Yes, Deadlifts can give you abs! Here is how.

Yes, deadlifts can give you abs! Here is how


Deadlifts have always been lifters favorite compound exercise due to numerous reasons but does it really help in popping out some visible abs? 

A deadlift is a king of all exercise because it strengthens more muscle than any other exercise (even more than your beloved squats). 

So I practice deadlift on a frequent basis but do I have ripped abs just like those fitness models? Not really! Having well visible abs majorly depends on the diet pattern, it will be unreasonable to eat like a powerlifter and expect to have visible abs.

Deadlift Benefit For Abs :

The deadlift can assist in the stronger development of your abdominal in many different ways. Let’s find out: 

Strengthen core

A deadlift is a unique exercise that helps in the development of strength from head-to-toe. 

A 2017 study (4) has shown the effectiveness of deadlift in core strength. Researchers concluded – “Deadlift strength training, even without direct core training, was able to produce significant improvements in core strength in previously-untrained male college students”. 

Your core plays the role of a major stabilizing agent to help you lift that heavyweight from the ground. 

The amount of resistance your core experience is far bigger than any other conventional abs exercise which makes deadlift a better choice as a core strengthening tool.

Additionally, improvement in core strength also helps in improved performance in abdominal-focused movements  (planks, Russian-twist, leg raises, etc). 

Accelerated fat burning

If you are an avid reader of this blog then you must be aware of my unconditional love for compound movements. 

Why do I love compound movements? Because they help in building strength while cutting down fat. 

Studies have proven deadlift to be a far more effective training pattern that helps in achieving higher metabolic stress because of the engagement of larger muscle groups (1). 

You cant see visible abs without low percentage body fat, here is how deadlifting comes into sculpting well defined abdominal. 

Improved core activation

Multi-joint compound movements are proven to be more effective in activating the core in comparison to insolation movements like planks or crunches (2, 3). Its been proven through multiple studies. 

Overall, improved core activation leads to a better ability to developed well-defined abs. 

Better posture

Posture plays a very important role in achieving a lean look. I guarantee you never saw a combination of sexy abs and bad posture. 

Deadlifting helps in achieving stronger back that in-turn helps in making your core muscle work in a far better manner. 

You can expect to see the noticeable changes in the walking patterns. Upright posture isn’t just good for overall health but also makes you look better. 

So, deadlifting will give you visible abs? 

Having strong abs and having visible abs are two different things, you can train your abs with the help of deadlifts but the different strategy is required to make them visible. 

So are you going to see those abs popping out if you deadlift on a regular basis?

It’s not as simple as it sounds. 

Core strengthening, accelerated fat burning and improved core activation is only one aspect of the development of visible abs.

Another most important aspect is the clean diet and maintaining the state of a caloric deficit. 

Worlds strongest powerlifters are capable of deadlifting with around 800-1000 pounds, that is a huge amount of weight. But they don’t have visible abs because their priority is to grow big and not to look atheistic. 

Are deadlifts enough for abs? 

Not really, deadlifting is just a step towards getting strong abs but a balanced diet pattern needs to be followed to make them visible. 

You can fast track the process of getting those visible abs by combining the compound movements (deadlifts, squats) and Isolation movements (planks, leg raise, crunches, seated twist, etc).

While compound movements will help in strengthening your core muscle, isolation movements will assist in producing a better definition for abs. 

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