9 Remarkable Grip strength Benefits and how to develop it.

Grip strength benefits


Just like calves and neck, Grip strength is one of those often neglected muscles that can make a big difference in improving overall athletic performance and masculinity. Even many experienced bodybuilders and trainers suggest that there is no need to train forearms and they can be automatically developed while lifting heavyweights. 

Most of the “so-called” experts overlook the fact that working extensively on Grip strength can drastically improve lifting quality.

What are the benefits of working on grip strength? Grip strength not only contributes to a firm handshake but it also helps in help in improving your lifting abilities, stronger grip will help you lift heavier while bench-pressing and deadlifts. A strong grip will increase the recruitment of muscle fibers to efficiently lift heavy loads. Additionally, it will also improve your ability to grapple or throw powerful punches.

LIfters ofter overlook grip strength benefits but you need to understand this simple thing, not every fitness enthusiast is gifted with strong and muscular forearms, and dedicating extensive time to strengthen these small muscles can exponentially help in improving lifting performance and aesthetics.  Problem is, Grip strength training is not a mirror-motivator like a bicep curl, that’s the reason grip training is not a part of the workout plan. 

If a grip strength training is not a part of your workout program then I am going to tell you 9 reasons that will motivate you to pay more emphasis on your grip strength training. 

Grip Strength Benefits

Grip strength includes everything from the musculature near the elbow down to the fingertips. A weak grip strength interprets low strength levels and higher chances of injuries. 

Let’s have a look at 9 reasons to pay more emphasis on grip strengthening. 

1# Firm Handshake

Think about that time when you shook your hand with a random guy and it felt like Thor had a grasp on it, weren’t you impressed? Yes, you were.

A firm handshake radiates, confidence, strength, personal connection, self-motivation, assertiveness, and masculinity. 

You will never find a strong leader with a weak handshake. 

Handshakes are a non-verbal form of communication that has a strong impact on your first impression. A strong handshake sets the tone and the perception of your abilities. 

Whether you are a business leader or marketing guy, a strong handshake will surely help in winning people even before you utter a word. 

2# Lift Heavier

In addition to a strong handshake, Strong grip benefits your lifting capabilities and will help you break the plateau at the gym. 

As a fitness coach what I do to improve my client’s PR? Paying more emphasis on the development of strong grip gets on my top priority. 

Improving grip strength increases the recruitment of muscle tissues which helps in lifting heavier weights and breaking plateaus. 

Try it yourself, next time you do the deadlift or lat pull down, squeeze the bar harder, you will be able to perform more reps. 

3# Improves Your Bench Press

Not just the pull movement, a strong grip benefits your bench press as well, being able to squeeze the barbell hard will help to surpass your PR in the bench press.

Next time when you bench press, use closed thumb grip by wrapping your thumb around the barbell. Now squeeze the barbell hard before you lift the bar for pressing movement. 

Squeezing the barbell tight while benchpress also helps in achieving better chest activation while improving the mind-muscle connection

Many of my clients who were stuck on the same weight for a long time were able to break plateau with this technique.  

4# Hand Endurance

While doing high repetition, do your forearms reach fatigue before the target muscle? It happens with many people because of poor grip strength. 

Underdeveloped forearms and wrist can restrict you from pushing hard for those extra reps. 

Paying more emphasis on improving the grip strength not only improves your ability to lift heavier but also improves its endurance to go for a few more reps. 

5# Stronger Punches and Grappling

Grip strength benefits

Application of your strong wrist is not confined to lifting heavy weights only, it can play a life-saving role.

Strong grip strength is extremely important when it comes to delivering strong punches, throws and grappling movements. A strong grip stabilizes your fist to transfer explosive flow of energy for greater impact. 

The hardest punchers in the history of professional boxing tended to have extremely muscular forearms. Mike Tyson, Ernie Shavers, George Foreman, etc. 

Adversaries never notify before they hit you, either you are ready to deal with the situation or you pay a hefty price for it. 

6# Improved Dexterity

Dexterity determines your ability to perform a task (especially by hands) with accuracy.  

Are you into a business that requires enhanced finger control and endurance? If you an artist or a musician, working on your grip strength can improve the overall stability thus increasing the performance. 

7# Beautiful Forearms

Strong vascular forearms are being loved by women, its no secret, but what’s the reason behind? 

Women’s love for strong forearms has some primal roots and modern reasons too. Let’s get to know them. 

  • Forearms are the body part that is most exposed to women, that’s how most of the women judge your masculinity.  
  • Big and veiny forearms also indicate low body fat %. 
  • Rolled up sleeves makes a man seem confident, but you really need a decent forearm size for it, right? 
  • Good masculine forearms are the best thing to cuddle or being wrapped up. 
  • Big forearms signify strength which makes a lady being protected and safe. 

Now you have a legitimate reason to train for grip strength. 

grip strength benefits

8# Injury resilience

Injuries are frustrating, I see many people injuring their wrist while lifting heavy weights, why does that happen?

A common reason behind the majority of injuries is the strength imbalance. Your bicep might be strong enough for bicep curl but your wrist might not support the movement or your body might be capable of pulling 440 in your deadlift but weak grip might lead to tearing tendon or ligament. 

9# Functional capabilities

Your hands are the most important part of the body and strong grip strength has real-world applications. 

Whether it’s about climbing a rope or lifting a heavy object off the ground, your grip strength plays a major role in improving overall abilities. 

Forearm Anatomy

How To Gain Grip Strength

Thanks for reading. Questions welcomed in the comments as always. 

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