5 Best Treadmill Desk To Burn Calories At Work

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What is a treadmill desk?  In simple words, a treadmill desk is a treadmill that is customized for the people who love to multi-task. These treadmills are designed to let you work on your projects while walking.

A treadmill desk is a great way to escape the sedentary lifestyle that is making you sick, it’s also a great way to improve the focus and productivity.

Best Treadmill Desk:

Here is a list of top treadmill desk you can choose from:

  • LifeSpan Fitness TR5000-DT3 Under Desk Treadmill
  • iMovR ThermoTread GT Desk Treadmill
  • LifeSpan TR1200-DT3 Under Desk Treadmill
  • Fitbill f.Walk Smart Under Desk Treadmill
  • Rebel Treadmill 1000 Under Desk Treadmill
  • JEMPET Under Desk Walking Treadmill
  • SereneLife 350W Low-Speed Fitness Treadmill

Now lets get into detailed specifications.

LifeSpan Fitness TR5000-DT3 Under Desk Treadmill

“Its a king of all under desk treadmill”

With decades of experience of producing remarkable treadmills, you can’t really go wrong with the LifeSpan fitness equipment.

The TR5000-DT3 is a flat motorized treadmill intended to fit under your standing desk workstation to provide an exercise and ergonomic boost to computer and laptop work.

Its developer to deliver a smooth and quiet performance which is perfect for your daily office work.  

Let’s have a look at key features:

  • It’s powered with 3.0 HP heavy duty motor with a 20″ x 50″ (L x W) walking surface. It’s premium components suppress mechanical noise and subdue vibrations which helps in maintaining focus on work.
  • You can select the speed between 0.4mph to 4mph which is quite sufficient to walk on.
  • With the compact size measuring 63″ x 28.5″ x 7.25″ (L x W x H), TR5000-DT3 also contains wheels for extra mobility.
  • Unlike other treadmills you don’t really need to lubricate it, LifeScan TR5000-DT3 comes with auto lubrication functionality.  
  • Maximum user weight capacity is up to 400lbs which makes it a heavy-duty treadmill.
  • Not just that, TR5000-DT3  also contains 6 impact-reducing compression shocks, allowing you to walk while gently respecting your feet, knees, hips, and back.

iMovR ThermoTread GT Desk Treadmill

“Power packed treadmill and a true competitor of LifeSpan TR5000-DT3 ”

iMovR is quite unknown to many people but they have been producing some really good under desk treadmills.

iMovR’s ThermoTread GT is just quiet ahead of most of the competitors in terms of reliable performance. iMovR’s ThermoTread GT features a full-color, touch-screen, LCD controller which is capable of tracking walking distance, speed, steps taken, calories burned, and time, as well as standing & sitting time + calories burned.

While most of the treadmill manufacturers are either specialized in producing treadmills good for heavy gym usage iMovR has focused on the development of products that are suitable for the office working conditions.

iMovR’s ThermoTread GT review

  • As we said, this treadmill is developed specifically for the office work and manufacturers has worked on every criterion for office use.
  • iMovR’s ThermoTread GT is a very quite treadmill with much smaller footprints, integration of six compression shock absorbers, with ultra-quiet 2.5mm rubber plus 2-ply fabric belt makes the treadmill noiseless.
  • Not just noise, it contains the finest motor for reliable performance, Powerful 3 Horsepower 4000 RPM DC motor with a continuous duty cycle made specifically for office use.
  • It’s a smart treadmill that keeps track of multiple users preferred walking speed. You can also set the programmable timers to remind you to take a break, or that it is time to stand or sit for a while.
  • User Weight Rating is quite impressive, it can bear up to 400 lbs.
  • This treadmill is unarguably designed to last longer, manufacturers are providing 3 years warranty on motor, 2 years on parts, 1 year on labor.
  • Premium componentry, “future-proof” updateable software and extensive Warranty make it worth investing your money.

LifeSpan TR1200-DT3 Under Desk Treadmill

“Premium quality under-desk treadmill with not so premium price.”

TR1200-DT3 has proven to be one of the most successful treadmill desks of LifeSpan.

This treadmill contains everything you can expect from an office treadmill desk. It has got robust performance, durability, quiet operation and comfort.

At the price of just under $999, it has worn the crown of the most favored treadmill for the residential and single-user category for the past couple of years.

Without wasting time lets have a look at key features:

  • TR1200-DT3 offers you adjustable belt speed of 0.4 to 4 mph which is optimal speed to work on.
  • Quiet and high capacity of 2.25 HP electric motor is very reliable and you can expect it to last long. Company is offering a 3-year warranty on the motor.
  • Maximum user weight 350 pounds which makes it a medium-duty treadmill.
  • TR1200-DT3 also contains 6 Independent deck Suspension which ensures quite waking conditions without putting much stress on the body.
  • Onboard Intelli-Step technology identifies your footsteps, keeps you aware of your daily step count.
  • The integrated Intelli-Guard safety feature supports a safe work environment by ensuring that treadmill only operates when you are actively walking.

fitbill f.Walk Smart Under Desk Treadmill

“A Cost-effective solution to escape from a sedentary lifestyle”

Fitbill f.Walk smart under desk treadmill is a nice treadmill with some limitations but it costs less than $600 which is reliving for the pocket as well.  

We used f.Walk desk treadmill for more than a month and this treadmill surpassed our expectations.

The built quality of the treadmill is quite good and it does not look like a cheap treadmill, its quite thin so I usually slide it under my couch when not required.

The company says f.walk can be operated by both remote control and fitbill app. You can easily monitor and track your workout on your phone. But I found the app to be quite useless, but that’s fine while keeping the price in mind.

The biggest restriction is its weight capacity, you are not going to like this treadmill if you are overweight.

Fitbill f.Walk smart under desk treadmill review:

  • Frankly speaking, I was really skeptical about the performance of this treadmill, but I was wrong. It provides quite reliable performance and a good add on to your home office work.
  • Maximum weight capacity of the treadmill is just 220LBS, but that’s okay for the people who are already in shape and looking to escape from long working hours.
  • It contains 1 Horsepower noiseless motor which does its job well if you are within their maximum weight slab.
  • Treadmill contains a Self Lubrication functionality that saves you from lots of hassle.
  • It’s a Compact, Lightweight & Portable treadmill with just 5″ thickness and transport wheels that allows effortless storage. Treadmill weights 64 lbs;
  • Warranty: Main Frame: 10 years; Parts: 1 year; Motor: 2 Years

Some other good choices:

Rebel Treadmill 1000 Under Desk Treadmill

JEMPET Under Desk Walking Treadmill

SereneLife 350W Low Speed Fitness Treadmill

Functions to look for before you buy the best treadmill desk.

So before you hop-on the review of best treadmill desk its important to understand the key attributes that make them best in the market.

Motor Quality:

Motor quality is the most important aspect to look after before you make a purchase. Check if the horsepower and noise delivery of an integrated motor.

Treadmill Speed:

Although a general walking speed in confined between 1-2 mph (excluding brisk walking) some people might require a faster operation.

Belt Size:

People with different sizes may require different room to walk in. Never settle for smaller belt size if you have a large body frame.

Max weight capacity:

It’s one of the most important factors before you make a purchase. There are heavy-duty, medium-duty and light-duty treadmills available, choose your treadmill according to your weight and requirement.

Heavy-duty treadmills might be quite costly to buy but they prove to be a better futuristic investment in your personal health.


It defines the quality of material used in the equipment. Look for the motor warranty for better decision making.

How long should you walk on the treadmill desk?

It’s not really suggested to walk for more than 2 hours in the beginning, your body is not used to of long walking sessions while working.

You should start with 2 hours walk on a daily basis and work on slow progression.

User note:

I have experienced many people who complain about the low speed of under-desk treadmills, guys you need to understand the difference between the work treadmill and running treadmill.

Running treadmills are developed for a fast run but they are incapable of providing sufficient torque for slow walking. On the other hand, walking treadmills contains different motors that are developed to function on slow speed.

Thanks for reading. Questions are welcomed in the comments as always. This site contains affiliate links as well as general health and fitness information. Please read my Medical Disclaimer and Writing Disclaimer for more information.   

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