Can you be an Alpha? What It’s Like Being An Alpha Male?

You can be an Alpha male

Studies show around 80,000 guys Google this same question every month. While most of us are trying to figure out the way to be an alpha male, some of them are just wondering about meaning of Alpha male.

What is a meaning of Alpha Male? And what are the perks of being one of them? There are enormous questions in all of us minds.

Term ‘Alpha Male’ can be understood through simple definition- In the studies of social animals alpha’s are considered to be the highest ranking individuals, they are usually responsible for the group’s well being and there safety. In return to this they enjoy various perks like sexual preferences, more food and greater respect.

Generally this kind of social hierarchy can be seen in various animal groups like lions, wolf pack, monkeys, gorillas, etc. basically any specie who like in a group have such hierarchy.  For broader understanding group members are classified in 5 types-

  1. Alpha male
  2. Beta
  3. Gamma
  4. Delta
  5. Omega

We will discuss about the further details in upcoming articles.

Now let’s get back to the original question- Weather you can be an alpha male? Let me give you a clear-cut answer to this question, YES! You can be an Alpha male.

Alpha male is not someone who is specially manufactured or creator by god, he is one of us. These guys are present everywhere and you will be able to feel his presence everywhere you go. Glimpse of that alpha male might be seen in your dad who is protecting you and your family from every odd, or he might be your teacher who inspire you and groom your skills.

He might be a police officer who is working 24*7 so that you could sleep peacefully

He could be a soldier who is not even thinking of his own before sacrificing himself for country.

He could be your grandfather who plays with you, always share his life experience, so that you could learn something.

So overall alpha male is a trait who compels you to inspire, protect and love others.

Alpha males are everywhere you just need to open your eyes and appreciate their work & sacrifices. Most of their life is spent to make your life better and safer.

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