How To Choose Good Quality E-Liquids

E-liquids are the soul of every e-cigarette. Otherwise known as e-juice or vape juice, this fluid refers to the substance inserted into the e-cig that gives the flavor. Generally, it turns into vapor when inhaled after being heated by the battery. Some e-juices contain nicotine while others have none.

Suppose you’re new to vaping. In that case, you may find it challenging to choose the suitable vape juice for you. Here’s an article to help you select what could give you the best flavor and experience.

1. Research The Manufacturer

In many cases, the e-juice’s manufacturer plays a significant role in producing top-quality e-liquids. Generally, it sees how its products follow the company’s taste, flavor, and safety standards. Because of this, you may need to know more about the manufacturers of the e-liquids you’re choosing from.

2. Consider Your Preferences

In considering the quality of e-liquids, you may check your own preferences. For more ideas, here are some of the points you may think about:

  • Flavors

Roughly, you can enjoy six e-juice flavors, including tobacco, candies, desserts, drinks, and menthols. You may try candies, desserts, and drinks if you prefer sweets. If you’re into nicotine, you may select tobacco-based flavors. And you may pick menthol-flavored e-juices if you want that icy taste.

  • PG (Propylene Glycol) And VG (Vegetable Glycerine) Content

PG-based and VG-based e-juices have their strengths to consider. PG-based vape juices provide thorough throat hits many smokers prefer. However, these options produce fewer clouds. On the other hand, VG-based e-juices can create more expansive clouds, which is ideal for vape tricks.

3. Think About Safety

Above all, you may attribute the e-juice quality to its safety and hygiene. In most cases, safe and clean vape juices are free from contaminants. You may quickly identify these products because of their clear content. Apart from this, you may have safe-to-smoke vape juices free from diketones—organic compounds customarily associated with toxicity.

In addition to toxicity concerns, you may choose vape juices with no diacetyl, acetyl propionyl, and acetoin. Common sweeteners and flavor enhancers could make e-juices contaminated and toxic.

4. Know The Nicotine Strengths

If you’re withdrawing from cigarette smoking, nicotine content and strength may be factored in determining e-juice quality. Suppose you’re into cerebral and throat hits. In that case, you may consider knowing the various nicotine strengths such as:

  • High (2.4%)

This could be the initial nicotine strength for those who desire heavy hits and for those who want to withdraw for the first time. In this category, the nicotine content is similar to what most cigarettes contain.

  • Medium Low to Medium (1.2 to 1.8%)

If you’re smoking light cigarettes, this could be appropriate for your withdrawal needs.

  • Low (0.6%)

This contains the lowest nicotine content and suits smokers in their final stages of withdrawal.

  • Zero (0%)

Many e-liquids don’t contain nicotine. This type is often preferred by vapers who want to enjoy more of the tricks and flavors rather than the deep hits.

5. Avoid Vape Juices With Signs Of Expiration

All e-juices may expire, yet some products expire faster than others. Even if there are no documented harmful effects in terms of health, taking expired vape juices may result in a foul taste or smell. In turn, it spoils the vaping experience.

To avoid these issues, you may need to familiarize yourself with the common signs of expiration, including:

  • Color Changes

Most e-juices, especially nicotine-based, normally turn yellow, brown, or orange over time. This is the result of the process called oxidation. However, if the vape juices look too dark, they could’ve already expired.

  • Crystallization

Expired e-juices tend to crystallize over time. Because of this, components are formed, resulting in poor taste even if you’d attempt to dissolve or heat the crystals.

  • Thickness

Most e-juices tend to thicken if they’ve passed through their best state. Apart from unpleasant taste and smell, thickening may also clog your vape kit’s coils and chambers, thus damaging them.

6. Read Reviews And Customer Feedback

For more ideas on choosing the best quality e-liquids, you may read organic product reviews of your chosen vape juices. You may need to compare and contrast each review and feedback to determine what suits your taste and preferences. You may also subscribe to vaping-themed blogs to learn more about the recent tips and tricks in picking the best e-juices.

Wrapping Up

Having top-of-the-line e-liquids makes vaping worthwhile. Apart from providing the deepest throat hits and most delectable taste, the best e-juices can let you relax and enjoy most of your tricks as top-notch e-juices cause the perfect puffs.

To achieve the e-liquids you deserve, you may refer to the steps and points given in this article. Yet, consider your preferences and needs before jumping into any buying decision for your favorite e-juice.

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