5 habits you should get rid off to be an ALPHA…

best habits to be an alpha

quotation-marks-left - CopyHalf of the people I meet don’t need to learn what to do, but what to stop doing.

There is a basic difference between a boss and a leader (an alpha), most of the people confuse themselves in differentiating the ideology of being a boss and being an alpha. Being a boss doesn’t always makes you an alpha but being an alpha will eventually groom you are a great and productive boss.

I have been observing all the time that most of the time people tries to strengthen the traits that will groom their personality as an alpha man, but they eventually fail. Why? Because they usually fail to eliminate those habits that’s pulling them back.

There are 5 common habits that are blocking you from being progressive as a great leader.



Stop making those bullshit excuses buddy, these excuses aren’t going to take you anywhere. A real man never makes an excuse; instead, he takes a responsibility for the prevailing circumstances.

Through continuous excuses, you are blocking your long term progress through enjoying the relief of temporary excuse. An alpha male never plays a blame game, they are good at accepting their faults and learning from it.


If you want something, go get it. Period.you got to believe in your faith and you have to protect it.

You got to believe in your faith and you have to protect it.

Self-doubt works as an anchor that keeps the ship from sailing. Self-doubt makes you accept your failure way before you actually fail, alpha male believes in themselves, their skills and they believe in making things possible.

An alpha male can’t afford to self-doubt , you got followers, believers, devotee, admirers. It’s not just you who is gonna fail if you really fail.

There is a reason why people worship or admire you, they believe in your capability and capacity, and when you want something badly enough, there should never be self-doubt of yourself.


Best way to get something is “Begin”.

Procrastination means postponing or delaying your action.

There is a psychological reason behind why procrastination could be hazardous for you. This is actually ruining your ability to get things done. Few of the biggest drawbacks of procrastination are-

– It will lead to unnecessary delay in many things.
– Make you over stressed over things.
– Decrementing your brain’s ability to work.
– Affecting your ability to prioritize things.

Being an alpha male needs you to get things done as per your priorities, alpha man is a leader who is responsible for the well being of people around him and he must have a ability to get things done within a defined timeframe.

Negative People & Negative Thinking:

When people say you can’t do something, it’s not about you. It’s a reflection of their own capability.
You need to neutralize those negative people asap to make your life better. Like we discussed above that being an alpha male you will need to put apart every bit of “self doubt”. These negative people will fill your mind with negativity and will tell you thousands of reason “why you won’t be able to achieve something“.
Effects of negative people on your life-

– Anger, frustration and anxiety
– Low self esteem
– Lower self confidence
– Negative effect on your family
– Total wastage of time and energy

Now once you got rid of negative people, it’s time to expel the negativity from your body. Negativity will ultimately lead to stressed and unsuccessful life. there are few ways through which you can help yourself to be more positive.-

– Let’s talk positive
– Think positive
– Be thankful
– Believe in yourself
– Workout daily
– Get help of some motivation(through books, quotes, movie, etc)

Stubborn Fats:

You must be wondering what your fats need to do about your success, ofcourse it does matters. Ever saw an alpha with flabby tummy? They might have grown fatty with their age but initially they all were physically fit and motivated.

How to you look need to do lot about your nature, when you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you stay more confident.

Here are some of the benefits of being fit.-

– Reduced cholesterol, so no heart problem.
– Feel more energetic.
– Better sleep
– Improves sex drive (is that the reason all alpha are good in bed? ;) )
– Reduces anxiety and depression
– Feel more confident
– Strengthen immune system(so that you would take lesser sick leave)


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