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For now, in the year 2016, our society has divided our social behavior into various names and stages. 3 of the most common known stages or types are Alpha male, Beta male, and Omega male. The differences between the 3 are very clear and prominent. The division, however, is on the social behavior and nothing else at all.

Every type has its own kind of character and its own trait. You can identify that type from each unique characteristic that the type has. It is not very difficult to identify each one of them if you know how different their traits really are. For more than a decade, people have been studying how different all the types are formed each other. Alpha vs beta, alpha vs omega, beta vs omega, all of it. As we have mentioned before, it is not very difficult to differentiate between all the three of them if you know how exactly are they different. First, we are going to talk about in a brief what exactly each type is:

Alpha Male:

Alpha males are like the perfect gentleman who really gives ladies the jaw drop. It is very easy to spot them. Alpha traits are usually the kind where they are really loyal and intellect. They have a lot of passion for work they do. Not only that but an alpha male has a clear vision for what they are really aiming for.

Their control on things and the way they take control over things is as well something to look out for. They are patient, they do not believe in taking decisions in hurry. Alpha men as well are unpredictable. They love puzzles and mystery. This does not mean that they like complicated things, but they would rather go for the simple. Alpha males are confident about themselves and the things they do.

One flaw that you might find in them is that they have a higher level of egocentricity than the other types. They are very socially active and known. They hardly ever go unnoticed. Another flaw that alpha male has is they are slightly more stubborn than others. However, they are the perfect gentlemen of all and women usually drool over them a lot. They have large social groups with whom they usually hang out, well of course since they are really very social.

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Summary- Where ever they go, they just rock the party. With there incredible communication skills and body language, they become everyone’s favorite.

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Beta Male:

Beta males as well are not difficult to be identified. The basic thing is that they try really very hard. Now for a lot of situations, it is not very good to have such kind of nature. Before we really talk about the traits of a beta male, let’s talk about how exactly are the beta males created?

For starters, they lack for a father figure and that is how it all starts. The way a child is raised plays a big role in the rise of a beta male as well. Since they do not have some alpha male phenomena around them to guide them, everything seems to go wrong on a large level. However, even if they try hard it does not really work out that well for them. The traits of a beta male are very simple.

Beta males are way more focused on what exactly the others want them to do. They will never take an effort to stand out and will do exactly what they are told. They try to be way too nice and stay out of confrontations and conflicts in order to make sure that everyone continues liking them. Beta males always think that they lack perfect and to even cover that up they will try to be fake nice too. Highly sensitive and emotional and can be really passive aggressive. As said before, beta males want to be told about what are they supposed to do and when a beta male does something for you, they will expect a favor back in return. Beta males will never accept their flaws and will always hide their mistakes. They prefer blaming their fault on someone else rather than taking the responsibility. Last but not the least, they try to be the problem solver for everything and feel more comfortable around women than men.

Summary– These guys are basically right hand of an alpha male. Since there can be only one leader they prefer to act as supporting hand to Alpha.

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Omega Male:

Omega males are placed last in the chart; according to the society because of their very few social skills. Well, Omega’s highly incapable of recognizing what and when to talk. In fact, omega males rarely care about such things in the first place. Omega male racks lower to the alpha male and beta male.


Usually, omega males are supposed to be the exact opposite of alpha male. They have a couple or more of friends. Probably some few close acquaintances. Omega males are the kind of people who like to do things all by themselves and do not really mind if they are without a group. Omega men are absolutely okay with getting their work done all by themselves. They do not belong to any group and hence does not either have a desire to be any sort of a leader or anything.

But in spite of being opposite to alpha male, omega men are cunning enough to have connections with all the groups and people but they have the skill to get their job done all by themselves. They carry great pride in themselves but it would be wrong to call it ego. An alpha male will care about his popularity and everything but an omega male will rarely care about it. They do not really mind if they go unrecognized because the only thing that matters to them is that they know who they really are. Omega male does not have a support of their “boys group” like how alpha male do.

Omega male is often called the creepy ones because since they lack social skills, things, like having a good social gathering or having even one simple conversation, turns out to be creepy. They lack to know when exactly someone is getting uncomfortable with them. The Big Bang Theory guys can be called as a bunch of omega male. Omega male will rarely inspire people. In fact, they need the inspiration to go forward in life; especially when it comes to social gatherings. There is so much more to just describe an omega male but we think this is where we could leave for you to understand who exactly an omega male is.

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Differences between all of them:

Alpha male VS Beta male:

For alpha men, we can say that they are the trendsetters and beta men are the ones who would probably follow it. Another big identifiable for alpha vs beta is that alpha men are way more confident whereas beta men lack that. Beta men usually try to cover it up but you can still see that they lack a lot of it somewhere or the other. Alpha vs beta is a very tricky situation because they are almost very similar. Alpha is at the highest and topmost position and beta is right after it, him or them.  Alpha vs beta has been a confusing situation forever, but according to a lot of people, beta males are the ones who are trying really hard to have the qualities and traits of alpha males. Alpha men are the leaders and can lead a group if they have to; beta men tend to fair at this. The beta male always thinks they are not perfect yet and try to work towards, however alpha male know they are perfect and hence never lack the confidence in themselves. This is how you can differentiate for alpha vs beta.


Beta male VS Omega male:

One of them tries to be like an alpha male, and the other one is exactly opposite to alpha male. Beta male lack confidence and try to be the perfect one to show the society that they are not any less than alpha male, however, omega male does not care. Beta vs omega is a very straight example of how different two people are from each other. Omega male is nerdy and knows what their qualities are. Omega male cannot be leaders but beta male however tries even though they know they somewhere might fail at it. Omega people will accept themselves for who they are but the beta male will try to be the nice people and will try to be the problem solver for everyone possible even when not needed. Omega male does not need much of attention and do not mind if they have not many friends or no social group. They probably could not care any less. That’s how you differentiate between for beta vs omega.

Omega male VS Alpha male:

Omega vs alpha is the simplest one to explain ever. Omegas are exact opposites to alpha. Alpha men are pro at being social and having a social group and being a leader, however, omega men lack at it. They probably suck at it. Alpha male can keep a conversation going on whereas omega male will probably make it really creepy for you. Alpha male will be a good host and omega male will be lost. Omega male a lot of potentials but lack to know it. Alpha male knows who they are and will make the most out of it. Omega male does not care if they are not the center of attention. Alpha male will probably steal the attention away from everyone and make sure everyone has their attention on them; they do not even have to try. In short, you can sum it up for omega vs alpha that they are exact opposites.

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  1. Lol almost every single line regarding the omega males, while I was reading them, did sound exactly like myself. Especially the traits of “couldnt care less if he is not the center of attention, could be in a social group but rather does his work himself, and just overall a sense of not giving a heck about having to try establishing social connections”. This is who I was all the time, and I have certainly become aware of who I was after I passed my teen years. But I couldnt find a proper title for me as I was not quite fitting to the “beta” male. Now I found the “word” for who I know myself to be, an “omega” male. For the better or worse, this is who I am. Thanks for a great explanation, this article was really informative!

    1. I believe, a world full of Alpha’s will be a bad place to live, the world needs Omega’s and Beta’s as much it needs Alpha.
      Even I consider myself an Omega, and I am proud of who I am and what I have accomplished in life.
      Being a multiple business owner, I have to act like Alpha on many occasions, but deep inside, I find comfort in my own company.

  2. Jesus man…

    Gonna give me a complex here.

    According to your diagnostic traits “I am Alpha and Omega”.

    Shoulda started this comment with “Son man” I guess then in hindsight. ;-)

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