9 Differences between A Bad Boy and An Alpha Male…

bad boy vs alpha male

Generally, people get confused when asked about the difference between a bad boy and an alpha male. Both have same traits, the same level of dominance, girls love them; But what makes alpha male distinct from a bad boy?

We will be discussing the main difference between both of these personalities, but before we discuss the main difference between an alpha male and a bad one we need to understand the basic similarities first.

Characteristic Similarities of ‘alpha male’ and a ‘bad boy’

Strength– Can be seen as the most common characteristics of both, but strength doesn’t necessarily have to be physical only, it could be mental strength too. History has seen many legendary leaders who were weak in physical strength but had extraordinary mental strength!

Leadership– Both the personality have default leadership skills, they have the capability to pull crown on their will.

Competitive– Alpha males and bad boys are known for their excessive competitive behavior, that’s a character that makes them stand out of crowd. They have an immense desire of winning over their rival.

Confident– They usually display their confidence through their body language, they don’t need any certification to prove their confidence level. Alpha male and bad boys have enough courage to survive in any situation.

Rule Breaker– For them, rules are meant to be broken, these guys believe in breaking the rules (there is a difference between breaking the rules and breaking the law). Thinking out of the box is their style of dealing with the situation.

Great lover– Alpha males might be the most dominant male in the group but they know well how to treat their lady, they have the courage to protect her and care for her. That’s what makes them irresistible to ladies. The same goes with bad boys too.

Dominant– Last but not a least, both these alpha male and bad boys enjoy their dominance over their pack (group or team).

In a race to achieve greater respect and social status, a lot of youngsters thrive to establish themselves as alpha male but unfortunately, many of them confuse themselves by considering being bad boy the same as the alpha.

Alpha male vs Bad Boy

Being a bad boy is the same as an alpha male in many constraints but they lack basic ethics, let us learn a few differences between both personalities.

 Trust Factor

Trust factor plays a decisive role here, the motive of an alpha male is to uplift and motivate others whereas bad boys only motive it to get things done in their favor. If there is a trust issue with a guy, he is definitely not an ALPHA.

Social Acceptance

Alpha males are accepted everywhere, not just because of their dominance but because of their leadership capability, focus, sheer dedication and determination. While the bad boys are busy enjoying bulling, demoralize others, and demonstrating their power. Alpha males are often seen as creating a social bond with people around them.

Leadership Skills

Leadership is unlocking other people’s potential to become better! Bad boys are always considered as an individual, who work and think for their self, whereas alpha male thinks about public interests and people welfare.


Something most of the bad boy lack is ambition and dedication, they are good enough to control the crowd and dominate them, but they often lack to grab proper vision of life.


Taking risks in a calculative and pre-determined way is an art that only alpha males have mastered. Bad boys often fall in a category of a bullheaded guy who are unaware of the circumstances he might face after their action.


One thing is loud and clear here, bad boys can dominate crowd or attract girls but there is a field they fail miserably. They usually don’t create an inspiration for others. Inspiration and upliftment of other is a main ingredient of being an alpha male and it’s a capability bad boys badly lacks.


Bad boys have a tendency of highly fluctuating mindset, that’s what make them different from being an alpha. Bad boys aren’t matured enough to stay focused and determined to decide what’s better for them and society.


Yes, alpha male are dependent on others, working as a one man army is not an alpha’s style. A leader always believes in collective cooperation and mutual cooperation whereas bad boys like to work independently.


A real man is a one who never hesitates to apologies for the mistakes they made. While bad boys are compelled by their arrogance which barricades them to apologize for mistakes, alpha males are generous enough to accept their mistake.

Sense Of Security

After the explanation of all above points, it’s clear that an alpha male creates a sense of security in public’s mind. Being an inspirational leader they proves there focus, dedication and determination towards their goal.

**Ending Note-

Alpha male is a topic that could not be described in just mere article, Sooner I will be working on a free E-Book that would help you to study, understand and inspire yourself to be an alpha male. But I hope you won’t be confused about the difference between an Alpha Male & a Bad Boy anymore.

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  1. Some bad boys also mirror the catagory outside of the social spectrum which is the Sigma male. Sigma males can be either bad boys or men shy of all social traits of the Alpha male. I believe more bad boys would lean towards a Sigma male more so than they would an Alpha male.

    1. Article by Harsh Chauhan

      Yeah, you can call him disrespectful, unreliable, bull-headed, and unapologetic Alpha male.

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