choose from. 

Wrapping up!

Boxing might be an excellent workout among other training techniques. Due to the current pandemic, we can’t step out of the home frequently and we should avoid such places. We all prefer to set up a home gym but in an affordable range. So, here’s a complete guide on how to set up a home gym on a minimum budget with some basic essentials. 

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