7 Hacks To Make Those Boring Diet Food Interesting.

quotation-marks-left - CopyDear diet, things just aren’t going to work out between us. It’s not me, its you. You are tasteless, boring and I can’t stop cheating on you. ;)

To eat food which is bland but healthy for you can definitely be pretty boring. This is what makes a lot of people give up their diet at the day 1 or the 30th day. The basic problem is the same as any other; we are not used to eating such bland and healthy food. For people who have taste buds which make them feel like firecrackers in the mouth, eating bland food is like torture to ourselves. Which is why we have tips and tricks for you to make your diet food interesting.

To have and follow a very healthy diet is definitely a task. Only people who are used to following a particular diet for the longest of time can stick to it. But if you are one who has just started off with diet food and is willing to experiment, we have a lot of ways as to how can you make your food more interesting. Now remember, this will only change the way your food will taste to around 40%. You will have to stick to eating the veggies that you are supposed to or the fish and meat you are supposed to eat. And remember to not to overdo it. The purpose to bring these changes to your food is still to eat healthy food but just in a different style. So here we go:

Go for stir fry technique:

Stir fry is a cooking technique as we know which has originated from Chinese cuisine and it has pretty much taken over the Asian and the global world. For those who are a fan of Chinese or Asian food, you are surely going to be really excited. When you try to make your diet or healthy food with stir fry technique, you can try adding veggies or meat/fish of your choice and fry it very small amount of hot oil, basically something like a wok. This is a very popular technique which people have adapted very well.

Experiment with sauces:

If you are not a stir fry person and do not wish to add any sort of oil or any amount of oil to your food, you can prefer making different types of sauces and adding them to your diet food. Now make sure that you do not add a lot of fats like oil, butter or any sort of fatty ingredients to it. you can go for various types of sauces like salsa sauces, soy sauce, hot sauce, burnt garlic sauce, red sauce, mustard sauce. There are so many sauces which you can experiment with. These sauces need to be made carefully though without adding food that can ruin your diet.


You can try adding various types of herbs to your food. When used in a limit and cautious way, herbs can help you bring some taste to your food. And anyway, when excess herbs are adding to your food, you will realize that you automatically rejecting the taste of it. hence whenever you add herbs, you need to make sure that it is really limited and almost as the pinch size (if you are making food for one). Now we know that adding oregano to your pasta sure as hell makes a very huge difference. That is exactly what something we are asking you to do. You can try adding pepper, sea salt, garlic powder, garlic salt, basil, cilantro, oregano, Montreal steak, chicken spice and etc. Adding spices and herbs for taste can really make a big difference and in fact, you will feel like eating your food and be only more encouraged to eat your diet food. However, make sure that your salt content is really limited and not overpowering the food.

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Marinating your food can also bring some real time change to your food. If you are a meat person, it can surely make your food taste better and also keep the protein in its place and it is much tastier as well. to marinate and keep your food for minimum of 25 hours can bring some drastic change to your food and gives some very different texture and taste to it. When you are marinating make sure you are using an olive oil rather than any other oil and also try and add more of spices and herbs which can make sure food more tasty and stay away from sauces which have a sugar base to it. You can experiment with adding mustard or soya sauce or some hot sauce to it.

Natural sweetening:

Instead of adding direct sugar ingredients to it or any sugar base ingredients to your food, go for some more natural food items. Try adding coconut to your food, or go for fruits like apples, berried, bananas and other such. You can also go for some natural honey or maple syrup. You can even try dry fruits like dates, raisins, and figs. You can try to pair up these food items with oatmeal (so to your breakfast), yogurt, black coffee, normal snacks, salads, dried fruits just go handy otherwise. So, in short, you have to try and avoid as much direct or indirect intake of sugar as possible. All that you have to keep in mind is to be really careful with how much sweet intake do you have in your diet as well.

Protein powder:

Now you might be thinking that protein powders were only meant to for drinking but we have some other experiments for you. In our last article, we mentioned about experimenting with desserts and this is how you can do it. when you start making your dessert, instead of adding direct chocolate or sugar base products, you can replace that with protein powders which can not only give your food a different texture but also make it healthy and taste different at the same time. Protein powder are as it is a great addition to snacks and meals but it can enhance your nutrition value to your diet chart and make your boring food interesting. You can also add protein powder to your Greek yogurt or plain yogurt or unflavored yogurt. Or you can add them to your pudding, or make a protein cake with protein powder as the base. And we also have our normal protein powder smoothies.

Lemon or tomato:

When you give your food a lemon base or tomato base, you give it the sour or tangy taste. This can not only be great for your diet but also make you want to experiment more with food as well as give a completely different taste to food. With tomato, you can make the puree as the base and then add various veggies and herbs to it to make it even more interesting. However, adding lemon as an add-on, not a base because we do not want people to die with that sour taste, it will give a very different and interesting taste to it. try experimenting with this as much possible so that you can bring variations to food.

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