Gym, Yoga or Cardio, Which one to choose from?

gym yoga or cardio which one if best

Hiii team, my name is Scott Sawyer and I am a 42-year-old male with a history of high blood pressure, I am not sure whether I should choose between lifting weight or yoga or just cardio for a healthy lifestyle.


Hey Scott, I am glad that you asked this question, most of the people get finds it difficult to choose the right path towards fitness.

In my opinion, you don’t need to choose between these options, instead, you need an overall lifestyle change.

People who try to enjoy their new lifestyle tends to stick to their routine in a better way, therefore they get faster results as well.

Before I give my final opinion, it’s important to understand the role of weight lifting, yoga, and cardio.

Weight lifting:

lifting weights focus on body strengthening and improving body metabolism, that’s one of the key factors why most of the young people choose to lift weight to get back into shape.

The only drawback for elderly people is its risk of injury. If you are going to lift the weight for the first time then you need to stay very conscious about the correct workout forms.

Hiring a personal trainer is the best advice I can give. If you can’t really afford a personal trainer then you should start with different body exercises to provide basic strength to your body.


Yoga is not a destination, its a journey. Don’t expect to see instant changes in the body, but you will start to experience the difference with regular practice.

Yoga is especially beneficial for people with stress. It helps in providing the body with basic strength and flexibility to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Again, its always adviced to learn yoga from certified professional to get the best of it.


Cardio doesn’t need to be high intensity every time, even a simple brisk walk or cycling for 20-40 minutes can help you.

Now lets come to your question, what is best suitable for you?

Because of the history of high blood pressure, it can be lethal to exhaust your body from the very beginning.  

You can start with the mixup of all the three options.

You can add a daily walk into your routine.

Three days a week mild yoga classes to prepare your body for better conditioning and to lower the stress levels.

Include some bodyweight squats and pushups two-three times a week as well.

If you want to have a addon for strength training then you can opt to have some resistance bands from Amazon.


Don’t involve yourself in High-intensity training from the beginning, let your body adapt to your new routine.

Instead of concentrating more on the physical activity, concentrate more on the nutrition you are providing to your body.

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