7 Benefits of German Volume Training for strength and endurance.

german volume training benefits


In a pursuit to grow big and strong, most of the fitness enthusiasts are constantly searching for the most effective techniques to quickly develop muscle mass. German Volume Training is one of the famous lifting protocols that has been proven to improve muscle strength and hypertrophy to a great extent.

There aren’t many training protocols that have been appreciated by old school lifters and modern sports scientists, both.

Today we are going to talk about one such technique that has a proven track record of developing serious muscle mass quite quickly.

How does german volume training work?

High volume training has always been an important variable for muscle growth then what’s so special about german volume training?

The most unique characteristic about the german volume training is its rep range and number of sets. Increasing the number of repetitions to achieve high volume can negatively affect muscle hypertrophy, whereas, increasing the number of sets is the most sensible way to increase the volume.

German volume training focuses on the concept of 10*10, which means 10 sets with 10 reps with the same weight.

10*10 training protocol is a perfect sweet spot to achieve the maximum muscle activation and pump without compromising the hypertrophy.

Invention of German Volume Training protocol.

This training protocol was created by Germany’s national weight lifting coach but later made famous by the famous strength coach Charles Poliquin when he created a German Volume Training (GVT) protocol.

GVT has been a variant of the weight training method “10 sets of 10” which has been followed since the 1940s. The goal of german volume training is to set up 10 sets of compound lift doing 10 reps for each set and a total of 100 reps. Throughout the whole ten sets, weight needs to remain constant, which is usually 60% of one-rep max.

Although you might find different variations in the exercise selection but GVT method works best with the compound lift.

Benefits of german volume training

Enough has been talked about the basics and history of German Volume Training, now let’s get to know its distinctive benefits.

German volume training benefits

1# Improved strength and endurance

German Volume Training has been used by professional lifters and athletes to improve overall strength in a short duration of time. but how does it really happens?

A short rest period of 75-90 seconds doesn’t allow your muscle to recover fully before you go for another set, these simultaneous 10 sets without optimum muscle recovery time lead to the development of higher endurance.

Those large numbers of sets and reps per movement result in the development of enormous work capacity which leads to superior strength gains and muscle endurance.

High volume training also leads to the excess lactic buildup, GVT assist your body to develop “lactic-acid tolerance”. Lactic tolerance is the ability to work longer before your muscles give up which ultimately leads to higher muscle endurance.

2# Increase muscle mass

Ten reps for ten sets protocol facilitates the high volume of training to failure. What makes this training slightly different is the amount of time under tension which stimulates the growth of muscle fibers.

As you progress towards the higher number of sets, the lactic buildup within your muscle tissues pushes your muscles to grow bigger and stronger.

Additionally, increased lactate production also plays a role in the secretion of the “growth hormone” that’s responsible for increasing muscle mass.

3# Better muscle activation

Most of the people aren’t able to grow even after lifting heavy at the gym is because of their inability to correctly activate muscle fibers.

German volume training puts the muscles under intense pressure which pushes the body to utilize all available muscle fibers. Designating more muscle fibers results in achieving hypertrophy through superior muscle activation.

Lifting only 60% of one-rep max allows you to follow perfect form which is a great add-on to muscle activation.

4# Burn fat while building muscles

GVT accelerated the fat burning process in many different ways. let’s have a look-

  • Production of growth hormones: that intense stress leads to the production of growth hormones which improves the basal metabolic rate.
  • Muscle building: Building more muscle increases the calorie expenditure of the body which results in improved calorie burning.
  • Lactic buildup: German volume training leads to lactic buildup and your body requires extra calories to process that lactic buildup. Additionally, lactic acid also stimulates the endocrine system for the production of human growth hormones.

Overall, GVT helps in elevating the calorie consumption through multiple different ways and positively assist in calorie burning

**Note- accelerated calorie-burning isn’t enough for fat burning, you are required to maintain a constant state of a calorie deficit to see visible fat burning.

5# Decreased chances of injuries

Lifting heavy is certainly one of the best ways to pack muscle mass, but those who lift heavy on a regular basis are more prone to injuries, every lifter knows that. Lifting heavy weights forces us to compensate with the proper form which makes us more vulnerable to long term injury.

German volume training (GVT) requires you to lift only 60% of one-rep max which allows you to put your muscles under immense stress and tension in a safe environment.

6# Less time consuming

This is one of the features that I personally love about GVT. GVT protocol requires fewer exercises that saves a lot of time. Rest periods are also quite short which makes it extra effective.

7# Improved form

Forcing yourself to break personal 1 rep-max is when people compensate with the proper form.

GVT not only allows you to build far better muscular strength and endurance, but it also helps to complete all exercises with the perfect form.

German volume training for beginners

If you are a beginner then there are few things that need to be considered before you start German Volume Training.

  • Are you strong enough? or do you have a reasonable strength base? If not, then German volume training is not for you. This type of training is only for experienced lifters who have prior experience and strength of attacking heavyweights. You should stick to basic workout programs to build a strong foundation for heavy volume training.
  • Do you have appropriate body conditioning? GVT is an aggressive way to build strength and muscle mass. If you have insufficient body conditioning then short rest periods can be an issue for you.
  • Are you capable of following the right diet after the workout? GVT is going to be really harsh on your body and you will require a good recovery routine and nutritious diet.
  • Stay prepared for DOMS- yes, post-workout pain is not going to be ordinary muscle pain.
  • Do you have a lifting partner? German volume training is not just hard but also full of boredom. You will need a lifting partner to support you in the last sets and keep you motivated to complete all 10 sets.

Check out the video on GVT for the upper body.

Thanks for reading. Questions welcomed in the comments as always.

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