You’ve Got Male: Characteristics of successful Alpha Males

Being an alpha is not something you are born with, it is a way of life that is learnt. It is not easy to transform oneself in the form. Being an alpha male doesn’t mean that you are better than other men, or becoming egotistical or snobbish. An alpha male is in total control of his own life which he takes full responsibility for. An alpha also lives every day to the fullest on his own terms.

Here are a few characteristics that most successful alpha males share that you can emulate and adapt to improve your own persona and go from a Beta to an Alpha.


Alpha males don’t watch the world pass them by. They don’t idle in front of their screens all day but instead have the gumption to go after what they want from life. Alpha males value the importance of time and prefer to use it to conduct meaningful and constructive activities. They select pastimes that serve to better themselves and add purpose to their lives. In your journey to become an alpha male, you should fill your day with undertakings that add value, like working out, reading good books, learning a new skill, and finding means to increase income.

So, get off that couch do something to improve yourself. If you want a toned body, hit the gym or look up the best chest workouts for men online and work on those pecs. After all, you want to fill up those custom suits nicely.


It is not a coincidence that the term Alpha is also used for the leader of a pack of wolves or other predators. An alpha male set about to achieve his goals just like a predator would hunt its prey. As an alpha, when you want to accomplish something, you must imagine the outcome and work towards that result almost obsessively.

Once you have the goal in sight, remove all the obstacles in your path methodically and without getting sidetracked. Alpha males often have razor-sharp focus. So think of something you want to do or accomplish, set your goals and devise a game plan. Then remove the obstacles in your path one by one without reprieve until you get what you wanted.


Alpha males know how and what to prioritize in their lives. Their wants and desires become their goals and targets, and these aspirations become priorities. Because of this ability or characteristic alpha males can prioritize what they need to do to achieve what they want. To live a happier, more fulfilled life, do what is most important for you first.

A Winning Attitude

In all dealings and interactions, an alpha male is constantly in the pursuit of a win or in the least a win-win situation. Alpha males will not make losing deals. Beta males are basically nice guys who are willing to take on a loss just to make others happy, even though they will later regret sacrificing their wants for others. The least an alpha male will accept is a win-win where both parties mutually benefit from the transaction and further a business relationship.

Perpetual Improvement

All successful Alpha Males have the habit of continuous self-improvement and development. They invest time and resources to improve and better not just their financial success but also their mind, body, and soul. All alpha males are in constant pursuit of knowledge, always learning, always improving. So use your extra time to read a book, meditate, hit the gym, and practice excellence in whatever you do.

No matter who you are and what walk of life you belong to, any and every man can become an alpha male. The only condition is that you must want to do it and be willing to take necessary action. It is as simple as understanding the idea that your thoughts and feelings become your actions, and if you control your actions, these can become a way of life. The habits that define your way of life are a core aspect of the alpha male character. The Alpha male deals with all aspects of life with more excitement, motivation, and energy every day. By adopting the alpha male lifestyle you will feel tougher, bolder, and more influential.

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