How can college students stay fit and strong by following the health-conscious routine?


The ever-demanding section of your life involves college. It requires your undivided attention. But you are dealing with a lot of things during this time period of your life, dangling between family obligations, studies, work as well as a healthy social life. Often the part where you remain conscious about your health skips the mind.

For some, fitness becomes a major concern starting from the age of 15-16. College life is the best and the busiest segment of everyone’s life but, fitting everything into your daily routine is necessary.

The four main ingredients to a healthy and fit lifestyle specifically when you are in college include:

  •      Quality time for sleep and rest
  •      Proper nutrition intake
  •      Physical workout regime
  •      Stress relievers

The moment, you put these key components in your regular life the better for you. If you can juxtapose all these four key ingredients every day you are good to go. Let’s see how you can actually incorporate these into your regime.

1.    Have a sleep schedule:

During this part of life our sleep cycle is the most hampered part of the day. You spend time studying, getting engaged in watching various tv-series and movies late at night. You become sleep-deprived. This massively affects one’s health and wellness. Proper 8 hours of sleep is a must be it in your college life or school life or maybe when you start working. Giving your body some rest helps improve the body’s metabolism. At night the metabolism rate generally remains very high. Fix your resting time. Maybe take a power nap if your day is stressful. Finish your regular work in time so that you can give your body proper rest.

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2.    Proper nutrition:

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Not only a good sleep, eating in time and eating healthy food is necessary. Binge eating at restaurants or ordering restaurant food is not going to do you any good. Surveys reported that in comparison to restaurant foods with the same food made at home, the restaurant item contains more calorie intake. Literally, double the calorie intake than the food prepared at home. Just how I do my assignments every day you too must plan out your diet to stay fit and healthy. So, put in a habit of carrying homemade food over restaurants. During your college life, you are most likely to remain fixated over a singular food regime since you might be staying at a hostel or away from home. In that case, if you have to survive on restaurant food try to include more vegetables and fruits. Salads are a good meal and fill your stomach too and can keep you going for hours. Try minimizing liquor intake because at this age the peers are more prone to these habits rather than healthy ones.

3.    Burn some calories, sweat some more:

With proper sleep and good food comes in the third component to include in your regular schedule that is working out. You might not get time to hit the gym 7 days a week, and you shouldn’t as well. Fitness experts say that working out for 4-5 days a week is enough to maintain a good physique and health because the muscles need their recovery time which we are bound to give them. If at all you cannot spare an hour or two for the gym you can involve cycling, brisk walking or jogging in your daily life. Maybe a walk for a mile after dinner and early in the morning. It is said that an early morning walk increases the metabolism rate and burns more fat. Making time for these may be a challenging task but if you can manage to put these in your daily life it will benefit you in the future too. You can also involve doing some yoga in the morning if you have time to spare for a morning walk or jogging. You can google fitness plans and workout routines just as you look for your favorite online ap calculus tutors’ notes and study materials.

4.    Flush out the stress:

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Stress is one of the major concerns that can make you obese and degrade your health conditions. The stress may be from studies or the part-time job you take up along with studies. It can also be some personal issue taking a toll on you mentally. Find out what is bothering you and solve it out. Maybe talk to a friend or a family member about it. You should remember nothing is more important than your own health. You can try to listen to some music if that helps and go for a walk to lighten your stress.

Hey guys thanks for reading, let us know your thoughts on the article. Questions are welcomed in the comments as always.

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