Do Fat Burning Creams & Thermogenic Gels Work – 9 Benefits


“I love my belly fat”- said no one. 

I am constantly being asked about the “best way to lose belly size?” or “why can’t I lose fat?”. Frankly speaking, there is no way out to shrink that size overnight, the process requires a tremendous amount of commitment and persistence. 

The best way to get in shape is to “eat mindfully” and “regular workout”, but there are some additional ways that can help you burn extra calories while doing the same workout.  

Applying sweat creams or gels may help in improving fat burning by increasing thermogenesis. Using sweat creams has been known to reduce water retention, and improve blood circulation in the target area. sweat creams have also been used by bodybuilders to improve muscle activation.

I am not a big advocate of spot reduction but we are going to talk about a product that can help you target a particular area for fat burn and better muscle development.

Let’s discover more about sweat creams, how they work, and their benefits.

What Are Fat Burning Creams? 

Sweat cream

Sweat creams are developed to target the “Slow-responsive” areas for better development. Sweat cream helps in activating the target muscle by supplying more nutritious blood and achieving a better pump.

Sweat cream is basically a topical cream that accelerates blood circulation and enhances heat production in the applied area.

Improved blood circulation and enhanced heat production lead to thermogenic effects that accelerate calorie burning, clear lactic buildup, and improve recovery. 

Sweat creams alone can’t do the workout for you, Sweat creams are developed to be combined with intense workout sessions to improve overall fat burning and fast recovery.  


Best Fat Burning Cream

There are many sweat creams available in the market, but not all of them are created equal. 

Every brand has its own proprietary blend of ingredients for the best performance improvement.  

Sweet Sweat is the most appreciated fat-burning thermogenic gel available in the market and further article is going to concentrate on the effectiveness of this particular product. 

I am going to talk about Sweet Sweat cream as a prime example of fat-burning cream, reason? Because I have personally used it personally and was quite impressed with the effects.


How Does Fat Burning Creams Work?

There is no science-backed evidence on the effectiveness of sweet sweat or any other workout enhancer gell, but they have got thousands of happy and satisfied customers (even I use it). 

The fact is, these workout enhancing gel helps to reduce size in an indirect way. You get to see the results because of- 

Sweet sweat workout enhancing gel improves the thermogenic effect by generating more heat resulting in getting rid of the water retention. Most of the people are carrying a lot of water weight that this gel helps in getting rid of. 

Better muscle activation leads to better contraction. A core is slow to respond area which doesn’t really get activated most of the time. Having this workout enhancer gel in inventory can help you develop a well-defined core while performing the regular workout. 


Sweet sweat workout enhancer gel benefits.

On a personal level, I have been using sweet sweat gel for quite a long, which makes me eligible to list out the real benefits of this topical workout enhancer gel. 

1# Warmup

I always had a bad experience with Pre-Workout supplements, they made me feel jittery and anxious, some of the pre-workouts gave me sleepless nights. 

Sweet sweat gel was introduced to me as a great savior, it helped with better warmup sessions because improved blood flow and muscle activation. You feel a lot better and motivated just after putting some of this on the target muscle.  

2# Injury prevention

While many people are still in the dilemma of its effectiveness, it does assist in injury prevention. 

Improved muscle activation helps in preparing the muscle for the upcoming resistance. Better muscle activation also allows you to experience the top-quality lifting experience. 


DOMS is referred to as Delayed onset muscle soreness which is a pain and stiffness that you experience after intense workout sessions. DOMS happens because of the micro-tears in muscle tissues and lactic buildup after an intense training session. 

Sweet sweat topical gel may help in reliving doms symptoms through eliminating lactic buildup and improving the mechanism of delivering essential nutrients to the muscle tissues.

4# Better pump

Better blood circulation in the applied area not only means a better pump but also leads to an increased supply of nutrient-rich blood. Superior muscle Pump causes cellular fatigue and swelling, it supports stretching the muscle tissues which gives better space for growth. 

Better muscle pump result in accelerated development. 

5# Muscle activation

The top reason why most people are unable to pack on serious muscle definition is because of their inability to activate slow to respond to muscles.

It’s totally okay to accept the fact that few muscle groups are hard to activate, these workout enhancer gels can work wonders to get the best muscle flexion and activation. 

6# Metabolic rate

Most of the fat burners contain ingredients that increase the body’s temperature which results in achieving a higher metabolic rate. 

Enjoy the same effects without putting any harmful stuff into your body. 

7# Getting rid of excess water

Most of the people aren’t fat, their body holding too much water. 

Getting rid of excess water doesn’t just help in lowering a few pounds of weight but it also makes you look lean and healthy. 

8# Eliminates toxins

It’s not just the water that you are draining from your body, Sweet sweat gel also helps in expelling toxins and free radicals through sweat.  

9# Workout satisfaction

Overall, sweet sweat gel helps you experience better workout satisfaction because of a number of reasons. 

  • It helps you get better blood flow and motivation.
  • Experience better muscle contraction and flexion
  • Look leaner after every workout session.
  • Improved performance through a better pump.

Does sweet sweat belt work

Sweat belts are generally used in the combination of thermogenic workout enhancer gell to add punch to the process of belly trimming. Although, sweat belts are available for different body parts as well.

Top reasons for bigger bellies: 

  • A core is the “Slow to respond” area that is hard to activate and burn fat.
  • Because you are consuming more calories then your body needs.
  • Overconsumption of simple carbohydrates
  • Bloating around the belly area
  • Excess water retention. 

Sweet Sweat belt will help in keeping the core tight while enhancing the thermogenic effects for muscle activation, calorie-burning process and get you rid of excess water retention.


If you are someone who is looking to trim down belly fat or looking for better muscle activation then sweat cream is something worth giving a try, it will make your workout better than before.

Thanks for reading. Questions are welcomed in the comments as always. 

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    1. Article by Harsh Chauhan

      Thermogenic creams are not like pre-workouts which will make you lose workout motivation.
      These gels will help you sweat more and burn more calories too.

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