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Forearms are one of the most exposed body parts that people usually forget to train. Most of the men underestimate the attractiveness of modestly revealed forearm by a rolled-up plaid sleeve.

Massive forearms are one of the most intriguing qualities of masculinity, still, many men pay almost no attention to their forearm strength and size. 

Problem is, forearms are developed to sustain high resistance which makes them hard to train, your 3 sets of wrist curl once a week aren’t enough to transform your forearms. 

Most of the people skip forearm training because they are too tired after a workout and don’t really feel motivated to push themselves for legitimate sets of forearm workouts. 

Its time to treat those forearms like any other muscle group and devote special attention to them. You can use forearm workout tools that are designed to strengthen your forearms. 

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Before we discuss the best tools available in the market it’s important to understand the basic anatomy of forearms.  

Forearm anatomy

Forearm Workout Tools

How important is forearm strength

Whether it’s about an influential handshake, being combat-ready or lifting heavy objects, you will need a strong forearm strength. 

To deal with daily chaos we highly depend on our arms. 

Forearms are more important than you ever think, it not only helps in heavy objects but also prevents injuries. No matter whether you have strong arms or a strong body, you will always be prone to injuries if you do not possess a strong forearm. 

Good forearm strength is required in almost every professional sports, whether its hockey, baseball, basketball, cricket or wrestling. The good news is, anyone, can develop stealthy forearms with the help of specialized equipment that is quite cost-effective as well. 

Forearm training tools for home

Training forearms at home is quite easy and effective, we are about to list 11 different types of forearm training tools that can be used very effectively to train the different muscles. 

TheraBand FlexBar

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One of the best ways to make those extensors and flexors work.

TheraBand FlexBar is an ideal solution for those suffering from tennis elbow pain, looking to increase flexibility and to strengthen the elbow, wrist, forearm, and hand. 

Design is quite basic but very effective. Theraband FlexBar comes with 4 different resistance levels to facilitate different strength levels. I personally bought one for my mother for the rehabilitation of wrist pain. 

Limitations: You will be required to buy a wide range of FlexBars for a different levels of resistance.

IronMind Captains of Crush Hand Gripper

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Hand grippers have been a reliable tool to strengthen grip and brachioradialis. 

How to effectively use the hand grippers? 

These cheap tools can work really well to improve the grip strength but most of the people aren’t using them effectively. Your forearms recover quickly, that the reason you need to train them differently. 

The best approach is to train with a reverse pyramid approach. Here is how to do

Set 1- 100 reps from both hand

Set 2- 90 reps

Set 3- 80 reps



Set 10- 10 reps

There should be no rest between, one hand will be resting while other is working. Till the end of the workout, your forearms will be burning like hell. 

I start with 100 reps because my hand gripper is not very resilient, you should choose your rep range depending on the resistance of your gripper.

Captains of Crush grippers are the Gold Standard in hand grippers which comes in a variety of resistance levels. 

Limitations: If your primary purpose is to develop incredible grip strength then no other product can beat this. Your extensors can be left neglected.

PROHANDS Gripmaster Finger Exerciser

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Used by professional athletes, world-class musicians, and as a rehabilitation tool. Unlike other forearm strengthening tools this tool focus on isolation. 

Train the entire hand or each finger individually. Isolates and resistance to each finger individually for strength, dexterity, and endurance. Develops outstanding hand, wrist and forearm strength.

Limitations: You can expect to improve finger strength but gaining a monstrous grip strength can be hypothetical.

Hand Grip Strengthener, Finger Exerciser

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Another cost-effective way to strengthen muscle and tendons. Great for rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis, carpal tunnel, tendonitis, tennis elbow and are on the way to recover from a fractured or broken wrist, or when you type, text or any other activities. 

A large number of musicians and pro athletes use this to strengthen forearm extensors.  This might not be the best for someone looking for strength gains but it definitely gives you bulletproof forearms that are less prone to injuries.  

Wringer – Adjustable Forearm Exerciser

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Works on a similar concept of TheraBand FlexBar but comes with better durability and effectiveness. 

Wringer works on all major forearm muscle groups to provide additional strength and stability. Perfect for someone looking for thick and dense forearms. 

Limitations:  I personally loved this for the rehabilitation of Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis), but this product does not provide strong resistance.

OPTP Grip & Forearm Strengthener

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Miss that traditional forearm curl machine? OPTP has brought a perfect solution for you. 

No doubt, it’s an effective equipment to strengthen your forearm extensor and flexors. 

Simple and effective in developing wrist flexion and extension.

Fat Gripz

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Wondering where this fat gripz came from in this list? Add this fat grip to your barbell or dumbells for arms workout and share your feedback. 

Fat Gripz works by wrapping around the weights (barbells, dumbbells, chin-up bars) & increasing the diameter. Don’t let the simplicity fool you – the bigger diameter forces your arms to grow like never before.

Limitations: You will require a set of dumbells to incorporate it into your workout.

DMoose Fitness Wrist Exerciser

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These are not the general-purpose wrist trainer, this forearm roller is designed to gain incredible size and strength.

Train your extensor and brachioradialis like never before, if you are looking to gain monstrous forearms then this should be your best bet. 

DMoose forearm twister comes with detachable handles which allows you to train your forearms from different angles. 

Limitations: Not for injury rehabilitation, this product is designed to achieve intense strength and forearm hypertrophy.

Sportneer Wrist Strengthener

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A wrist trainer for people looking for low resistance. This wrist strengthener delivers the resistance of 8kg which might be enough for sports therapies and rehabilitation purposes but not to gain forearm size.

Limitations: Works great on the wrist strength but lacks the ability to strengthen fingers and grip.

Longang Hand Grip Strengthener with Adjustable Resistance

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Looking for a cheap grip strengthener that you can buy for $9? Add it to your cart immediately. 

Longang hand grip strengthener comes with the adjustable resistance levels which make the product more versatile and user-friendly. 

Core Prodigy New Talon Grip

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Talon Grip is a very rugged finger and thumb-loop training device for finger, thumb, hand, wrist and arm strengthening. 

This is not for the beginners, its for people who are looking to gain extraordinary grip strength. 

Ideal for serious lifters who want to increase their hand, wrist, forearm and finger strength for rock climbing, ninja training, bodybuilding, MMA, shooting, golf, and tennis.

Limitations: It can be pretty hard for beginners.

Training tips for monstrous grip strength

So we have talked about the tools that can help you build stronger forearms, now let’s discuss few additional tips to gain monstrous gains. 

Stop using straps

If you are using straps while your heavy lifts then you are leaving lots of gains on the table. Straps take away the stress from forearms.

Straps are a great way to lift heavy weights but they are certainly not the best for forearm strength. Unless you are deadlifting more than 400lbs there is no reason to train with straps. Whether you are doing deadlifts or pull-ups, doing them without straps will add strength and size to your forearm. 

Farmers walk

Farmers walk is definitly one of the best ways to develop incredible strength. 

If I am asked to share my favorite exercise for bigger traps and forearms then Farmer’s walk will be my top choice.  

Farmer’s walks are easy to perform. Grab a pair of heavy dumbbells and walk around until you can’t hold onto the dumbbells anymore.

Want to add intensity? Or don’t you have access to heavy dumbells? Do the “Pinch carries”.  

Illustration to Pinch Carries- 

Forearm Workout No Weights: Home Workout

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