Chivalry Is Not Dead : 11 Tips To Master Modern Chivalry From Women.

chivalry is not dead

quotation-marks-left - CopyThe greatest act of rebellion today is ‘Chivalry‘ and being a ‘Gentleman’..

Chivalry definition: In medieval time chivalry doesn’t mean a  man with high moral values and virtuous behavior,  instead in medieval time  chivalry was the honor code of knights. But modern chivalry simply means a really decent, polite and kind behavior by men towards women, mainly. This is something that has been there in a true real gentleman which always is attractive to women.

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Every lady on this earth deserves to be with a guy with virtuous behavior and treats her with huge amount of respect. This is exactly what chivalry looks like. As hard as it may sound or to believe, chivalry is not dead. It still exists and, believe it or not, people out there who like to be the chivalry men really follow the chivalry habits. Just like you must have read from various other articles that a lot of things can talk about your personality, in the same way, chivalry habits can say a lot about you.

Just as the meaning of chivalry says, decent, polite and kind behavior, there a lot of simple things that you can just do for your lady and win her heart. Chivalry is not dead. Like we said before, there is a lot of male chivalry out there which can actually impress you but we are sure that they save it for their lady. It sends out a hint of sweetness and the chivalry habit is out of genuineness. Go follow some of these and you will be able to see how do these chivalry habits work on girls:

#1 Chair pulling:

No, we are not talking about the prank that you guys play amongst each other. Whenever you guys go out to a restaurant, pull the chair out for your girl. Make sure that she sits right on the chair and help her settle down. Some chivalry habit like this will leave her making feel special. She will feel respected and she will know how much you care.

#2 Opening the door:

This is another way to pay respect to your girl. Before you enter, open the door for her and hold it till she steps in. let her step in first. Do not just do something like this for her but also for elderly people. This shows how much you respect people and it is definitely a good habit. This is not just for building doors or restaurant door. Do the same with car doors. Before she gets down, ask her to hold on. Get down and go towards her side to open her side of the door. Do the same before she enters the car and when she exists. These are some of the finest chivalry habits by men.

#3 Give up your seat:

When you are traveling by a public transport or when you are waiting for someone or something, make sure your girl gets the seat first and then you can find one for yourself. In fact, do something like this for elderly women or for a pregnant lady who has been standing for a really long time. It is always a sweet gesture to do something like that. And it is not just known for being a chivalry man, but rather showing concern as a genuine person.

#4 Jacket:

If you have happened to notice that she has been feeling really cold, or if you guys are walking down a lonely unsafe street, then offer her your jacket. This kind of gesture says that you are ready to sacrifice in the cold weather so that you can stay warm enough. Just another sweet and caring gesture. Do it as if you are really genuinely willing to do things and not because you have to do it. This will let the chivalry kick into you.

#5 Parents:

There are so very less few men out there who actually are concerned about their girl’s parents liking them. This is the sweetest gesture ever. What other kinds of gesture could one even find and in fact where? This is as well another type of chivalry habit that is to look out for in men these days. When guys are worried about something like that is when the you win the girl’s heart. Thoughts like these are called as male chivalry and they are valued so much more.

#6 Complimenting:

This is like the standard chivalry men habit: compliment her when you meet her. Notice her when you meet her. Find out what do you like about her today and compliment her. Just by complimenting her, you are making her mood and this chivalrouschivalrous habit has probably made her day.

#7 Compliment her friends:

We do not mean to suggest you in a creepy way. It is always nice to meet her friends and to get along with them. Compliment her friend on to their ongoing life. Like if she got a new boyfriend, or a new job or a new house or anything like that. If not complimenting, then pass her your condolences. This passes the sign that you pay attention to her friends who matter to her and you have a lot of kindness within you. Be good to your girlfriend, that’s good. Be good to her friend, that even better.

#8 Keeping memories:

In today’s generation, by keeping memories means that you hold on to those chats, the pictures, emails and etc. Something like this as well can really impress her. This shows that you really care and you love going through the old memories once in a while and see how far the both of you have come along. And this is something that stays between you both. Another Chivalrous habit to die for!

#9 Drop off some coffee for her:

She might be a coffee or a tea person, some random days drop those off at her place for her or make some tea or coffee by yourself and bring it to her. She will be awed and this as well shows a lot of kindness and male chivalry.

#10 Ask for dance:

To a woman, ‘can I have this dance’ is a much better line than ‘let’s go and dance’ or even worse ‘I’m going to dance’. The second statement is still fine but the last one is a big no-no. The first statement, however, says that you are treating your girl with a lot of respect and you have a lot of love for her. Chivalrouschivalrous men always make sure that they treat their girl with respect.


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