Gym membership vs Beachbody – 7 Unpopular Differences

beachbody vs gym membership


Gone those days when local gyms were the only place to keep your body in shape, digitalization has changed the overall concept of personal fitness. 

But the question remains the same, Gym membership vs Beachbody On Demand, what’s the best choice? 

Now, there is an availability of a wide variety of personal fitness programs available that have benefitted millions of people worldwide, some programs are available for free and others are paid ones. 

Beachbody on demand is one of the most influential personal fitness programs that has influenced thousands of people worldwide. But is it better than a gym membership?

Stay with us and we are going to discuss each and every difference between a gym membership and a Beachbody on-demand program.  

What is Beachbody on Demand?

It’s truly a “Netflix of workouts”

Beachbody is a health and fitness company that specializes in nutrition and at-home fitness. Back in 2015, Beachbody changed the way their clients access their program.

They created an online platform called “Beachbody on demand” app which allowed their clients to access every single program on a single platform with no extra charges. Bringing the workout programs on mobile devices allowed the clients to access the workout anywhere and anytime, depending on the convenience. 

Gym membership vs Beachbody

Their program has totally eliminated the use of DVD’s that people used to purchase earlier. The problem with DVD’s was, they run out of content and gets really boring after a few weeks of use. You will never run out of content on the Beachbody on demand program, there are tons of fitness programs already available and they have been constantly adding more content every month.  

They offer hundreds of hours of fitness material that has transformed the lives of soo many people. Beachbody on demand program offers from high-intensity cardio to meditative yoga. 

Additionally, if you are not following a specific program then you can just access the “challenge of day”, where you can complete their daily challenge to stay fit and healthy. 

You also get the program material that is necessary to bring changes to your body. With every program, there is a start guide, nutrition guide, tons of healthy recipes, daily calendar to track progress and other stuff to keep you motivated and healthy

Once you sign up, you’ll have access to thousands of individual workouts, spread across over 60 expert-designed programs to assist in improving strength, endurance, agility, etc..

Gym membership vs Beachbody

Fitness and health club industry generate more than 80 billion U.S. dollars in revenue per year which is certainly proof of its success. Commercial gyms come with amenities like specialized machines, heavyweights, pool, group classes, spas, child care, etc, still many people are drifting towards Beachbody because of a number of reasons. In simple terms, the Beachbody program is a cost-effective solution to personal fitness that can be followed within your personal space. 

Both the Gym membership and Beachbody program are beneficial in their own way, and if you really want to know what suits you better then you should have a deeper look at different factors that might affect your decision. 

Some factors that determine the right selection. 

FactorsGym membershipBeachbody on demand
CostGyms are costlyYou get a subscription in just $99/ year
ExpertiseYou get to seel all king of trainersThey feature some of the world’s best trainers
Fat LossGood but not the bestBeachbody prove to be a better platform
Muscle GainMuscle gain is a priority? nothing can beat a commercial gymNot the best choice
Strength GainsGym memberships winYou can expect to see moderate strength gains. Home workout cant replace 500lbs of deadlift at the gym.
TimeConsumes a lot of timeDevoting 30-minutes is enough.
NutritionNeed to pay extra $ for a custom meal planYou get a brief nutritional guide with every workout program
VersatilityNot versatileYou can follow the workouts almost anywhere. Home, garden, vacation, beach, etc.
MotivationGet to meet like-minded people with the same motivationInstructors try their best to keep you motivated.
Couple workoutNeed to pay extra.The whole family can workout with no extra cost.

Let’s get into details. 


Cost is one of the major concerns of the majority of the population. While an average gym membership may cost you between $20 to $250 per month (depending on the locality). On the other hand, you can choose to pay quarterly, half-yearly or yearly subscription fee with Beachbody on demand workout platform. 

Beachbody on Demand pricing:

  • Try a 14-day free trial with no strings attached
  • Get a quarterly membership for $39 ($13 per month)
  • Get a semi-annual membership for $59 ($9.83 per month)
  • Get an annual membership for $99 ($8.25 per month)

Additionally, Beachbody at-home workout also saves you from commuting daily to the gym which saves time and gas.

Honestly, You can be done with your workout for the commute time it takes to drive back and forth to the gym. 

Of course, commercial gyms offer a wide range of amenities, child care, big infrastructure to 

Time is money, my friend. 

Training Experience: 

What are your experiences in sports and other physical activities? Are you a beginner, intermediate or expert? 

Gyms are more suitable for the intermediate and expert level folks. Most of the beginners aren’t even aware of the proper form and posture to use those expensive gym machinery then what is the use of paying heavily for a gym membership? If you want in detail help with training then you will be required to hire a personal trainer, which can be unaffordable for many. 

Any beginner who is reading this article, Beachbody on demand fitness is the best choice for you. Their trainers have got expertise in handling beginning level clients and they offer a very comprehensive nutritional guide also that helps in fast progress towards fitness goals. 

The variety of fitness program they offer is just amazing. Whether you are a beginner level or a pro athlete, they have got a program for you. 

Beachbody workouts are classified into different levels which allows you to choose your perfect workout without any hassle. You can also choose between the workout time, workout type and trainers. 

Fitness goals: 

What are your fitness goals? Is it primarily to lose that stubborn fat or to develop bigger muscles? 

Weight loss goals: Beachbody workouts work really well in improving endurance and cardiovascular health. Most of their workout programs revolve around body toning and fat cutting. If getting back in shape without spending tons of money is your priority then Beachbody is suitable for you. 

Hypertrophy & Strength goals: If your priority is to achieve greater muscle hypertrophy then Beachbody workouts are not really going to be enough for you. Commercial gyms have got specialized machines that will definitly assist in obtaining improved skeletal muscle strength and hypertrophy. 


On average, it takes 15-20 minutes to reach gym and start the workout. Not everyone has got 30-minutes for travel. 

Strength workouts at the gym also take way longer because of the absence of proper guidance. 

Beachbody can help you cut down your workout time into just 30-45 minutes per day, that’s all you need to invest every day for personal health. 

you can work out when you want to, you don’t need to be on time, you don’t need to follow any gym class schedule, no more wasting time in talking or waiting for machines.
Parents are especially benefited with the home workout programs, you can complete your workout when your kids are napping or went out for a play. 

It really does fit really well into your schedule and lifestyle.

Nutritional plan: 

Beachbody program comes with an extensive nutritional guide that cant be compared with the gym. You get a list of food to eat, diet table, dedicated healthy cooking channel, etc. 

Like it or not, most of the people training at the gym have no idea about proper nutrition and the supplements they should be including within diet. 

Only a paid session with a nutritionist can provide you a better eating plan. 


Whether you are traveling to different places or spending time with family, you can access the workouts on your phone, laptops and other devices. 

With Beachbody, You can get your workout done and stay committed to your personal goals. 

No excuse 

If you are someone who gets bored with the workouts so easily then Beachbody workouts programs are best for you, you can follow a program for few weeks then switch to the different program which protects from boredom and also saves you from reaching a plateau.  

Couple workout

One of the best things that I experienced in a shift in my family’s perception towards personal health. 

Beachbody workouts at home won’t only improve your personal fitness but it will promote other family members to join you. My wife never liked gym workouts, but she was more than delighted to join me for at-home couple workout sessions. 

She says, she feels very much disconnected at commercial gyms, and the has always been intrigued by the concept of couple workouts within private space. 

At the commercial gym, you will be required to pay a membership fee for two.  

Treadmill vs Beachbody – Which is a better workout?

Some people are trying to gimmick the results of Beachbody training routines with a treadmill, to be true, there isn’t any competition between a treadmill and Beachbody on demand.

It true that treadmill with the help you develop better cardiovascular endurance and will also help you burn calories but Beachbody programs will take your fitness levels to a different level.

Full body Beachbody workouts will not only improve endurance but will help you will body conditioning, athleticism, and strength.

Additionally, most of the Beachbody workouts revolve around the HIIT method which makes it far better option to shred stubborn fat in the quickest way possible.

I love to add jogging to my workout routine but it’s boring and doesn’t add value to my strength levels. If your goal is to achieve superior body conditioning, mobility, and strength while trimming down fat then Beachbody is going to be a far superior option for you.

Beachbody on demand- is it worth it? 

You are probably wondering if this app is worth all the hype or it’s just a marketing gimmick to extract your hard-earned money? We are going to explain if it’s for you. The app contains the following famous workout programs : 

  • P90X series
  • Insanity series
  • 3-week yoga retreat
  • 21-day fix
  • Lift 4
  • 80-days obsession
  • Transform 20
  • Morning meltdown 100
  • Shift shop
  • Piyo
  • T-25
  • CIZE
  • 22-Minute Hard Core
  • TurboFire
  • The master’s hammer and chisel
  • Country heat
  • Core de force
  • Body beast
  • Turbo Jam
  • Hip hop abs
  • Yota booty ballet
  • Etc, etc, etc…. 

They are offering tons of workout routines that have a proven track record.

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