Games You Can Play With Your Friends To Exercise Your Mind

The online space has multiple games that UK citizens can try out. Gamers are attracted to platforms that meet their demands and expectations. When you visit igaming platforms, you will find that there are multiple types of casino games, including table games and slots. Some require skills and expertise, while others rely on luck. 

Games of skill seem to have created a significant fanbase out of their demand for knowledge in winning. Online gaming has made it possible for players to play with their friends anytime. Our expert Konstantin Terekhin highlights games you can play with your friends to exercise your mind.


It is a popular casino game offered by traditional and online casinos in the United Kingdom. The famous card game demands attentiveness, memory, and strategies to win, unlike slot machine games that depend on luck. Players must interpret their opponent’s signals as they try to win the game. Poker requires a gamer to concentrate before getting ruthless with cards. 

A player must be observant before using reliable strategies to counter and win. The exciting game also demands complex interpersonal and cognitive skills that make the brain think more. The brain of a poker player is used to create more profound thoughts making it stronger as its nerve cells are protected. The brain produces myelin that makes it run longer without getting tired.

Multiplayer Slots 

Slots are the most popular games in typical casinos. These games are purely based on luck. However, they come with different themes and designs and all you need is to manage your bankroll. Even though online sites allow you to enjoy your privacy as you hit the reels, the socializing aspect is what has made developers introduce multiplayer slots. The excitement of hearing coins dropping is all you need to rejuvenate your mind. Not all sites are good and thus having experts help you land the best high volatility online slots is a good starting point. 


The popular game has gained dominance in the gaming world for a long time. The game originated in India before spreading to Persia. Chess was embraced by the Muslim world when the Arabs defeated Persia and later spread to the Moorish conquest of Spain and landed in Southern Europe. Players have to decide on the move they make by mentally mapping out the future consequences of each possible action. 

The chess game possesses an intense intellectual challenge that is good for maintaining a healthy mind. According to scientists, players must have the ability to read their opponent’s minds. Scientists have suggested that the theory of mind is achieved by playing chess games over time. The players’ memory gets more potent as one has to remember the opponent’s move before making theirs.

Chess players always pay attention as their brain is used to enter into a flow state, increasing their theta waves. In addition, playing chess improves people’s creative ability as they can think fast and correctly. The chess game is a mental game that helps gamers recover from a disability or stroke. It also prevents Alzheimer’s disease and boosts the IQ of a player.


As people grow old, their brains become weaker and slower. However, keeping the brain busy helps the brain remain young and sharp. Blackjack is one of the games that adults love playing as it helps maintain a young and intelligent brain. Blackjack demands players to use appropriate skills and strategies to win. Players have to focus and think quickly and correctly during a gaming session. Playing Blackjack improves thinking capacity and boosts memory.


Scrabble is another classic game that boosts the brainpower of players. According to experts, players who engage in scrabble games use a specific brain section to make decisions than those who hardly play scrabble. Patients with neurological disorders that affect a particular part of their brain benefit from playing scrabble. Scrabble is a game of words that builds fun and helps players learn new vocabulary. Players need to know the letter locations to win more while creating correct words. The process allows players to think and remember more, boosting their memory and thinking power.


It is proven that players who engage in Backgammon have improved cognitive and mental skills. According to experts, Backgammon is one of the best games to exercise your mind. The board game helps in exercising the brain and maintaining its strength. The game forces players to make complex thoughts that work well on memory formation. Players who play Backgammon hardly develop dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. The game is packaged with fun and excitement where gamers laugh a lot during a gaming session, releasing neurochemicals that reduce pain and discomfort and optimize pleasure. Backgammon kills boredom and enhances normal functioning despite the stress imposed on players’ lives.

Engaging in a game with friends and family brings incredible fun. However, games that improve and strengthen the brain are more beneficial.

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