Can Workout Supplement Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Workout supplements answer the call of bodybuilders to stay active even after hours of training. Most gym rats usually take supplements before their workouts. Generally, people take workout supplements to improve their performance. Yet one of the claims that prevent some people from taking these supplements is the belief that it causes erectile dysfunction. 

 This situation is a red flag and concern for most bodybuilders. Expectedly, it could plunge one’s confidence. But others believe that supplements have nothing to do with erectile dysfunction. To help you know whether it’s a myth or a fact, read through this article and understand the nature of workout supplements, erectile dysfunction, and the hard truth between the two. 

What’s Erectile Dysfunction? 

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common issues regarding men’s health. Generally, men who are experiencing this issue may lead a stressful life and have low self-esteem and confidence. If ignored, erectile dysfunction could pose a serious problem psychologically and emotionally. It may induce stress, extreme anxiety, and depression.  

A lot of people who have erectile dysfunction tend to be moody, angry, and impatient. Often, they have relationship problems that could lead to separation and divorce. In most cases, they’re advised to seek the help of doctors with a specialty in men’s health to tackle and resolve this issue.  

Most of the time, the treatment takes several sessions before a man can regain more confidence in their situation. Contacting therapy and treatment centers for men, such as Iron Mountain Men’s Health and others like it, could help you know more about specific treatments and therapies for men diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. 

Why Do Bodybuilders Take Workout Supplements 

Workout supplements help bodybuilders in so many ways. Primarily, they increase a person’s strength. For this purpose, bodybuilders include supplements in their diet to increase muscle mass. With higher muscle mass, bodybuilders could have more power and strength in lifting heavy objects. Some of the muscle-strengthening supplements bodybuilders typically seek are creatine, amino acids, and protein. 

Apart from muscle strengthening, workout supplements like caffeine improve alertness and agility. This way, bodybuilders can take long-duration exercises for better results. People have different responses to caffeine, so start with low doses if you plan to take it for bodybuilding purposes. After getting used to the quantities, you may add some as long as it doesn’t exceed the maximum dosage allowed. 

Generally, your body releases acids when you’re undergoing intense exercises. To counter the sudden spike of acidity, you could take beta-alanine and sodium carbonate-based supplements. In addition, these supplements improve muscle concentration and exercise performance. Bodybuilders couple their supplements with special meals for optimal results, such as macro diets and strict exercise patterns. 

Busting The Myths Behind Workout Supplements And Erectile Dysfunction 

One of the classic myths among fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts is that workout supplements cause erectile dysfunction. But again, this is simply a myth—and a misconception at that. Since supplements are believed to develop and sustain muscle mass, it’s just logical that they must also assist in making bodies stronger and healthier.  

With that said, men who take supplements in regular doses could expect to have better sexual vigor than those who aren’t taking supplements. Yet bodybuilders should note that taking supplements entails some level of responsibility. That is, they must also work out their muscles for better buildup and overall health. 

Another myth to bust is the belief that anybody who’s into bodybuilding loses sexual potency. This could never be true since bodybuilding helps men have better and healthier bodies in any way possible. In addition, men who have started building their biceps and sculpting their packs have become more confident. This way, bodybuilding doesn’t just help people physically but also psychologically and emotionally. 

What About Androgenic Drugs? 

However, some supplements may require extra caution before consumption. These are androgenic drugs, such as testosterone and estrogen. Yes, they’re able to improve muscles drastically with proper workouts. But they must be taken with caution and only after proper consultation with a health professional.

Bodybuilders who need to take them should always be cautious of their dosage. If you plan to take these drugs, avoid taking them in bulk shots. In other words, follow the advice of professionals when it comes to this type of supplement. 

What Really Causes Erectile Dysfunction? 

Erectile dysfunction is a complex medical condition. Because sexual arousal involves the brain, body, muscles, and blood circulation, erectile dysfunction usually results from multiple factors. 

To be familiar with the probable causes, here’s a list that could enlighten you: 

Physical Causes 

  • Cardiovascular diseases 
  • Diabetes 
  • Parkinson’s Disease 
  • Peyronie’s Disease 
  • High blood pressure 
  • Various types of cancer 
  • Low Testosterone Level 

Psychological Causes 

  • Depression and other psychological conditions 
  • Stress-associated problems 
  • Drug-induced disorder 

Apart from psychological causes, some of the factors and conditions that can cause erectile dysfunction are the following: 

  • Tobacco use 
  • Lack of sleep 
  • Obesity 
  • Consumption of prescribed drugs 
  • Substance abuse 
  • Alcoholism 

Final Verdict 

Generally, workout supplements can’t cause erectile dysfunction. Whether one takes androgenic drugs or typical protein-based pills, they aren’t likely to lose their sexual potency. Ironically, supplements could improve a person’s sexual activities because of better health and muscle buildup.  

But in taking supplements, a bodybuilder should always ask their doctors first about the possible adverse effects of the drugs. This way, they’re able to prevent what could happen to them negatively. On the other hand, asking a doctor could give ideas of what supplements to take to address the weak areas of a bodybuilder.  

If you’re into bodybuilding, you can never deny the fact that workout supplements are essential. Since there are numerous myths and misconceptions that surround such products, it’s best to talk and listen to health experts who truly understand bodily processes. 

Aside from that, it must be remembered that supplements are just supplements. Meaning, they can only help you achieve your fitness goals but much of the work must come from you. So, avoid substances and alcohol. Start your gym exercises and do it regularly. As they say, the beauty in every victory is in the struggle. 

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